India Pakistan- Wait is over, we are talking.

At last what whole world was waiting for- that day has come. India and Pakistan are talking again- as wished by US president B. Obama…and we all know that Mumbai terror attacks is now will be fading slowly slowly.

Concerned Indians might be knowing that now focus has shifted to some other debate and no one is talking about those DOSSIERS of information and so called prrofs INDIA had supplied. Pakistan in a single statementĀ  replied that dossier is not containing sufficient proof and with this ball was in India’s court and we all know that like KARGIL- we never played our balls correctly. Once again – we proved ‘ under pressure’ and certainly….people of mumbai had been taken on a big ride because whole media and all men in white were pumping common mumbaikers…Courage to handle pressure…mumbai moves on….mumbai fights back…and all these slogans are now fading out…and truth is somewhat bitter…perhaps this is why NO one wants to face it.

Friends keep your all fingers crossed- with raising prices, India talking, Al Qaeda threats to China, and above all Maoists killings in India…we are surely marching towards a better future. It does not matter who leads us.

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2 comments on “India Pakistan- Wait is over, we are talking.
  1. hindblogger says:

    Barack Obama might be the happiest man in Washington today because India is twisted, turned and had been brought to table …by Pakistan and now whole world can see that how US policies are working .

    We all can see that we are talking with Pakistan who we alleged had waged a proxy war and thousands of Indians had died in various blasts and shootings and riots.

    We all can see that Mumbai attack was never on priority and we never wanted Pakistan to do anything…shocked ?
    Yes- I think I have reason to say because Pakistan always mocked like big bully and we were always scripting dialogues. We are still saying….doing nothing.

    We are talking, we are traveling, we are trading and very soon we will be playing too.

    Long live the govts. and long live the King Obama….and we still feel that there is democracy and all this is happening is for us, by us.

  2. Lalita S says:

    Long lost love- Pakistan and India are behaving like that only. Both govts. are either making fool of common people or they are too much under pressure from USA.

    I am sure someday some courage will come to Manmohan Singh…after all he is SINGH.

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