Upcoming Women Photographer from India

Photography has changed within last few decades so much that it has transformed into brand new, technical and very challenging passion. Camera rolls are out of market and what digital SLR’s were known to us in last decade have transformed into DSLR’s having computerized controls and settings.

And above all this creativity in camera and technology with chips and circuits in a small box “ post production” is sacred mantra of photography these days.

It takes lot of effort, training and patience not becoming a good photographer alone, but also to learn and master art of post-production on desktops and laptops with softwares which actually makes those images as we see them in print or on screens.

India has honor to produce internationally acclaimed photographers. Considered as male domain due to ruggedness, extensive traveling and working for hrs in remote areas is first requirement – emerging of a young and confident woman on this horizon should be acknowledged and appreciated.

CheenaCheena Malhotra from Pune is rising to set new benchmarks in her passion of photography. A dedicated techie from IT – office and traffic, is much of her life. After having a brief discussion with her in wee hrs. at Pashan Lake- where she was busy in birding, we came to know difficulties, challenges abd roadblocks a woman photographer faces in India.

“It’s was not easy, never was- especially when my parents come to know about my passion and attitude towards photography. I belong to Jodhpur, where a traditional Indian world exists, where a girl is expected to get married instead of step into a career. Because careers takes time and by then marriageable stage for traditional Indian woman pass by. But I was lucky that finance to me was provided by father- who was sure, I will be doing good. Life in Maharashtra started with career in Infosys, almost three days back and the day I landed in Pune- I was in Pune University, shooting.”

According to Cheena Malhotra, Pune has lot to offer to a photographer or painter- it’s a heaven of landscapes, wildlife and natural subjects. Thus holidays, Weekends comes handy and very soon this young girl started visiting, traveling in radius of 100 kms of Pune. Many places were visited twice, thrice but satisfaction was not achieved- some are still on the list, this what makes her on her toes, the mantra is “ self satisfaction”. According to her, Photography and visiting distant places, knowing people- changed her vision about life. Now she feels more sensitive, concerned and intune with nature, with people, with life itself.

Her images from Konkan, Bhigwan were widely appreciated in International arena and she was mentioned and praised by international fraternity. When talking about difficulties, she mentions issue of security when a woman is alone , at secluded places. Thus it makes limitations of depending on known, trustworthy people, groups to be in. But her exposure to Himalayas, Hampi and Sahyadri mountains gives her strength and energy to focus and concentrate on her passion as much as possible.

Working against odds, sometimes make me worry and forces me to think defensively as safety and security of a woman working alone in wilderness is big challenge in India. Now working with Keste technologies in Pune, she is happy to join some groups of Photographers which according to her also gives her insight into what others are doing. When asked about future plans, her aspirations, dreams she expressed her desire to travel more, to visit distant places, landscapes and people…and to feel and understand life, which she is tiny part of it. Her work can be seen at her Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/CheenaMPhotography and her own website: http://www.cheenamalhotra.com

“I am a simple girl, who is in love with her passion – I don’t need much in life.” She said with a smile.

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All-party meet tomorrow on parties under RTI Act, Supreme Court order

I can tell- they will be united and will decide in ONE VOICE. Because if they come under RTI- they and their business will be exposed. Then world will come to know from where money is coming and where it is going. Then this will be big issue- black money should be kept in who’s house ?
And I also know- no one India will raise voice against this ……and live will move on !
Divided people…divided in name of religion, state, caste and creed have no common platform to speak against atrocities they tolerate.
India is being pushed to a corner by men in white where Delhi makes sure that every issue is burning inside the borders and outside the borders- its CHINA and OBAMA games are being played.
With prices going high, rupess going down…..if anyone in India is still dreaming about green days ahead……….I salute him !!

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World’s First Android App for Timber Business

World’s First Android App for Timber Business

While doing work on imported woods being sold in India- I found this Android App which is becoming popular in India, PAK, China and other countries who are actively in need of logs and sawn woods.

This is developed by http://www.cmalhotra.com for GILL TIMBERS INTERNATIONAL which is already a reputed name in exports of logs and sawn wood from many countries.

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Douglas Fir- A magic wood from Canada

Douglas Fir Scientific Properties and Technical Specifications


Description: Douglas Fir has the highest strength to weight ratio of any wood species. Primarily found in the western US and Canada, Douglas Fir is frequently use for dimension lumber in lower grades, and for interior finish work in upper grades. Douglas Fir clears are renowned for their strength, durability, and ability to stand up to the elements. In addition to its strength, Douglas Fir has rich coloring with the heartwood aging to a dark tan-red color and the sap wood remaining light tan. Vertical grain, clear Douglas Fir is widely considered to be one of the finest materials available for trim, mouldings, doors, windows, exposed beams, ceilings and paneling. Douglas Fir CVG flooring has been used throughout the US since the 1800’s and is often found in classic historic homes.
More Info: We stock KD CVG flooring in 1×4 and 1×6.
Other Names: Pseudotsuga menziesii, Blue Douglas-fir, British Columbia pine, British Colubian pine, Coast Douglas-fir, Colorado Douglas-fir, Colorado Pino real, Colorado real, Columbian Pine, Douglas spruce, Inland Douglas-fir, Interior Douglas-fir, Oregon Douglas-fir, Oregon pine, Puget Sound pine, Red fir, Rocky Mountain Douglas-fir, Yellow fir

Janka Hardness: 710 pounds
Strength (MOR): 12,400 psi
Stiffness (MOE): 1,950 1000 psi
Density (KG/m3): 530
Color: Heartwood is Golden-yellow to orange-red. Sapwood is light tan to light yellow.
Photosensitivity: Heartwood darkens on esposure to UV.
Tangential Shrinkage: 7.6 %
Radial Shrinkage: 4.8 %
Family: Pinaceae
Tree Characteristics: Tree can grow to a height 130 feet of with a diameter of up to 5 feet.
Geographic Area: Western US, Oregon, Washington, California; Western Canada, British Columbia
Texture: Coarse to medium
Grain: Straight to wavy
Luster: Medium to high
Durability Rating: Heartwood is very durable.
Drying Characteristics: Rated as fairly easy to dry, with slight chance of splitting and checking
Working Characteristics: Workability is rated as easy.
Applications: Decking, flooring, construction, decorative veneers, furniture, joists, joinery, sub-flooring, plywood, wharf construction


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India-Pakistan and USA

Congress regime was always having special love for USA.  And it has nothing to do with Sonia Gandhi. Congress was always having a special corner for Pakistan and that corner still exists. Yes- one thing which I see, I obeserved is …silence of ‘terrosim’ in Kashmir across the LOC. Many of us would love to beleive that Pakistan has gone under pressure and camps in POK are shut down but I dont see this way and I dont think if there is silence- it has anything to do with USA.

I think- there is no harm in giving credit to Congree that somehow- we are having peace on borders in Kashmir. I dont blame Pakistan for anything what media in India claims. I see they are just like we Indians…helpless ! We Indians, we the people of India has least say in the system which is called democracy. Importance and value of a citizen is upto the moment/day of voting. After that we are dead meat and all negotiations, plans and super-plans are subject of discussion in drawing rooms of ministers/MLS/MPs.

They are not accountable- they are above the law- and we, poor indian are suppoed to suffer and pay for their bank account. In same fashion, Pakistan is further in chaos. Illiteracy and regionalism….and that is pained with religious fundamentalism….is too volatile a situation that it can be at civil war at any given time. I think- this is why army calls most shots. I dont think that democracy has given PAK or IND…the edge It should have/ could have gained…but only time will tell….how life or say peaceful life will survive .

America is one of the best shopkeaper- best selsman, we will ever see. Sometimes, I doubt that all this inceases in fuel and other things…which effects USD….could be planned execution of some schema…to help USA. I may be dreaming……i can be utterly wrong.

But what Hilary Clinton was doing in kolkutta ? I dont see- and understand she was talking to Mamta about any business…investments…or any damn thing. I think- that was side-break. USA was infact having something serious with Delhi- but to keep all of us guessing…this whole Kolkatta drama was set.

What possible reason could she have ? Specially after Zaradri visit ? Now Zaradri visit was again not a normal visit. He declares that its private visit- and he ropes in his son also. But again, there was 40member delegation with him. What it was all about ? What he was doing with 1:1 meeting ?

So- things are not rosy my friends…..there is somehting going on behind the curtains…which we are not known- told to ….but keeps the eyes opnen….breakthrough will come !

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Thanking GODS for floods…again !

Thank God…flood helps in getting more money…huge money from Center in name of aid. As we see in BIHAR FLOODS- sometimes I dream..politicians prying to GODS…please flood our state !

We saw that in Punjab…Haryana also. State did nothing at all for people…when Punjab was flooded, ministers were in Switzerland….learning how to make good wines !
This tour was for the betterment of people- everyone know !!

And now again, we r having heavenly chances to be more rich…by crores and crores of rupees. Sometimes, I feel that these floodings are natural or there are some plans…big plans behind it ?

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USA Pollitical move- Burning of Holy Quran on Sept. 11

This is not a social issue- this is politically motivated move. Can’t we see that ?
Rev. has not nothing to do with spirituality or Jesus or his teaching. He just want to go down in history as armor shining soldier.

