News from India – My Views on them

Detained Jammu and Kashmir cricketers released for lack of evidence

Now this is little filmy. There is one argument that player along with the bag has crossed three airport securities- why he was not marked there ? This clearance from airports suggests two things only. Either airport security and detection system is not up-to-the-date OR this whole drama is due to being Kashmiris because what ever detectors was n Bangalore, this detection should be done at airports.

Police arrest Hizbul man with hawala money
 What is so special about it ? Terrorist always worked like this only. But what shocks me is that there was a BURKA CLAD person who escaped. How come he/she escaped and police impounded this man. Or there is more to it than we know. Police usually do this that they never declared arrest of such person- they torture and later on show encounter. This is famous modus-operandi and we all knew about it. I do not think there is anything new is hawala money being used in terrorism…it is always like this everywhere.
Too early to send more US troops to Afghanistan: Kerry
Afghanistan has become another Vietnam for USA. I do not think there is any use and intelligence in making US soldiers  sacrified goats. On other hand there seems to be some secret understanding obtained by Obama with Quereshi about how aid will be delivered because PAK govt. and army has rejected the K.L bill but still it was passed and now situation is funny where help will be forced while sufferer declined it. US troops can not do anything against a mindset- Afghans are too proud and stubborn is not that easy and see, US drones have failed in making any positive impact and whole hi-tech war hardware has resulted only body bags…nothing else.
Two killed in Goa blast, Hindu group blamed
Again, media using worlds like ISLAMIS TERROR and HINDU TERROR. I do not think that terror has name- this is further dissecting people in name of religion and now in name of terror. This is not a small group is SNATAN SANSTHA which has done this- I am sure police knows more than we know. This is small group but their timing and plans have shown better inteligence which police is not telling us. This is hi time for GOA- billion of dollar tourism and right at that time when hotel and resorts starts booking- such news and terror is to make a dent in Goa popularity. People behind this act knew very well- how well they can damage the business and how well they can terrorise certain community. Challenege is how it is being tackled – I think VOTE POLITICS will be played on here and nothing concrete is expected.
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3 comments on “News from India – My Views on them
  1. john says:

    Peace to you. India was created by england. The name india is like sri lanka, i mean ah, ceylon. When people of all class understand that if i hit your toe with a hammer it will hurt. We all bleed the same color blood regardless of our beliefs. When you accept mans word as truth then you are in trouble. Man only leads man into bondage. That bondage is seen in the caste system, for who is the one saying “UNCLEAN” Close your mouth I don’ hear God saying “UNCLEAN”. Man and his words that temp you, that oppress you, that bind (LAW) you, accuse you? Man must look man in his eye and say, I LOVE YOU!!!!!! you want to kill me? fine but I, AM NOT WORKING FOR YOUR DESIRES!!!!!!!!!!!!
    The lies that christians, jews, and muslims say about each other is shameful. Help each other, stop striving for possession that are nothing but cosmic dust. Love all people, and help all people and teach people the Love of GOD, whoever your God may be, for there is only one God, but many deities.
    Peace be with you friend.

    • hindblogger says:

      Thanks for being here. I am of the view that democracy has failed ad infact we are having imperialism in India and Pakistan. I do not know who is running USA and UK because the way two Govts. are handling international situation, it seems to me that both had underestimated many factors and this may boomrang on them…

  2. hindblogger says:

    Well said but if we look back- it was always manipulations we can see. British did the same in their colonies, Be it Asia, Africa and US did this with Natives.

    Explitation is still going on, although with different style, and you can see this in Tibett, Iraq, Afghanistan, Bosnia, Sudan and many other places. This is clear loot and spice in this loot is RELIGION and TERROR.

    Where is impact of religion on this earth- man has killed another man in name of God , Holier than Thou..and this is still going on.

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