USA V/S Muslims = India ?

Do we have any confusion about how US treats muslims or we are trying to convince ourselves that when we read or speak USA- this means democracy at it’s best ?

I am sure it is not so and we all have a gut feeling that US could not find AL-Qaeda in Afghanistan and there were no WEAPONS OF MASS DESTCRUTION in Iraq ei.ther. If these two facts are correct then what US ARMY is doing in both these countries ?

Naturally agends was something else and they are doing something else than what US taxpayer and general public of this planet is being told. Why US is giving money to Pakistan- is not my worry but the way US has treated Indians in past few weeks certainly worries me. I remember TRAVEL ADVISORIES on US websites and there used to be mention of various places of India…like PUNJAB, JAMMU/KASHMISR etc. besides North Eastern states. I could not find enough reason to convince me that we are underdogs [ Atleast this is what is understood by body language of Sh.Manmohan Singh ji ] because we Indians are being treated by some countries like people infected with some dedly virus.

I want special mention to be made here about frisking incident of Ex. President and he is a muslim and now Shah Rukh Khan was frisked and detained for 2 hrs in US.  I could not gather up the scene why they will do so ? Is this due to Khan name ? Seems to me that this is normal routine for them to humilate and let Indians knows what exactly we matter to them.

US has placed INDIA on a watchlist on ground best known to Obama but what India is doing is not shocking because what else we can expect from a pride less, selfrespect less guys sitting in Parliament .

Why not we ban US travel and we have solid ground of SWINE FLU. Why not ???

Why not Mr. Krishna advocated Indian students in Australia ? THeir money should be paid back if they are not safe there. But as usual our pride is under our legs like a street dog….and we are looking for some master who could feed our injured and shattered pride.

Lookout-Watchout !!

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3 comments on “USA V/S Muslims = India ?
  1. Jass says:

    You can not even dream to do so. Just take care of China- who is breathing on your necks.

  2. hindblogger says:

    Thanks everyone,

    I think I was clear like many others who are of the view that now IRAN is going to face USA.

    How Muslim nations will reach should be the core question for CIA now ?

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