Message from Indian PM – Get ready to be killed

Well, slowly slowly we are getting that dose of fear and insecurity and what puzzles me is what is destination of all this.

MUMBAI TERROR ATTACK DRAMA: A unprofessional and unsuccessfull exercise like Kargil where once again, we tried perhaps some new war game/ enounter tectis and failed miserably. We digested too much casualities of young blood in Kargil and in Mumbai attack also- we suffered from every point of view.  In another view- this was a big hit from those who planned well and executed it well- damaging maximum not only the pride of India but also exposes India infront of whole world- how kiddish reactions we can make. I do not know why media forgot that one of the channel beamed live telecast of talking with terrorist in Nariman House. How come – a channel reaches there and manages to talk but Indian forces could not do anything and in last we saw blood of captives….

This is also very strange and may be due to this fact that we the public have very less memory and we suffer from dimentia…because so easily we forget that one of the biggest scoop had been left out of media …that was a planned armed revolt / uprising by a religious cult. Yes- I am talking about role and plans of Malegaon blasts and people behind it. We still do not know and I am sure we will never came to know who else were in this from army side. Only a single person can not train and provide infrastrcture to such a huge team. But we do not hear much about Sadhavi and her gang. That was much more than India could have digested but strange….mumbai attack happens and whole heat about this uprising has been lost.

In same way- India and Pakistan had been romancing since 26/11 [ May be Big Daddy dictating on phones ] because there were thousands of claims, demands, dossiers and statements but not s single step has been taken so far. Lof of shit has ben said and lot of crap had been in media- so and so that it does not matter to anyone in India now…if any Saeed got hanged or not. I do not know- even if some Saeed is hanged…is this enough for India…is this is justice India wants ? or this is whole eye wash and what political parties are claiming BIG DIPLOMATIC win- in fact is a cruel joke….as Pakistan manages to twist arms of BIG PAPA and gets billion dollar aids.

Coming back to Mumbai attacks- India was not serious from day one and so was not Pakistan.  And I am sure USA was in touch with both and thus forced both to start talks…which were never out. Yes- when your trade is going on, your transportation is going on…what else is required ? Even PM’s and Secretaries are meeting and Indian PM is stressing that we HAVE TO talk because this is ONLY way to handle Pakistan !!!

I am sure we Indians are not that much fool and if still picture is not clear then there is something wrong with me- may be I am obsessed with this whole drama !!

INDIA-CHINA- PAKISTAN:- Coming back to subject of this write-up…first we hear that China is preparing for a attack on India. Be it Arunachal Issue or anything. Since a month- lot of footage had been aired about fantastic railways CHINA had built upto Lahasa and noe even National Geographic had shown how CHINESE had done this great feat. My hats off to them…not only money- they have that character to do such a challenging job and they did it without any casuality- which could be rated as a world record.

Well- one Indian defense analyst had said that by 2012- China will attack India. Fine- but what Nay chief declared was something amusing….that India is no match for China and we are at receiving end if war happens. This means- we are AT MERCY of Chinese and all they need is a day to attack and we will be seeing India getting dissected in samw way as we see in 1947.  I think if we see India from sky….half of it is already burning..KASHMIR, BIHAR, JHARKHAND,BIHAR,NORTH EAST…and what else is remained is at mercy of private armies and some religious groups who acts as moral police…likes of Bajrang Dals and Raj Thackerys.

What forces me to write above subject was yesterdays declaration of Indian PM- S. Manmohan Singh Ji that India is going to be under attacks from terrorists again.  For your information..headline from

PM warns of fresh attacks by Pak militants

Terming cross-border terrorism a ‘most pervasive threat’, Prime Minister said that there was ‘credible information’ that terrorist groups in Pak were planning to carry out fresh attacks on India.

Friends…get ready to be killed or we should asssue that we should get ready to see our nears and dears to be killed in balsts, firings and hold ups. Because if we see this statement word by word…here are my conclusions.

1. PM knows better than Home Minster as he never said these lines. Naturally PM is having some great inputs.

2. PM knows that Pakistan is doing all that…and Pakistan will do again.

3. Terrorists groups in Pakistan are capable enough to do it again and again.

CONCLUSION:All we had been watching and listening is CRAP- India was never serious and is still not serious because it does not matter if few get killed. It only gives men-in-white a reason to have fun with media…cameras and some to negotiate in crores fof arms etc. etc.

2. We are spineless- have no self respect and certainly have no balls…

3. We are underdogs and Obama plays with us more cruelly than Bush plaid with us.

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