This is very much sure  that this move is ….. NOT REQUIRED,  NOT A LOGICAL STEP,and  is BACKED BY US GOVT. and above all should and would generate a sentiment against US and US citizens in whole world.
But what to do ? US needs just that because some people in parliaments needs a conflict and situation like this.

I am sure inside their chest every American knows that there were NO WEAPONS OF MASS DESTRUCTION in IRAQ and SADDAM was killed due to loot of petrol, control and personal issue of G. Bush !

People of America also may think that Afghanistan is , was graveyard of those who tried to occupy it. There is no Al-Qaeda out there- it is all in NY and WASHINGTON….my simple question is…

If there is Al Qaeda …they would have thrashed USA to ground by now. Because people who do not fear death are most dangerous people !

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Poor India- thought strikes would help ?

What does it matter to the state ? Congress most probably knows that next election are not easy thing to handle. There is huge corruption and dramatic things which people wont forget easily. CWG is such a case which goes in everyones mind when casting vote.

Strike or no atrike..Manmohan and Sonia duo will try it’s best to loot and please us. They know well that for good % years- they will be out of business…so loot.
Manmohan had already declared in press that SC should not intervene in policy matter. It was related to grain rot thing….what it means ? That they will make a policy where GRAIN are alowed to rot but they wont give it to poor Indians..and we all want to have such people sitting in Delhi and rule.

IS this democracy or monarchy ?
But we Indians deserve this .because we are divided in name of region, religion, castes…and this is why politicians plays such cheap games with us. They are not accountable.

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Sikhs on edge in Kashmir

There is no choice- Delhi is doing it’s famous drama. Sikhs have to come out or get killed.
Just imagine – 2-3 mass shootings…and exodus will start. Govt. is not interested to solve anything out there…this is banana in their hands and they will keep this to show the monkey !

I do not know what politics Akalis and SGPC like bodies will play and how many will see light of pyres due to that but what I strongly believe is that Congress is not going to do anything good for Sikhs .

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The Great Time Pass Theory of USA-IND-PAK

We all know that INDIA-PAK-USA have played and still playing time pass gasmes. India ar first place wanted H.Sayyed-PAK even did not listen to it rather mocked at India. Then India started saying that PAK should prosecute H.Sayyed…and all of a sudden we came to know about Headley. Now 6 months have passed in headley which we all know is not going anywhere. I do not know when we all will realize that there islot of difference in value of life of a US citizen and we Indians. Can’t we see how B. Obama was yelling on high notes when it comes to compensation by BP…and they are silent on BHOPAL GAS TRAGEDY…. Ultimately Congress will shell out some crores to settle down the issue and we will never know who played what behind the curtains.

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Bhopal Gas, Goa Minister, Pawar IPL – Great Indian Drama , Comman man on big ride.

This is dramatic and very theatrical to me.  On one side we all hear that bla bla President said THIS about India and THAT about India but what we are in real ? What is real India ??

Foolish laws and proudly corrupt nation where million of tons of food is made to rot but is not given to those who are hungry. Where home delivery of PIZZA is guaranteed but POLICE do not reach when required. Where corruption is a acceptable action in society and in some places important , commercial posts are made to sell.

IPL ISSUE : Whole nation knows what Powar has been doing and how cunningly and infront of whole nation he choose to go offline by saying that he is having some issue with his buccal cavity. This was clever move to stay away from press and from giving answers to many questions…Powar knew slowly slowly people will forget as they forget 26/11 and many other  blasts. People always had short memories and this is what politicians knew..and this is why all of a sudden we see IPL issue being cooled off.

BHOPAL GAS TRAGEDY: Value of life of a common man comes to USD 500. Now we all know that whole drama was directed by PM and CM but Congress is in Delhi- it can not do much and will not do much except time borrowing technicks. We all know what Delhi was always underdog of US and still they are and will remain so. And this is not only with Congress- BJP is also like this. When they were in power- they also did not do much although every knows all these things even two decades back. When it comes to life of a Indian- US laws are changed and guess what could have happened to W. Anderson if this would have happened in USA ?

Media is trying to make it a big bomb which it will not because fingers are pointed at congress and their national Hero Sh. Rajiv Gabdhi…how can we expect that common man will find justice. Justice and law is not for common man…and proof is 26 years and still DELHI SIKHS RIOTS case is not taken to it’s logical conclusion. We all know famous line of Sh. Rajiv Gandhi on this issue and we all know who were present at time of crime…will they got arrested or prosecuted ?

They will never, and in same manner BHOPAL GAS TRAGEDY will also go down in history of India as under the table, exposed Delhi sale. Had not been media- we would have never known what happened behind the curtains. Justice Ahmadi has done great service to the nation…that he is made Chairman of same hospital which was erected for treatment of victims but…now it functions as super speciality hospital where gas victims are not priority anymore, naturally.

Goa Minister: Very looks of him on TV is negative personality and now he is absconding to avoid arrest. Drama is ON..lets see what happens. I am sure nothing will happen to this guy and he will manage to get bail and then will keep shifting from court to court and one day…we will forget what happens to some poor girl .

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Defining terrorists – We all are confused.


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Kobad Ghandy – Another Lenon or Hafeez Sayeed ?


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Canadian Timber in India- Real Picture, Real Strory

January 2010 has seen some great developments in North India when Canadian delegation landed up in Chandigarh for discussing opening of depots in Chandigarh of world famous timber from Canada.

Canada is world’s largest timber exporter and their high grade quality of Douglas Fir, Hemlock , Cedar and Maple is exported to Middle East, Japan and Britain. Although utility grades are cheaper than already wood starving Indian market- Chandigarh was a good attempt to explore world class wood.

Seems- personal interest of Manpreet Badal- an educated and modern mind politician could not help state of Punjab for having any fruitful outcome and it looks major issues are assurance of supply. Largest portion of timber is being taken away by China and it is easy for them to beat the rate as compare of chances of India which will suffer due to red tape, taxes and shipment rates.

Another factor which is effecting India is how to handle PHYTO issues. Canadians do not mind sending their produce in open ships- but how India kills those bacteria before shipment reaches Indian coasts is something which will create havoc in Delhi. China had created an island for this issue and it handles it out of Chinese territory.

Gill Timbers [ http://www.gilltimbers.com ] is largest importer of Douglas Fir and Hemlock from Canada and North America and according to Ivon Gill- India do have a huge market but there is no support from state of center govt.

According to Gill Timbers- they manage to sustain timber quality so far as they import only 3 grades out of nine available in Canadian timber world. Utility Grade is good for manufacturers which comes close to 700-750 INR / CFT but higher grades are expensive and only affordable by farmhouses, villas and five star construction.

According to Ivon Gill- Gill Timbers is having it’s website, hosting images for architects and educated class of end users to see magnificent use of Canadian timber. Doors, windows, frames, light furniture applications,  flooring, panels, kitchen cabinets.

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As I see- Shiv Sena, RSS and BJP


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India Bows Down – breaks the 26/11 ice, calls Pak for talks

This is just like ‘ I knew ‘ India is in news and this time too for something which will shock the whole country for couple of days. India initiated talks with Pakistan.

I am sure many of us have good memories- better than HM’s and DM’s of India that countless times India declared that it will not come on table of talks if Pakistan did not took steps in capturing 26/11 culprits.

It seems something has happened and we all Indians should know what it is- which has forced India to invite talks with Pakistan.

I suspect that it may be possible that we all Indians may be taken on a ride by Congress about 26/11…because first it was H. Sayeed, then comes Headley and Rana and now there is possibility of some Indian LeT operative…and I am sure this lits will change after few weeks.

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IPL- What is reality ? Only Modi knows.

What is reality behind IPL and Pakistan players drama ? Only Modi knows. No one can doubt capabilities and status of Pakistani players- so we are not talking about quality of player and quality of their game here. What else should be under consideration in sports- other than players talent and his reputation…only Modi knows.

Only Modi knows- if we are supposed to know [ Because Indian HM do not know ] how come a whole nation was left out. If this is co-incidence then it looks little insane. Because no sane person will trust this funny co-insidence.

This is clear-cut political stage, political drama where insult was the main agenda and target has been achieved by people behind it.

I do now know what wrong Shahrukh Khan, Amir and others have done.  I think every sane Indian cricket lover wants to see Pakistani players and famous thrill and drama of INDIA-PAKISTAN match. I do not feel that sports and game should be involved in politics and if we hate that much…why don’t India dare and attacks POK and capture it. No one can stop it from doing so ? Who will speak ? USA/UK ??

They had done this so many times with other nations in name of terror- they can not do any tooon- taaaan.

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India is not as clean as it shows

So, this is why no one takes India and Pakistan seriously.Both nations seems to be following same plan – plan of drama and keep people guessing.
If not one takes Pakistan seriously- it manages to twist arms by using terror factor and India manages to twist arms by using economy and other diplomatic factors.

USA seems to be badly cought in between two nations who are milking it very nicely- pretending to be friends. If Pakistan needs money from US to continue US war againt terror- India is also doing almost diplomatic dramas. Recent devleopments shows that USA wants to stand India againt China. India so far seems to be playing same PAK card..and this is what comes out of INDIA and PAKISTAN drama.

1. 26/11 and India starts saying that PAKISTAN is behind it. So and so that within hrs. Nation and it’s handlers were identified by effecient Indian intelligence and we have names like H. Sayeed.

