Shameless politics or we are cornered by USA ?

USA was never friend of INDIA and this all begans after 1947 and in later years when Kashmir isues starts. Wars happen between India and Pakistan and it is not history how 7th fleet was used as threat to India. It was then USSR came to our rescue and somehow a big business of war was averted. But US has always disliked India and trated India and Indians with bias mind. I do not know why and how we had become so important that atleast once a month someone from USA is running to Delhi. Either there is more to the story which we common people of India do not know OR some truth could be there in bossism of USA which always managed to twist arms of India and succeded in supporting Pakistan openly.

Whole world knows that ISI run Khalistan movement had done enough damage of Punjab for 10 years that it still could not rise from that phase. That foreign hand which Indira Gandhi and Rajiv Gandhi used to say was well known to everyone but we failed to project to whole world that it is PAKISTAN which is behind the whole bloodshed.

How miserable was our campaign that all so called claims and proofs were rejected by PAK as false lies and self created tools.

Strange that situation is still the same – only difference is that first time India seems to be defensive and little on wrong foot about its role in Bloachistan. If this is true than all I have to say is..that this was not our character although there was not other way to reply to PAK than in it’s own language.

But so called Diplomacy has failed and it seems that India is treated little hard by USA and this is why Manmohan Singh looks so tired and sad on TV footage.

USA was never our friend and general public of India [Strange that same sentiments are from PAK too] do not like US and it’s BUSHY policies. USA is playing a PAID WAR services and it seems USA is trapped in it’s own shell. Besides having one of the best technology [They boast about it] it could not capture or even tough any Al Qaeda, leave alone OSAMA. Now OSAMA and OBAMA game has come to strange stage as USA has some other worries from economical front too…

What do China, India, Brazil, Russia, France and Germany have in common? These countries most often can’t agree on anything. But they are united in one strange — and ominous — way. They blame the United States for wrecking the global economy. And they think the dollar is the wrecking ball.

This paid war…which Americans always said that WAR IS BUSINESS FOR USA….seems to be on loosing end…remember …NO ONE COULD RULE AFGHANS !

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