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India, Bharat- Proudly Corrupt

India’s public officials and politicians continue to be perceived as “highly corrupt” by global experts and business surveys, says the latest Corruption Perception Index (CPI) released by the Transparency International. With “Integrity Score” of 3.4, the CPI 2009 has ranked

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Budget of India -Common man depressed but who cares !

So smart and so smartly Congress twisted arms of common man-  same category which was lured by reducing  prices and reduced petrol / diesel charges…..and then congress managed to come back. But here was the game – petrol and diesel

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Australian attacks- Another dimension of Indian students.

There is growing outcry in media and now we are listening a different dimensions of this issue. This was clear from beginning that whole episode is STUDENT ORIENTED and these attacks are not for general/ normal Indian living there. Now-

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