India role in Afghanistan- A Propaganda ?

I do not know whay Indians and Pakistanis do not see that their own countrymen, in shape of politicians are selling them out. Swiss banks are full of those cuts and bribes. I do not know why a propaganda is required but this is true that propaganda is right being done, was done and I am sure will be done. India too is not clean and clear with it’s  LOVE FOR USA. Nuclear treaty was favored in such a way and the manner in which it was done, puts everyone by surprise and I am sure we will never know how and why congress got support [ SP Support ] in parliament for this.

For every big FART happening in DELHI- Pakistan is named within 2-3 hrs and same is story of Pakistan. I think these are deliberate attempts to confuse people and let them not think on main issues.

Main issue is common man- not tnay damn nuclear arsenal. Main issue is poverty, education which no politician want to talk about. Main issue is hunger, water, energy which is not on any agends because there may be less money…but yes we want to buy guns and arms…because there is big money in it.

India and Pakistan had faught wars and had enjoyed lot of experiemnets….I do not see that lesson has been learnt. I do not want to accuse anyone or defend anyone here…but what I am saying is….where this whole puppet show will take us. USA is paying PAK to fight ‘his’ war of terror. USA can not fight in Afghanistan because it has not that courage to stand against Afghan…no one has perhaps. Moreover- USA cannot handle bodybags…but life of a PAK and IND soldier is cheaper than US army man.

I read that INDIA is doing something in AFGHANISTAN- I always wanted to know one thing. If India is fighting a proxy war with PAK there- and as you said that Mosad and Raw, CIA is active there….what PAKISTAN army is doing ?

What journlist are doing ? Why not PAKISTAN raise this issue in UN or blast this issue in international media ?

This is same way of INVISIBLE HAND India used to say while Punjab was burning. ISI or Pak army may be behind that…but India could never make a strong representation in UN or in international media about it. Why ?

In Last- it is still better that both either sort things or fight it out….it is better option than being a puppet in hands of  B. Obama.

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One comment on “India role in Afghanistan- A Propaganda ?
  1. hindblogger says:

    This is a open secret that USA has another plans, other truth for attacks on IRAQ and AFGHANISTAN.
    There is no Al- Qaeda and they could not do anything yet to control, if it existed.

    Laden was a CIA man until the day of 9/11 and we do not know if this was some planned inside job or what.

    Taliban is entirely something else and has no connection with international terrorism as USA claims. This is just a pretext to sensationalize a issue and then solve it in a way that it suits your vested interests.

    Taliban is a way of life- any many Muslims likes to live that way. Now- if some country or community wants to live in their own style, ways….what is problem of USA ?

    If USA thinks that there is more human rights violation in Talibani regime then such violations still happens and exists in world’s top civilized nations like USA himself and UK, Australia etc. etc

    And recent news is that Israel is guiding USA that this is right time to go for IRAN. This is planned vasectomy of Muslim nations because they control PETROL, DRUGS and of course borders with important nations !!

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