2. For full one year- war of words was going on about dossiers, about inquiry and about being non-serious attitude.

3. Then comes Headley and Rana gameplan- all of a sudden H. Sayeed name was dropped from media and since then we are hearing trials and inquiry details of Headley and Rana.

4. As this was not enough- Indian H.M declares that he is not sure if Indian LeT is involved in 26/11.
Whole day, Indian channel was beaming byte of conversation intercepted by Indians on 26/11- using many typical Hindi words.

So ? do you think this is enough ? Hold on..

5. Doors are open for talks and Both HM’s are looking forwrd towrds that door.

6. USA says that India is to govern Indian oceans which we all knows is being dominated by China now. USA pushing India to counter China in seas sould be seen as instigation because it makes China more strong in Asia which USA and UK guys do not want to see at all.

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American Policies for Asia- Picking up colors.

Now we see USA bowing down and we see this is clear daylight. How US was bowing down in Japan and how China forces dictates. As soon as this happens-world saw some dramatic changes. Whole Indian media is full of Headley-Rana and ISI links and CIA/FBI exposes, Italey arrested two PAK nationals, Arrests in Pakistan.

For a common man like me- this is something too much to handle. What is going on and who is fooling whom ? For a full year, India was begging for a court trial of ONE man and that too was not granted by Pakistan. Dossiers and dossiers were supplied and wars of words were on air but nothing comes out of it except timepass but all of a sudden we see lot of being done and said and this time we see USA coming in focus with agencies like FBI/CIA and as I typed these lines, CIA chief is in India and I am sure they are not talking what media is telling us.

Americans have now openly supported China and had accepted Tibet being part of China. And I am sure very soon we will see China breathing on our necks in Kashmir too. Because slowly slowly voice is coming out and Congress is downplaying it so far. What we are heading into ? A disintegrated Pakistan ? May be..may be because CIA always was intersted in PAKISTAN and infact ALL MILITARY REGIMES WERE BACKED BY US. This is strange that US used to declare…We will not talk with military regime when under the table it was it’s own creation. And later they supported by military and by dollars. [ There are always ways of it- Humanitarian support ! ]

Pakistan has seen so much bloodshed and blasts that schools and colleges are hiring private security personal in Pakistan. But I do not think that this can help anyone, in anyway. You can never win from a man who has come to destroy himself, who has risen above the fear of death. America is providing PAK- military aid and India is paying billions for those aircrafts for which Sh. M M Singh is going to request. This is difference of two nations. One is getting free and other is paying taxpayers money for pleasing BIG BOSS.

Coming time is going to be hard for everyone in Asia. China wants to handle Pakistan and USA too.Who will win ? I do not think USA will be able to make it anymore-because they are under debt of 3 trillion USD and China can sweep away their last breath anytime. This is called economic power.

I am not sure India is in anyway going to be any world power- atleast Congress can not do so. Because once again it is dissecting this nation in small parts, fueling regional parties and dividing them and ruling oer them with ease. With BJP almost a dead body…Congress is enjoying glorious days.

[ Support to MNS and now Maharastra CM asks for more posts for locals- we are once again watching shameless but true face of Indian policitics ]

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India, Bharat- Proudly Corrupt

India’s public officials and politicians continue to be perceived as “highly corrupt” by global experts and business surveys, says the latest Corruption Perception Index (CPI) released by the Transparency International.

With “Integrity Score” of 3.4, the CPI 2009 has ranked India 84th among the 180 countries surveyed, below other developing economies like Brazil (3.7) and China (3.6).

“The CPI measures perceived levels of public sector corruption in a given country and is a composite index, drawing on 13 different expert and business surveys,” says Chairman of the Transparency International India Admiral RH Tahiliani (retd).

The 2009 edition analysed 180 countries, the same number as the 2008 CPI. Last year also, India scored 3.4, dropping from 3.5 in 2007. “We can, however, derive solace from the fact that with the exception of Bhutan, which scored 5.0, India is at the top among other South Asian countries.”

Pakistan with a score of 2.4 is ranked 139th on the list followed by Bangladesh (2.4), Nepal (2.3), Maldives (2.5) and Sri Lanka (3.1). In fact, nearly half of the 180 countries have scored three or even lower points, a clear indication that corruption is perceived to be rampant worldwide.

Haiti, Iraq, Myanmar and Somalia have recorded the score of less than 1.5, while leaders of the pack are New Zealand (9.4), Denmark (9.3) and Singapore and Sweden (9.2).

How world perceived India has a direct impact on the FDI, says Tahiliani, adding that “since India is perceived as a developing economy we manage to attract money, but we could get much more FDI if our rating increases”.

A vast majority of the 180 countries included in the 2009 index scored below five on a scale of zero (perceived to be highly corrupt) to 10 (perceived to have low levels corruption).

“The Transparency International has found that a strong correlation between corruption and poverty continues to exist, jeopardising the global fight against poverty and threatening to derail UN Millennium Development Goals,” Tahiliani adds.

Source: tribuneindia.com

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India-How Congress handles Punjab and Maharashtra

British were great and I think we should be grateful to WW-II which gave freedom in our laps. I am sorry-if many of us thnks and wants to feel that it was our sacrifices , freedom struggle or what…this was post WW-II circumstances which forced British to leave India. And still they manage to do what whole region is paying through blood and bodies of their own near and dears till date. This called theory of DIVIDE AND RULE.

Congress did the same thing in Punjab, paid price by giving lives of 2 Prime ministers, but seems they are helpless and ran out of policies and think tanks. May be policies have been dried and think tanks are old because when whole world was telling them, accusing them for what they were doing in Punjab- they did not listen and only opened their eyes when there were intelligence inputs that Khalistan is going to be declared with support from ISI [ Covert > ISI > USA> UN ]

What happens afterwords- we all know and it is still wrriten on the walls- India which boasts a democratic republic is painted with gross human rights violation when we all see STATE SPONSORED GENOCIDE in 1984. Same formula congress used in Maharashtra and once again, I think we have a another repetition of what happens in Punjab…because RAJ THACKERY’s goons who were supported by congress to subdue SHIV SENA..are now politicians and sitting in assembly. And their recent service for India was that they expressed with muscle power their reservations about using HINDI in MAHARASHTRA. So and so that ENGLISH is allowed but HINDI is not allowed. This stance was advocated by their minsiters in LIVE TELECAST of discusssions and whole India was watching.

My point is where we are haeding to ? There is open revolt against BIHAR /UP people in MAHARASHTRA and now other states have started to raise similar tunes. Are we heading into civil war ? India on one hand is too busy handling international issues like CHINA and PAKISTAN and on otherhand – our own home is insecure and ready to be destroyed by our own people.

This is time when we needed something better from Delhi but with BJP having a religious agenda and Congress following British formula- I do not think we will be having some rosy days ahead.

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Pakistan terrorism games – Beyond control of ISI

As usual in such conditions when whole world is blaming a nation- you do no thave much option than go into denial mode. Problem with Pakistan is that it is in this mode since many years. USA was silent and watching, guiding PAK and using PAK for it’ s own vital interests but now tables are turned.

Same clean chits are being provided to INDIA although there is possibility of Indian involvement in Afghansitan and Blaouchistan. Same chits were with PAKISTAN when INDIA used to cry foul foul in mid eighties but US never warned PAK then…to stop active support to Khalistan movement.  If India is burning, USA and PAK were happy because Kashmir and Punjab means- you are hitting head of India and it could result in a big kill. This was why INDIRA GANDHI sent tanks in Golden Temple because her own tiger was not biting her back. It was beond her control- a simple man who used and manipulated clean chits and support os state to DIVIDE AND RULE Akalis in Punjab- founds himself in a seat where people were prostrating before him and he thought himself incarnation of GOD.

Thus comes ISI in scene and Punjab was burning. This was going on for almost a decade and situation went out of control- from the hands of people who were making bread from blood. Who suffered ? It was and is common man of the state who is watching NOIDAS and GURGAONS as hot hubs. While state govt. ministers making money and still this process is going on. ISI could not learnt from lesson…and tought it can handle TALIBANS and AFGHANS. Taking advantage of religion , forgetting that religion played important role in binding together- thus giving a focus to leadership [s] and leaderrships are famous for swinging.

Swing happens and now PAK is killing people, his own people in his own land. Sameway, India killed it’s own people in it’s own land. Everything is same only cause is different. ISI still has time, I think.  Otherwise, it may be loosing not only integrity of nation but also loosing it’s existence as a nation. I think India wants to divide PAK and thus making it dependent and OPEN for future controls. There are chances that PAK is going to bleed for a long time.

Because if we think that WAZIRISTAN issue is solved by PAK forces fighting and defeating Talibans out there, it may not be that easy in future. Because fighting and clearing is something else and holding the place, making law and order in place, enforcing law of the land is something else. How PAK do it ..is holding key of peace or blood in future. If Pakistan failed in handling this area- this region is going to hit back. Once again, you can not change mindset of people, the way they want to live. ISI failed to see this and I am sure this is PAYBACK time.

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Why USA is in Afghanistan – not for Al Qaeda but for…

UN findings say an opium market worth $65bn (£39bn) funds global terrorism, caters to 15 million addicts, and kills 100,000 people every year.

The UN says corruption, lawlessness and uncontrolled borders result in only 2% of Afghan opiates being seized locally.

The UN says more Russians die annually from Afghan drugs than Soviet soldiers were killed during its Afghan conflict.

