Bhopal Gas, Goa Minister, Pawar IPL – Great Indian Drama , Comman man on big ride.

This is dramatic and very theatrical to me.  On one side we all hear that bla bla President said THIS about India and THAT about India but what we are in real ? What is real India ??

Foolish laws and proudly corrupt nation where million of tons of food is made to rot but is not given to those who are hungry. Where home delivery of PIZZA is guaranteed but POLICE do not reach when required. Where corruption is a acceptable action in society and in some places important , commercial posts are made to sell.

IPL ISSUE : Whole nation knows what Powar has been doing and how cunningly and infront of whole nation he choose to go offline by saying that he is having some issue with his buccal cavity. This was clever move to stay away from press and from giving answers to many questions…Powar knew slowly slowly people will forget as they forget 26/11 and many other  blasts. People always had short memories and this is what politicians knew..and this is why all of a sudden we see IPL issue being cooled off.

BHOPAL GAS TRAGEDY: Value of life of a common man comes to USD 500. Now we all know that whole drama was directed by PM and CM but Congress is in Delhi- it can not do much and will not do much except time borrowing technicks. We all know what Delhi was always underdog of US and still they are and will remain so. And this is not only with Congress- BJP is also like this. When they were in power- they also did not do much although every knows all these things even two decades back. When it comes to life of a Indian- US laws are changed and guess what could have happened to W. Anderson if this would have happened in USA ?

Media is trying to make it a big bomb which it will not because fingers are pointed at congress and their national Hero Sh. Rajiv Gabdhi…how can we expect that common man will find justice. Justice and law is not for common man…and proof is 26 years and still DELHI SIKHS RIOTS case is not taken to it’s logical conclusion. We all know famous line of Sh. Rajiv Gandhi on this issue and we all know who were present at time of crime…will they got arrested or prosecuted ?

They will never, and in same manner BHOPAL GAS TRAGEDY will also go down in history of India as under the table, exposed Delhi sale. Had not been media- we would have never known what happened behind the curtains. Justice Ahmadi has done great service to the nation…that he is made Chairman of same hospital which was erected for treatment of victims but…now it functions as super speciality hospital where gas victims are not priority anymore, naturally.

Goa Minister: Very looks of him on TV is negative personality and now he is absconding to avoid arrest. Drama is ON..lets see what happens. I am sure nothing will happen to this guy and he will manage to get bail and then will keep shifting from court to court and one day…we will forget what happens to some poor girl .

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