American Policies for Asia- Picking up colors.

Now we see USA bowing down and we see this is clear daylight. How US was bowing down in Japan and how China forces dictates. As soon as this happens-world saw some dramatic changes. Whole Indian media is full of Headley-Rana and ISI links and CIA/FBI exposes, Italey arrested two PAK nationals, Arrests in Pakistan.

For a common man like me- this is something too much to handle. What is going on and who is fooling whom ? For a full year, India was begging for a court trial of ONE man and that too was not granted by Pakistan. Dossiers and dossiers were supplied and wars of words were on air but nothing comes out of it except timepass but all of a sudden we see lot of being done and said and this time we see USA coming in focus with agencies like FBI/CIA and as I typed these lines, CIA chief is in India and I am sure they are not talking what media is telling us.

Americans have now openly supported China and had accepted Tibet being part of China. And I am sure very soon we will see China breathing on our necks in Kashmir too. Because slowly slowly voice is coming out and Congress is downplaying it so far. What we are heading into ? A disintegrated Pakistan ? May be..may be because CIA always was intersted in PAKISTAN and infact ALL MILITARY REGIMES WERE BACKED BY US. This is strange that US used to declare…We will not talk with military regime when under the table it was it’s own creation. And later they supported by military and by dollars. [ There are always ways of it- Humanitarian support ! ]

Pakistan has seen so much bloodshed and blasts that schools and colleges are hiring private security personal in Pakistan. But I do not think that this can help anyone, in anyway. You can never win from a man who has come to destroy himself, who has risen above the fear of death. America is providing PAK- military aid and India is paying billions for those aircrafts for which Sh. M M Singh is going to request. This is difference of two nations. One is getting free and other is paying taxpayers money for pleasing BIG BOSS.

Coming time is going to be hard for everyone in Asia. China wants to handle Pakistan and USA too.Who will win ? I do not think USA will be able to make it anymore-because they are under debt of 3 trillion USD and China can sweep away their last breath anytime. This is called economic power.

I am not sure India is in anyway going to be any world power- atleast Congress can not do so. Because once again it is dissecting this nation in small parts, fueling regional parties and dividing them and ruling oer them with ease. With BJP almost a dead body…Congress is enjoying glorious days.

[ Support to MNS and now Maharastra CM asks for more posts for locals- we are once again watching shameless but true face of Indian policitics ]

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