Afghanistan produces 92% of the world’s opium, with the equivalent of 3,500 tonnes leaving the country each year.

Most of the opium that leaves Afghanistan makes its way through Pakistan, Central Asia and Iran, leaving a trail of addiction, criminality and death in its wake, according to the report by the UN Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC).

It says more people die globally from Afghan opium than any other drug but just a tiny percentage of what is produced is seized on route.

Antonio Maria Costa, head of the UNODC, said Afghanistan’s opium production could create a “perfect storm” in the region.

“The Afghanistan/Pakistan border region has turned into the world’s largest free-trade zone in anything and everything that is illicit – drugs of course, but also weapons, bomb-making equipment, chemical precursors, drug money, even people and migrants,” he said.

“We have identified the global consequences of the Afghan opium trade.

“Some are devastating but expected; others seem surprising, yet they are very real.

He also had some difficult words for those nations currently involved in Afghanistan: “I urge the friends of Afghanistan to recognise that, to a large extent, these uncomfortable truths may be the result of benign neglect.”

SOURCE: http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/south_asia/8319249.stm

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News from India – My Views on them

Detained Jammu and Kashmir cricketers released for lack of evidence

Now this is little filmy. There is one argument that player along with the bag has crossed three airport securities- why he was not marked there ? This clearance from airports suggests two things only. Either airport security and detection system is not up-to-the-date OR this whole drama is due to being Kashmiris because what ever detectors was n Bangalore, this detection should be done at airports.

Police arrest Hizbul man with hawala money
 What is so special about it ? Terrorist always worked like this only. But what shocks me is that there was a BURKA CLAD person who escaped. How come he/she escaped and police impounded this man. Or there is more to it than we know. Police usually do this that they never declared arrest of such person- they torture and later on show encounter. This is famous modus-operandi and we all knew about it. I do not think there is anything new is hawala money being used in terrorism…it is always like this everywhere.
Too early to send more US troops to Afghanistan: Kerry
Afghanistan has become another Vietnam for USA. I do not think there is any use and intelligence in making US soldiers  sacrified goats. On other hand there seems to be some secret understanding obtained by Obama with Quereshi about how aid will be delivered because PAK govt. and army has rejected the K.L bill but still it was passed and now situation is funny where help will be forced while sufferer declined it. US troops can not do anything against a mindset- Afghans are too proud and stubborn clan..it is not that easy and see, US drones have failed in making any positive impact and whole hi-tech war hardware has resulted only body bags…nothing else.
Two killed in Goa blast, Hindu group blamed
Again, media using worlds like ISLAMIS TERROR and HINDU TERROR. I do not think that terror has name- this is further dissecting people in name of religion and now in name of terror. This is not a small group is SNATAN SANSTHA which has done this- I am sure police knows more than we know. This is small group but their timing and plans have shown better inteligence which police is not telling us. This is hi time for GOA- billion of dollar tourism and right at that time when hotel and resorts starts booking- such news and terror is to make a dent in Goa popularity. People behind this act knew very well- how well they can damage the business and how well they can terrorise certain community. Challenege is how it is being tackled – I think VOTE POLITICS will be played on here and nothing concrete is expected.
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China-Pakistan and India

India seems to be carried away with it’s role in destabilizing Pakistan and as I said in many write-ups that China is watching. This is what happens in India today..China issues a statement that it did not like Indian PM ins disputed area. Now- Delhi was all in red on this and famous international drama of summoning diplomats and registering protests was on.

Many in India feel that tough times are coming for this nation which is trapped in mis management and corrupt practice. India never cared for states which are on borders..like Kashmir, NE and Arunachal. Credit goes to Sikkim which managed to stand but only by twisting arms.

I do not think that India has power, capability and stamina to face China. Moreover – India seems to be relying on USA that it will provide support. But I do not think that if there is full scale war with China, USA is going to come forward.  USA has tendency to dupe those which it has supported by now.

Ball is in Chinese court and let’s see what they do. They have already done more than 25 excusrsions in Indian territory in Ladakh, Sikkim and Kumaon. I do not think that India is able to do anything about it.

India may be in deep trouble if USA choose to be a match-viewer and left it to handle China on it’s own.

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Game Obama plays.

Indian role in Afghanistan and Pakistan is important. Whole world knows now but Afghans love India. You find i thard to trust- just take a walk in Kabul. You will see Indian songs and movies around. India is now worrying Pakistan in same way Pakistan makes India worried in Punjab and Kashmir.

This is TIT FOR TAT. And India and Pakistan will carry on their proxy wars unless they do not solve it either on table or in gound of war. Offically they are not talking but under the table…they are in romance. Trade is ON, traffic is on and officials are meeting, politicians are meeting..only to declare what they were already saying. Then why they meet and what they discuss ? I think even CIA do not know this.

US citizens are being carried away- US could not find weapons in IRAQ, USA could not find al-qaeda in Afghansitan which did 9/11, and now Obama is fightig with TALIBAN…I say what is this whole stage show ?

Either people are dumb, like people of India and PAkistan or they are being fooled. Nobel to Obama was one of the greatest joke which could happen in these times…I think even Obama knows that that…it is too much for him to handle. He do not deserve nobel and he declared it.

Right now- when I am typing, USA is happy with GOOD TALIBAN and I am sure guys, there is going to be tough times ahead. USA has to take back his forces because if it increases troops- more body bags will go back and then people will start asking questions.
DRONE did not help much…Pakistan is not helping, India is under cover…who is in OPEN by the way. US soldier who is fighting with latest technology but still being blown up.

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Naxals and state

Naxals and State There had been lot of hue and cry over naxal movement and this is not new to us. What makes us shoked is how shamelessly Home minister of India demanded that activists of Human Right Violation should cry foul foul foul over killing of police inspector by naxals. Now- every killing, be it in any style is worth condemn. Why not monister responded when naxals were shot ? I do not see naxals acting, having policies like Khalistan. And perhaps this is why naxals make the dent because common man finds himself related to issues raised by naxals. I do not see naxals killing innocent people, tourturing tourists or abducing kids. Will Hon. H.M of India will do anything about kidnap and ransom industry in Bihar ? May be he could say something now- but I am sure Congress was not able to muetter a word – had Lalu been there supporting their party. I found that state is against common people, state is against poor people who are not fighting a idialogical fight like in 70’s decade. What I am warning to those who are undermining naxals and their voice is…the day middle class came in support of naxals- what will happen ? I think that will be the day when foundation of new India will be raised- that will be the day when whole media will cry China China, red flag red flag…but whatever be the color of flag atleast we will be having some relief from these buggers who had made politics a dirty business. I found myself totally in support of naxals and their standoff versus police. I think Hon. H.M has got the message that police is now on receiving end and he has to do something to raise moral of police. IAF Chief stated that they should not be used in internal issues as they are trained for more lethal conflicts but within 12 hrs of these words by chief….here comes the so called threat that IAF will be used against naxals. Once again, Mr. H.M forgetting that it is very hard to supress common man’s voice if  it comes out. We all should be waiting for the day when middle class joins naxals. Waiting for that day- I could not feel escaping from expressing sorrow of death of that police inspector who was beheaded by naxals and I condemn his killing but also wants to make a point that ministers and media should highlight this H.Violation slogan on some other moments also…and we all know such moments are happening in plenty.

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A Voice – Eighth Anniversary of the American Attack on Afghanistan.

Since then until now, eight years have passed during which the American invaders and their allies of crusaders have killed, wounded and driven from homes hundreds of thousands of Afghans including children, women and old men. This sanguinary spree of killing has been continuing. All these Afghans were not involved in the event of New York. The invaders unleashed atrocities on the Afghans and other Muslim freedom-lovers in Guantananmo, Bagram and the Abu Gharib jails that have no precedence in the history.

At the beginning, they were promising, they will withdraw within three months, in their words, after eliminating the so-called terrorism.  Contrarily, today eighth years from that times have passed, but they have built up hundreds of military bases in Afghanistan and Iraq. They say that they will raise the level of their troops to almost 110000 troops. It is clear from this, that they have occupied Afghanistan for the execution of their expansionist plans in the Middle East, Central Asia and the Southeast Asia.


We believed  from the day one, that this is not a war between democracy and the so- called terrorism but rather a war between the western colonialism and the freedom-loving nationalist and Islamist forces. In this unequal war, the one side have before them  expansionism, colonialism and exploitation as their  plans of objectives which they want to achieve by dent of military power through brutality and atrocities. On the other hand, the other side of the war have their objective of independence, Islamic social justice, human dignity and national identity which they want to achieve through sacrifices and the shedding of their pure blood. We believe in this war between truth and evil, the truth will surely prevail.

We call on the American rulers and their allies of the coalition once again to put an end to the game of occupying Afghanistan and killing the Afghans under unsubstantiated pretexts.  The Afghans are no more ready to believe  your empty slogans, nor the world would like to see the globe, plunging into instability and various problems because of your wrong policies.  We announce to all the world, our aim is obtainment of independence and establishment of an Islamic system. We did not have any agenda to harm other countries including Europe nor we have such agenda today.  Still if you want to turn the country of the proud and pious Afghans into a colony, then know that we have an unwavering determination and have braced for a prolonged war. Have a glance at the history, the Afghans are the people characterized by historical distinction of always sacrificing in the way of their religion and country. Today, we will not  fall short of this.

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Muslims in India after 1947

I always had observed that after 1947, Muslims in India had been treated like second citizens. Be it any field of life, behavior towards them is always under the normal. Classic example can be seen in North India. Many short dialects had been invented to describe ‘ A Muslim’ but no one objects, no one shows strength to say that this is not acceptable.

What makes the situation more murky is Muslim leadership , just like BJP which shows and feels that it is representing all hindus of this country, muslims hets carried away by speeches, whims and likes of religious leaders. And get carried away with criminal and fundamantilist forces ruling the roost- Uttar Pradesh can be seen for this.

Why Muslims are always treated like second citizens ?

Why a muslim has to prove his sincereity and dedication ?

Because some people clapped when pakistan wins a match ?

So many genocides of a community and no one cry foul in India ? [ And those who cried foul, took advantage of the situation and played petty politics over it ]

Today, muslims are seen in very less percentage in police.

Army is having most reduced numbers of muslims.

I think this is all planned and well maintained behavior by a state which is known as DEMOCRATIC REPUBLIC OF INDIA.


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News In Media – My Thoughts about them.

RPF Personal throws a 12 yrs. old boy out of running train:

Where is human rights commission  ? Because this is about some poor, 12 years old and does not provide and big media coverage, no one seems to be interested in this case. And this is not first time that Railway Protection Force had done this famous act of theirs.  He was thrown out because he did not pay bribe for traveling without ticket !

Ex- Railway minister Laly P. Yadav had demanded termination of RPF personal and launch a case. What about the boy – who’s leg has been amputated ? How he is going to survive and who will take care of him ? Mamta should come forward and do something but once again- rights of a poor man are different than rights of a rich man in my country. Very soon this news is going to fade away…and so will be life of this boy…

CHINA BORDER ISSUES: India is trying to playing it down as we did with Pakistan. Whole Sayeed issue is drama and I do not know how smartly we general public had been fooled and no one seems to know about it or taking care of it. India is again and again demanding ONE PERSON and that is H.Sayeed and this ‘action’ should be taken in PAK courts. This means more time pass and friends- ONE YEAR is going to happen and I assure you India do not want PAK to do anything.  India seems to be having no such impression for US or UN that it can have any edge over PAK…this is not only strange but this will also effect things which will shape in coming years. CHINA is also coming closer – how close that India will react is known to few people in Delhi. Unless then…India is going to tolerate and let China grab more territory and coming generations will see good Chinese trade and tourism through ROHTANG PASS in Manali and from Darjeeling as China will be present next to Kalimpong

80-year-old locked up in house: Life is strange and you never know what to expect and what to face on next step. I do not know what to do and think about this lady but it feels very strange and painful that society is so emotionless.

US rings nuke alarm bells , Al-Qaida seeking nuclear secrets from Pakistan: This is called LOVE/HATE relationship. one one hand they are giving billion of dollar aid [ While their own people are changing into jobless creatures ] to people who are NOT trustworthy at all. They are committing ARMS SUPPORT knowing very well where these arms will be used. Because fighting TALIBAN is not a issue this is well known to whole world. TALIBAN is not as strong and in number as is being portrayed and US known very well…but this whole ACT is done to get money and fight a battle which US FORCES should fight but they do not want to die in battle.

Now- Gen. Mush comes into scene..and he says that YES- we had used US AID against INDIA but as soon as he says that on camera…US declares that he HAD sent a team for inspection and to see where this aid is being used. Next day- we see U TURN from Gen. ISSUE IS CLOSED and once again India is looking like a raped in full public view !

I do not think there is  any Al- Qaeda because B. Laden was CIA man untill 9/11 and all of a sudden, we came to know about a name AL-QAEDA. Had there been any organization which had such capability like 9/11…I am sure USA could be down any day. This is as simple as that.

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Nilu Phule is no more – Tribute to a true artist

I remember watching him in doing negative roles in films. I was always impressed by his mannerism acting…and the way he pictures his roles.  When I came to know about his demise- I also came to know how Big B  expresses his grief for him. I liked ir- but this much was expected from a persona like Big B because this senitivity makes him taller than others…more taller than he already is.

I found a image of  his family and how humbly he is standing there…just a image of true artist.  I am sure he will remain in hearts of those who were near and dear and also those who chrished that era of Hindi movies which gave a platform to a gardener who make such a place in stardom.  A great Marathi actor- NILU PHULE…May his soul rest in peace !

SOME IMAGES: http://www.sannidhya.com/review.asp

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India- Selling women on stamp papers.

Once again famous democracy of my country seems to be under prosecution. We all should feel proud that we beongs to such a great nation where right under nose of Delhi and in full view, knowledge and acceptance of all…women are being sold on court papers [ Known as stamp paper in India ].

This story is beamed on tube by TV-media and this region is BUNDELKHAND of Uttar Pradesh. I do not want to curse any political party , either of state or in center but what shocks me is how mean human character could be.  Words are not enough to express how you feel that kids, girls and woman are being sold in your country. Why ?

Because this region of UP is under drought since 5 years and there is no agriculture possible. And I remember our Ex- President [ Who was frisked by US airline in Delhi ] who was first and last man in India to suggest that we should interlink rivers and bring water to needed areas. But if I am not wrong- congress opposed this and such was result of this life saving suggestion.

I do not know how many hearts will feel ashamed and I do not know how many NGO’s will be busy in calculations…money they are going to make from this apathy. Because no one has come forward so far…no one in India has expressed pain to see this…

And this is why I say- we should feel proud to be an Indian. living in world’s great democracy which allow sale and purchase of their human beings, because after casting their votes…they are free to die or to be sold out.

ANy yes- we are third world power, nuclear power, great IT country and bla bla bla………….

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Cry of India- Same old story.

India is crying and crying very bitter and you know who is happy- people who are in power because they can manage with ease now. Their healthiest enemy is sick, and on death bed and we do not see any life coming into it in near future…yes, we need riots and bloodshed for this.

I was talking about BJP and how poor, like kids, we saw their fight on tube. L.K Advani ji, who never had a positive aura, who was directly involved in Babri Masjid demilition, covering up Modi and God know how many other cover up we will come to know besides Kandhar IC-814 issue….this whole leades to such a situation that we now have two clear parties within BJP.

Why I do not like BJP- besides I vote for them once…was their ideoogy..and their forced claim of HINDUTAVA. These election had shown clear cut message on the wall that BJP does not represent HINDU’s at all. No sane person will like their kids to grow in India where BJP has it’s moral policing and sick mentalities . Our kids- whatever religion or faith we are coming from…needs to grow in present not in ashram centuries.

I do not know why they do not BAN all alcohol factories, cigarette factories, why they allow jeans and skirts to be used in atleast states they rule ?

This is sheer hypocricy and people of India had shown them their worth. Having said all this- I am not sure about congress plans either..now they are free to do what they want to do. We still do not know how Amar Singh & Co. voted for them…money ? or something else ? What ?

Now- please do not try to think that Amar Singh has some change of heart and he decided to vote and support for Sonia- who even did not invite him to a dinner. Besides everything above…India is struggling with various issues and yes…China is close besides Pakistan making mockery of us. I do not think we are a brave creed- we were always defenders and seems to me that we will remain defenders. Aggression seems to be absent from our DNA.

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Message from Indian PM – Get ready to be killed

Well, slowly slowly we are getting that dose of fear and insecurity and what puzzles me is what is destination of all this.

MUMBAI TERROR ATTACK DRAMA: A unprofessional and unsuccessfull exercise like Kargil where once again, we tried perhaps some new war game/ enounter tectis and failed miserably. We digested too much casualities of young blood in Kargil and in Mumbai attack also- we suffered from every point of view.  In another view- this was a big hit from those who planned well and executed it well- damaging maximum not only the pride of India but also exposes India infront of whole world- how kiddish reactions we can make. I do not know why media forgot that one of the channel beamed live telecast of talking with terrorist in Nariman House. How come – a channel reaches there and manages to talk but Indian forces could not do anything and in last we saw blood of captives….

This is also very strange and may be due to this fact that we the public have very less memory and we suffer from dimentia…because so easily we forget that one of the biggest scoop had been left out of media …that was a planned armed revolt / uprising by a religious cult. Yes- I am talking about role and plans of Malegaon blasts and people behind it. We still do not know and I am sure we will never came to know who else were in this from army side. Only a single person can not train and provide infrastrcture to such a huge team. But we do not hear much about Sadhavi and her gang. That was much more than India could have digested but strange….mumbai attack happens and whole heat about this uprising has been lost.

In same way- India and Pakistan had been romancing since 26/11 [ May be Big Daddy dictating on phones ] because there were thousands of claims, demands, dossiers and statements but not s single step has been taken so far. Lof of shit has ben said and lot of crap had been in media- so and so that it does not matter to anyone in India now…if any Saeed got hanged or not. I do not know- even if some Saeed is hanged…is this enough for India…is this is justice India wants ? or this is whole eye wash and what political parties are claiming BIG DIPLOMATIC win- in fact is a cruel joke….as Pakistan manages to twist arms of BIG PAPA and gets billion dollar aids.

Coming back to Mumbai attacks- India was not serious from day one and so was not Pakistan.  And I am sure USA was in touch with both and thus forced both to start talks…which were never out. Yes- when your trade is going on, your transportation is going on…what else is required ? Even PM’s and Secretaries are meeting and Indian PM is stressing that we HAVE TO talk because this is ONLY way to handle Pakistan !!!

I am sure we Indians are not that much fool and if still picture is not clear then there is something wrong with me- may be I am obsessed with this whole drama !!

INDIA-CHINA- PAKISTAN:- Coming back to subject of this write-up…first we hear that China is preparing for a attack on India. Be it Arunachal Issue or anything. Since a month- lot of footage had been aired about fantastic railways CHINA had built upto Lahasa and noe even National Geographic had shown how CHINESE had done this great feat. My hats off to them…not only money- they have that character to do such a challenging job and they did it without any casuality- which could be rated as a world record.

Well- one Indian defense analyst had said that by 2012- China will attack India. Fine- but what Nay chief declared was something amusing….that India is no match for China and we are at receiving end if war happens. This means- we are AT MERCY of Chinese and all they need is a day to attack and we will be seeing India getting dissected in samw way as we see in 1947.  I think if we see India from sky….half of it is already burning..KASHMIR, BIHAR, JHARKHAND,BIHAR,NORTH EAST…and what else is remained is at mercy of private armies and some religious groups who acts as moral police…likes of Bajrang Dals and Raj Thackerys.

What forces me to write above subject was yesterdays declaration of Indian PM- S. Manmohan Singh Ji that India is going to be under attacks from terrorists again.  For your information..headline from http://www.indianexpress.com

PM warns of fresh attacks by Pak militants

Terming cross-border terrorism a ‘most pervasive threat’, Prime Minister said that there was ‘credible information’ that terrorist groups in Pak were planning to carry out fresh attacks on India.

Friends…get ready to be killed or we should asssue that we should get ready to see our nears and dears to be killed in balsts, firings and hold ups. Because if we see this statement word by word…here are my conclusions.

1. PM knows better than Home Minster as he never said these lines. Naturally PM is having some great inputs.

2. PM knows that Pakistan is doing all that…and Pakistan will do again.

3. Terrorists groups in Pakistan are capable enough to do it again and again.

CONCLUSION:All we had been watching and listening is CRAP- India was never serious and is still not serious because it does not matter if few get killed. It only gives men-in-white a reason to have fun with media…cameras and some to negotiate in crores fof arms etc. etc.

2. We are spineless- have no self respect and certainly have no balls…

3. We are underdogs and Obama plays with us more cruelly than Bush plaid with us.

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Can we learn from China – but it needs will power.

India is suffering from on emajot factor in this hi-tech world and this is equally worrying to all, be it middle, lower middle or elite class parents. This menace is PORN on internet.

Main phobis of parents these days is how to create vigil and how to handle their kids from exposure on tube. And if you talk to any kid above 11-12 years of age…they know, they have seen and they know websites URL’s of their choice of porn detsinations. I know my words will be read by techies and they will be little smiling that why don’t we use filters and softwares but what I have gone through in society is…that everyone do not know, can not handle software issues and we can not control cyber caffes.

I wish if I could post a video clip I made when visited a cyber caffe in Chandigarh. Alsmot 95% users are youngsters and hardly any serious use of internet except chat and porn.  Coming back to subject of my post…why can not we learn from China.

China has banned all websites URL’s and even threatned GOOGLE to control PORN as for China is concerned …otherwise…and LO !

Google agreed and now we have porn free China- they strictly managed to keep a strict eye on even websites of Chinese origin…posting PORN LINKS.  Recently they prosecuted 91 such website owners and techies…

I think India should learn something and this free freedom should have some character atleast. We can certainly control this menace..all we need is will power to do so.

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USA V/S Muslims = India ?

Do we have any confusion about how US treats muslims or we are trying to convince ourselves that when we read or speak USA- this means democracy at it’s best ?

I am sure it is not so and we all have a gut feeling that US could not find AL-Qaeda in Afghanistan and there were no WEAPONS OF MASS DESTCRUTION in Iraq ei.ther. If these two facts are correct then what US ARMY is doing in both these countries ?

Naturally agends was something else and they are doing something else than what US taxpayer and general public of this planet is being told. Why US is giving money to Pakistan- is not my worry but the way US has treated Indians in past few weeks certainly worries me. I remember TRAVEL ADVISORIES on US websites and there used to be mention of various places of India…like PUNJAB, JAMMU/KASHMISR etc. besides North Eastern states. I could not find enough reason to convince me that we are underdogs [ Atleast this is what is understood by body language of Sh.Manmohan Singh ji ] because we Indians are being treated by some countries like people infected with some dedly virus.

I want special mention to be made here about frisking incident of Ex. President and he is a muslim and now Shah Rukh Khan was frisked and detained for 2 hrs in US.  I could not gather up the scene why they will do so ? Is this due to Khan name ? Seems to me that this is normal routine for them to humilate and let Indians knows what exactly we matter to them.

US has placed INDIA on a watchlist on ground best known to Obama but what India is doing is not shocking because what else we can expect from a pride less, selfrespect less guys sitting in Parliament .

Why not we ban US travel and we have solid ground of SWINE FLU. Why not ???

Why not Mr. Krishna advocated Indian students in Australia ? THeir money should be paid back if they are not safe there. But as usual our pride is under our legs like a street dog….and we are looking for some master who could feed our injured and shattered pride.

Lookout-Watchout !!

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Life in North India – Present and Future

I will start from Punjab and Chandigarh- people who are frequent to these areas will agree that stress of vehicles and population surge is killing weak infrastructure which a state under debt could manage so far.

Chandigarh is no more a city which is clean and free from flies. You can see traffic problems and besides a crowded city …real estate is getting bigger and bigger. Thanks to NRI and wealthy punjabis….rates of plots ,flats and banglows are no way less than Mumbai or Bangalore.

Same scene is of Punjab- area which is called DOABA- means area between two rivers…this is richest belt of Punjab as almost every second home has someone in Europe..mainly USA,UK and CANADA….sending back home money and money to build huge houses , farm houses and banglows. Punjabis which were known to fight against unjustice- now pay heavy tolls on roads which are no way called good or better…heavy traffic, animlas on road are regular feature if you make a trip in a wealthy areas.  A 250 Kms of journey- do not surprise to pay THREE TOLL TAXES….and shocking TOLL will be when you are going to Ludhiana from Jalandhar. A good 76 INR are being charged- but I do not know for what. There are no highways…there is nothing worth paying 76 INR  for toll…but people are paying…in silenece and no one asks…for what ???

Almost 10 years back- States Agriculture University declared land of DOABA, posinous. But now mosre alrming news had reached from NASA- that state is loosing ground water with a speed which is very much abnormal. One meter/Year…and agriculture land is poisnous….what we are heading into ??

ALmost everyday- some sting operation shows, how milk and milk products are being made and sold in Punjab and other areas…but we do not see any change isn law or any steps to stop or check this practice. What we  hear is silence and silence means….???

I do not think we should be happy or relax…this is time when people whould start, to have some say..otherwise we will be too late to realize that whole generation is infected and near to extinction. Please do not worry about Badals and Amrinders…they are rich and resoureceful enough to get organic food…and even can operate by LIVE VIDEO CONFERENCING…while sitting cool on some cool holidaying destination.

This is prime time when people should feel that someone has to speak, to stop and to watch….otherwise it is going to cost us not few lives…but much more than that…

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US Plan for Asia – India with China, Script of war seems to be ready.

At least this is what image is coming little bit on canvas. China is ultimate threat to US because american economy can be put down as it is on mercy of country like China.  Business of WAR is not going good as PETROL LOOT has not given much milage rather body bags are coming home. Talibans were not that much threat for US but Pakistan manage to create havoc and thus comes billion dollar support and this support is coming from tax payers money.

Here- India was too cooko-cooko with US as almost every month someone from Americal Taj Mahal [ White House ] was coming to India and handing over letters and messages….something is fishy fishy. Now it seems to me that whole exercise was wooing India to stand against CHINA ! [ ? ]

I do not know- what could be promises made and what could be under the table talks and negotiations but Indian army has moved closer to border and PM of India had asked army to be ‘ Prepared’. Now this word has very strong meaning and this is why I am munching these lines. No nation head speaks these words unless he has something in mind. And I am sure we are going to have some fun- which will be for years to continue…very soon.

Only this will solve pains and pangs of USA and as we know that they are great businessmen of WAR- this is yet to be known what is at stake. I think we are heading towards third world war….and this time it is going to be very very HOT.

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Shameless politics or we are cornered by USA ?

USA was never friend of INDIA and this all begans after 1947 and in later years when Kashmir isues starts. Wars happen between India and Pakistan and it is not history how 7th fleet was used as threat to India. It was then USSR came to our rescue and somehow a big business of war was averted. But US has always disliked India and trated India and Indians with bias mind. I do not know why and how we had become so important that atleast once a month someone from USA is running to Delhi. Either there is more to the story which we common people of India do not know OR some truth could be there in bossism of USA which always managed to twist arms of India and succeded in supporting Pakistan openly.

Whole world knows that ISI run Khalistan movement had done enough damage of Punjab for 10 years that it still could not rise from that phase. That foreign hand which Indira Gandhi and Rajiv Gandhi used to say was well known to everyone but we failed to project to whole world that it is PAKISTAN which is behind the whole bloodshed.

How miserable was our campaign that all so called claims and proofs were rejected by PAK as false lies and self created tools.

Strange that situation is still the same – only difference is that first time India seems to be defensive and little on wrong foot about its role in Bloachistan. If this is true than all I have to say is..that this was not our character although there was not other way to reply to PAK than in it’s own language.

But so called Diplomacy has failed and it seems that India is treated little hard by USA and this is why Manmohan Singh looks so tired and sad on TV footage.

USA was never our friend and general public of India [Strange that same sentiments are from PAK too] do not like US and it’s BUSHY policies. USA is playing a PAID WAR services and it seems USA is trapped in it’s own shell. Besides having one of the best technology [They boast about it] it could not capture or even tough any Al Qaeda, leave alone OSAMA. Now OSAMA and OBAMA game has come to strange stage as USA has some other worries from economical front too…

What do China, India, Brazil, Russia, France and Germany have in common? These countries most often can’t agree on anything. But they are united in one strange — and ominous — way. They blame the United States for wrecking the global economy. And they think the dollar is the wrecking ball.

This paid war…which Americans always said that WAR IS BUSINESS FOR USA….seems to be on loosing end…remember …NO ONE COULD RULE AFGHANS !

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Abdul Kalam and frisking issue – Hype about Indian Pride.

I do not know why whole nation is crying over it. Atleast if some people do not know about it then men in white certainly knows about it …this is Indian Pride and the way US and UK takes us.

We do not have any respect or value in their eyes and this is not the first time. Many bad memories are with many other ministers also- just have a discussion on it.  Be it N. Rao or G. Fernandez….everyone will b ehaving something to say about the way they were treated in USA.

Just see the attitude of airline- how nicely they stood by their grounds and I am sure  we will not see any apology and even if we do…damage has been done in style, already. We Indians do not hold any value, leave alone EX- PRESIDENT. This is same ex- president which faced so much opposition and was not allowed to have second term although we need him so badly. But when same EX gave you a political milage tool….now everyone is pretending as he is guardian of pride of India.

Ladies and Gentelmen ! I am sure you might be remembering how red carpet welcomes are provided to people visiting from USA. How Prime Minister with his full team was present when Clintons, Bushes came….do you remember any such treatment when our PM or PRESIDENT visited there ? So if they showed us our status and value..please accept it and do not show famous INDIAN HYPOCRACY.

NO ??? Why so ? This means we are UNDER DOGS ??? AT YOUR SERVICE SIR ??? 

I am sure we can see how Indian arms are twisted and how a bleak confortable ground is created to start a dialogue with Pakistan…as per USA wishes. Just be ready to see Pakistan Flag in Kashmir..I think time is coming.

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Nilu Phule No More – Tribute To A True Actor


I remember watching him in doing negative roles in films. I was always impressed by his mannerism acting…and the way he pictures his roles.  When I came to know about his demise- I also came to know how Big B  expresses his grief for him. I liked ir- but this much was expected from a persona like Big B because this senitivity makes him taller than others…more taller than he already is.

I found a image of  his family and how humbly he is standing there…just a image of true artist.  I am sure he will remain in hearts of those who were near and dear and also those who chrished that era of Hindi movies which gave a platform to a gardener who make such a place in stardom.  A great Marathi actor- NILU PHULE…May his soul rest in peace !

SOME IMAGES: http://www.sannidhya.com/review.asp

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Virginity test in India- BJP policing.

We are so proud to be called ourselves INDIANS. Yes- we are Indians and perhaps this is our speciality that on one side we boast of a nation which can play crucial role on world forum and at the same time- we are showing our true colors to whole world.

Virginity tests of girls who were poor and were sponsored by Govt. of Shivraj Chauhan , for marriage and then comes the golden rule of the state..I am sure SHIVRAJ CHAUHAN will not run virginity test when girls from his own family will get married.

State wanted to be sure that girls on whom it is spending some money- are virgins and medical examination of the girls were done- this fact was accepted by concerned doctors also.

Next day – whole media starts beaming news of this great BJP policing and all of a sudden we see BJP going in denial mode.  What looks strange is that even there are denials that there were no medical examination conducted on girls- we do not see any reaction from Delhi…because everyone is busy with S. Manmohan Singh being welcomed in Paris !

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India Pakistan- Wait is over, we are talking.

At last what whole world was waiting for- that day has come. India and Pakistan are talking again- as wished by US president B. Obama…and we all know that Mumbai terror attacks is now will be fading slowly slowly.

Concerned Indians might be knowing that now focus has shifted to some other debate and no one is talking about those DOSSIERS of information and so called prrofs INDIA had supplied. Pakistan in a single statement  replied that dossier is not containing sufficient proof and with this ball was in India’s court and we all know that like KARGIL- we never played our balls correctly. Once again – we proved ‘ under pressure’ and certainly….people of mumbai had been taken on a big ride because whole media and all men in white were pumping common mumbaikers…Courage to handle pressure…mumbai moves on….mumbai fights back…and all these slogans are now fading out…and truth is somewhat bitter…perhaps this is why NO one wants to face it.

Friends keep your all fingers crossed- with raising prices, India talking, Al Qaeda threats to China, and above all Maoists killings in India…we are surely marching towards a better future. It does not matter who leads us.

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Budget of India -Common man depressed but who cares !

So smart and so smartly Congress twisted arms of common man-  same category which was lured by reducing  prices and reduced petrol / diesel charges…..and then congress managed to come back. But here was the game – petrol and diesel are up again and so is everything which concerns common man of India.

Vegetables and fruits are short – and what is available in market has been made so expensive that lower middle class can not think of  buying  any. They wait for Sun to go down and only then comes to the market hoping that rates will go down in late evening.

Budget was so hopeless for common man of India that sensex dips 880 points. I do not think that Manmohan Sigh had used all his callibre and mind while gicing some tips to his men. I think this is pure oppertunisn and every part is master to be one.

On the other hand whole nation saw LALU and MAMTA fihting over figures and then reports came that MAMTA will check all appointments in Railways….to make sure that there is no favouritism done. We all know DIDI that you will check LALU appointments and then you also will do the same thing…and then someone else will come…and he/she will continue this ritual of region based politics….and this play will go on. Yes- you will succeed in getting votes.

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How can we extract money from common man

This should be a lesson in politics becouse this is what is happening in India. This is shear actif shameless, character less  politics and nothing more than that.

Congress party reduced PETROL and DIESEL RATES before elections. We all had feel good feeling and things were begnning to look bright because with such rates- besides recession, life was tollerable for middle class BUT…now elections had happened and a impotant and week party is sitting on benches of opposition…and this was jerk which everyone was afriad of.

Not only 1/2..full 4 INR has been put in increase in PTEROL and DIESEL and with this, every little consumable thing has gone double. Vegetables and fruits are small issues, everything which uses transport is now double. And this whole jerk is give to middle class because THEY pay tax ‘ on source’ .

Middle class- which trusted Manmohan Singh…who does not breath without will and aproval of ‘madam’ and is always in service of Gandhi parivar. Who always feel that RAHUL BABA should be PM and if not…atleast cabinet birth should be accepetable to him.

What can we expect from these people- India is doomed and I am pessimistic that tomorrow we will be having reason to smile.

NOTE:  Tomorrow is BUDGET DAY for India.

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Homosexuality, religion and politics.

Is there any religion which allows homosexuality ? Ido not think there is one. Then what is use of discussing this issue with religious bodies ? We all know what they will say and they are saying same thing. Sometimes, this BYTE culture of media goes too far that reality looks foggy.

No doubt this can be named as historic in a country like INDIA where SEX was and still is a big taboo. We have more crime and problems related to sex as compared to west. And main factor is being hypocrite. We do drama and pretend that homosexuality , same gender sex is not present in our societies. And truth is that it was and it is present in bigger ration than we know or imagine.

I think choice of sex is personal issue of a individual and state has/ should have nothing to do with it. ironicaly, same should be with religion also-but that is another story, because this is where you can DIVIDE AND RULE IN INDIA.

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Power show by men in white- acceptable trend in India.

Congress MP from Nagarkurnool in Andhra Pradesh M Jagannath on Tuesday found himself in a spot after he allegedly slapped a bank manager in Mahabubnagar district, following which the bank union threatened to step up its protests.

Jagannath allegedly slapped Ravinder Reddy, manager of a local branch of Andhra Pradesh Grameen Vikas Bank, for not releasing the loan amount to SC/ST beneficiaries for the last six months at Uppununtala in the district, official sources said.

The MP alleged that the manager gave an improper reply when he called him up during a meeting of the mandal officials and public representatives to find out the reasons for not distributing the loans to the SC/ST beneficiaries.
Dissatisfied over the manager’s reply, Jagannath headed to the bank from the mandal committee meeting and in the argument that followed, Jagannath allegedly slapped Reddy. Footage aired by a news channel showed the ruling party lawmaker slapping the bank manager more than once.

RECENT : Mrs. Sonia Gandhi had ordered an inquiry but dear readers- maximum output of this inquiry will be a warning to all MP’s and they should not feel themselves above law. Dear readers- please do not expect any actof character from these men in white because there is acute shortage of this substance in WHITE COLOR.

Shame and character are not found in Indian politics anymore and I am sure if bank union could do something- we can see some action but again….Delhi do not want to let anything happen to it’s vote bank because minister in uestion comes from SC/ST catagory.

I am sure we all remember- how trains are being run in Bihar when Sh. Lalu yadav was railway minister- his brother in law slaps many times, many times forced train to stop where it was not sceduled. Many times we came to know about high headedness of these ministers who had taken pledge to ‘serve’ us…that they forced a plane to re-route or land or even wait for them. All these things were acceptable to govt. in delhi and that was CONGRESS.

How can we expect that any so called action will be taken on any Union minister who tried to influence a HC Judge. So and so this issue was CJI was forced to say that politicians should leave judiciary alone.

I think Smt. Sonia Gandhi will not like to talk about these things…these may ruin her day.

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India role in Afghanistan- A Propaganda ?

I do not know whay Indians and Pakistanis do not see that their own countrymen, in shape of politicians are selling them out. Swiss banks are full of those cuts and bribes. I do not know why a propaganda is required but this is true that propaganda is right being done, was done and I am sure will be done. India too is not clean and clear with it’s  LOVE FOR USA. Nuclear treaty was favored in such a way and the manner in which it was done, puts everyone by surprise and I am sure we will never know how and why congress got support [ SP Support ] in parliament for this.

For every big FART happening in DELHI- Pakistan is named within 2-3 hrs and same is story of Pakistan. I think these are deliberate attempts to confuse people and let them not think on main issues.

Main issue is common man- not tnay damn nuclear arsenal. Main issue is poverty, education which no politician want to talk about. Main issue is hunger, water, energy which is not on any agends because there may be less money…but yes we want to buy guns and arms…because there is big money in it.

India and Pakistan had faught wars and had enjoyed lot of experiemnets….I do not see that lesson has been learnt. I do not want to accuse anyone or defend anyone here…but what I am saying is….where this whole puppet show will take us. USA is paying PAK to fight ‘his’ war of terror. USA can not fight in Afghanistan because it has not that courage to stand against Afghan…no one has perhaps. Moreover- USA cannot handle bodybags…but life of a PAK and IND soldier is cheaper than US army man.

I read that INDIA is doing something in AFGHANISTAN- I always wanted to know one thing. If India is fighting a proxy war with PAK there- and as you said that Mosad and Raw, CIA is active there….what PAKISTAN army is doing ?

What journlist are doing ? Why not PAKISTAN raise this issue in UN or blast this issue in international media ?

This is same way of INVISIBLE HAND India used to say while Punjab was burning. ISI or Pak army may be behind that…but India could never make a strong representation in UN or in international media about it. Why ?

In Last- it is still better that both either sort things or fight it out….it is better option than being a puppet in hands of  B. Obama.

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India Don’t care- Two more attacked and injured in Australia.

Two Australian teenagers in Central Sydney reportedly attacked two Indians late on Saturday night.

The attack took place on Bathurst Street.

A television channel report said that police were called in at 4 a.m. on Sunday. They were told that the two Australian teenagers struck the two Indian friends on their heads with glass beer bottles.

The Indians, both aged 20, were taken to a Sydney Hospital where they were treated for bruising and minor lacerations, before being discharged.

The police have arrested the two Australian youngsters after a short foot pursuit. The accused, a 16-year-old and a 17-year-old were both charged with two counts of assault causing bodily harm in company of others at Sydney’s City Central Police Station.

A number of items have been seized for forensic examination. Police also spoke with a number of witnesses.

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Dareblue Technologies, A Indo-Canada joint venture

A new venture in Software technology between Canada and India. They are soon collaborating with small and big companies in BC for providing best and latest in IT Solutions.

We deliver enterprise software solutions to automate and optimize complex business processes. With number of successful implementations and experience with Oracle and Non-Oracle applications, middleware and hardware, Dareblue Technologies is able to deliver complete solutions that bring real business value and accelerate enterprise business strategy.

We also provide services for Website Design and Development, maintenance and support. Our dedicated team of designers and experts in website building, have been developing Out of the Box Websites for enhancing client’s presence online, along with social media management services.

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Dareblue Technologies -Software company in Canada and India.

Dareblue Technologies -Software company in Canada and India.

Dareblue Technologies – Software solutions for small and large business. Social media management, brand development and support using ADF, Oracle, Java.

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Cmalhotra Technologies- A software company with difference.

Dear Readers,

This very post of mine is dedicated to everyone like me, who dream about setting up a new business and be creative in their own way. People like me want to be free, meeting self-created deadlines, flexible in work culture and want to enjoy work rather than treating it as a Duty!

It is rightly said by Most Inspirational Entrepreneur of all times, Steve Jobs:

The only way to do great work is to love what you do…

I know many people who have high dreams but fail to fulfill them, due to lack in vision and concepts of promoting themselves. In this article, I will discuss how developing a clean and simple website can actually help a small business reach concerned customers.

Developing a website which solves our purpose of hitting enough customers, is not as simple as we think it would be. Whether it is Graphics, Text, Scripts or Meta Tags, everything has to be in proportion to each other, containing proper keywords and information to hit major Search Engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing and many more. This is the most important factor for a small business to accomplish, as its the only factor that develops a Strong Online Presence for Small Business. And therefore, best practices for developing a successful website involve coding to be done in Pure HTML and CSS languages, with minimal use of JQuery and Flash (only to be used in exceptional cases).

Presence on web is effective and important as it explains about business, vision and working of the company. Website also explains what one can not explain in one personal meeting. Website informs about what you do, how you do and what you are planning to do in future and what you have done so far….this is big platform for confidence building for your new client. Website also increase your area of exposure- not only you are seen, known and acknowledged in your surrounding or state..you have international presence and can interact with client and people from your business …all over the planet.

It should be noted that websites developed in Flash and JQuery with stunning animations and graphics, lack impact on Search Engines and such designing options are preferred and affordable for established brands only. Brands and Organizations like Nokia, Samsung, Chevrolet, Honda, and many more established brands do not need customers to know them. But small business based companies have to build a brand for them, attract customers, be present in Top Search Results and this is where use of Flash and JQuery is reduced and CSS and HTML Coding comes into picture.

Thus a Simple Website if developed using basic HTML and CSS, with clean design, easy structure and user-friendly access to all information, is the Best way to maintain a strong Online Presence. If you are thinking this is the only solution to make your company successful, then I have further more points to add.

Besides creating a strong online presence, it is also very important to maintain Quality of Service, Regular Follow Ups with Clients, and providing exact solutions to client what they demand for. For that proper understanding of client and his expectations and working in democratic and transparent manner to satisfy him is most important factor of starting a business. This not only creates a strong impression on Client, but also adds to the reputation of your business.

And it is very important that your client speaks for you! Mouth Publicity, References play a very important role in creating a strong image in Market.

To summarize, for a successful business start-up, Strong Web Presence and excellence in service quality is required, and for achieving same, a wonderful website with appropriate data, graphics, eye catching presentation is necessary.

SOURCE: http://cmalhotra.com/ceo-speaks/role-of-websites-small-business/

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Himadventures – Adventure and outdoor company in India

Himadventures , through it’s website had made an deep impact in adventure and outdoor operations in Indian Himalayas and Western Ghats of India. Coming from a group of mountaineering instructors from Western Himalayas- they started operations a decade back and slowly slowly gain popularity in high altitude treks and mountaineering expeditions. Their operations was not limited to traditional trails- they explored further with Japanese for snowleopard trails in upper reaches of Kinnaur. 
People from NASA and other prestigious institutions from all over the world choose them to trek and climb with. They boast of no-accident decade of operations and also took active part in rescue in Leh and Uttaranchal cloud bursts.  In these rescue operations- they not only worked hard to take out their clients- they also helped others to come to safety.Today, British schools and colleges are most comfortable in dealing and trusting them with young lives and http://www.himadventures.net is now a name for trust worthy operations in high altitudes of himalayas of India.


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Detroit is broke – Indian cities are close.

There is an article in Times of India : http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/india/Detroit-is-broke-Indian-cities-limping-too/articleshow/21263801.cms

Which can be seen as warning signal for India but politicians seems to be sleeping or knowingly pushing time, buying time with short term remedies so that they could steer clear from 2014 elections.

Here are some comments from the article:

“State government assistance keeps the Jaipur Municipal Corporation afloat. Most of our earnings go in paying our 8,000-strong staff,” Nita Khaitan, chairperson, JMC finance committee, says. Municipal bodies across UP are limping.

The picture is as bleak in Kochi. The civic body depends on property, advertisement, entertainment and professional taxes and grants from the central and state governments. It expects to generate Rs 877.97 crore in 2013-14 against an estimated expense of Rs 849.86 crore. “The corporation is cash-strapped and depends on the state to execute big infrastructure projects. Bulk of its income goes in paying salaries and pensions,” Mayor Tony Chammany said. Worsening matters is the civic body’s inability to collect property tax dues and user charges. Citizens stubbornly resist paying and the state’s powerlessness is inexplicable.

The Kolkata Municipal Corporation (KMC) is no better. Efforts are on to boost revenues through improved property tax collection. The KMC’s total budget is Rs 3,500 crore. Of this, Rs 1,900 crore comes from government grants. It generates Rs 1,600 crore. The total expenditure is Rs 3,400 crore. That leaves very little for development work.

In Goa, the Panaji Corporation too is passing through difficult times. It depends on the government for staff salaries and other expenses. Revenue generation is shoddy.

Where we are heading is total collapse of the system. Lets see if Govt wake up from deep sleep.

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