US Plan for Asia – India with China, Script of war seems to be ready.

At least this is what image is coming little bit on canvas. China is ultimate threat to US because american economy can be put down as it is on mercy of country like China.  Business of WAR is not going good as PETROL LOOT has not given much milage rather body bags are coming home. Talibans were not that much threat for US but Pakistan manage to create havoc and thus comes billion dollar support and this support is coming from tax payers money.

Here- India was too cooko-cooko with US as almost every month someone from Americal Taj Mahal [ White House ] was coming to India and handing over letters and messages….something is fishy fishy. Now it seems to me that whole exercise was wooing India to stand against CHINA ! [ ? ]

I do not know- what could be promises made and what could be under the table talks and negotiations but Indian army has moved closer to border and PM of India had asked army to be ‘ Prepared’. Now this word has very strong meaning and this is why I am munching these lines. No nation head speaks these words unless he has something in mind. And I am sure we are going to have some fun- which will be for years to continue…very soon.

Only this will solve pains and pangs of USA and as we know that they are great businessmen of WAR- this is yet to be known what is at stake. I think we are heading towards third world war….and this time it is going to be very very HOT.

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12 comments on “US Plan for Asia – India with China, Script of war seems to be ready.
  1. I believe you have something here. Indeed would have to agree-something is “fishy fishy”.

  2. hindblogger says:

    Thanks Karrol !

    But this is agony that so called modernism and civilized society has not changed much for common man.

    Common man was always been taken on a ride by the ruler I do not see ‘democracy’ as a correct format if we study how these democracies operate in USA and INDIA.

    I do feel that there is more to these issues that general public knows or is told. There is always high drama whenever we talk about India and Pakistan. If you see- now US is all talking about PAK modifying missiles and has too much nuclear arsenal. What could be purpose of this message ?
    On one hand USA is giving so called AID to PAK…was always providing since decades…and CIA always knew what is being done by that aid…and now USA is crying foul…foul ?

    Or stage is set for some arm deals to India ? Whatever but India seems to be acting like a pawn…and as usual PAK is in better shape.

  3. hindblogger says:

    India has very few options- being a country of defenders, it is hard for India to view China as we pretends to view Pakistan. Pakistan treats India like a joker treats can we expect India to stand against China. Ground reality is somewhat different than what media is able to show us. Manmohan SIngh Ji might be in touch with bog boss Obama but it is not going to solve the issue.

    India can not do much against China- our all army chiefs had not felt any shame to accept that we are no match for China OR this whole exercise is being done in interest os USA to purchase billion dollar of arms which Obama wants to sell.[ He needs money very badly ]

  4. Miri says:

    Pakistan never created a havoc about Taliban it was the Am-Brit media which created it after 9/11. The Taliban are ONLY Afghan Taliban the ones in Pakistan are ‘fake’. The Afghan Taliban head ‘Mullah Omar’ has openly denounced the fake Taliban in Pakistan and has said we cannot kill innocent people. The real Taliban don’t attack other countries, they only want foreign forces out of Afghanistan.

    Check this video as well –

    Pakistan loses 12 billion dollars annually due to the war on terror, the aid US is giving is nowhere comparable to the loses Pakistan has faced!

    75% of the NATO supply go through Pakistan and Pakistan has the right to take money for that. Even Turkey has taken 34 Billion dollars for supplying weapons through it’s country. Every country takes money.

    Regarding the Missile modification the Pakistan Navy head has said that those missiles have been checked and the US had a misconception about them which has been cleared.

    I do agree we seem to be heading towards WW3! God help us!

  5. hindblogger says:

    Are you sue that

    75% of the NATO supply go through Pakistan and Pakistan has the right to take money for that. Even Turkey has taken 34 Billion dollars for supplying weapons through it’s country. Every country takes money.

    I think this is a cover which Govt. is telling us. For any supply- they do not need a route like this. Your statement goes against what Ge. Mush says about assisting USA from PAK soil.

    Moroever- I do not think that Pak army is that much week that it will take so much time to handle a group of Taliban with limited hardware.

    I mean to say something somewhere is not correct. If Pak is fighting a war against Taliban then army is too much for them…too much.

    • Miri says:

      I didn’t hear this from the government, I read it by a Pakistani/American journalist. Even Kazakhstan takes money.

      Pakistani army has cleared most of the area, and the weapons found in there possession is even more advanced than what Pakistani army has. A single cordless phone found in there possession is worth thousands of US dollars, there is no way they could be having so much without the help of foreign forces! The TTP commanders captured have acknowledged that India and Afghanistan helped them to train, this is was later confirmed by Rehman Malik while talking to a foreign newspaper. I wonder why aren’t they bringing this up during international forums.

      Look at the US they have the most advanced weapons in the world but they haven’t even been able to capture a single ‘Afghan Taliban’ commander for the past 8 years. Afghan Taliban have no advanced weapons and still Afghanistan is known to be graveyard of empires!

      The Americans came to Afghanistan so that they can even keep an eye on China, Russia and in Pakistan they have already started proxy war. Pakistan told the US not to enter into Afghanistan they will contact the Afghan Taliban and they will hand over Al Qaeda leaders but the US refused. Even recently Pakistan said that they can bring the Afghan Taliban to table with the US for negotiations but once again it is being ignored by the US as well as the Am-Brit media!

      • hindblogger says:

        I found myself agreeing to you Miri but there is something which I want to state. Although I salute your patiotism but PAK is not as clean as you think.

        Role in Kashmir and Punjab is still in our minds and this is not a positive role. I think I agree that INDIA has something to do with Balauchistan and Afghanistan and ironically, this is the way of proxy war which Islamabad chooses to do since 1948.
        What you think about it ?
        Do you think when Lahore was given back by India – Indira Gandhi should have claimed POK ?

  6. monitoringasia says:

    My Previous Comment was Discarded :S WTH ?

    • hindblogger says:

      I could not find any comment- seems there was some error while posting. Please send again- and I will see to it.
      Thanks for being here..



  7. hindblogger says:

    To Continue..

    USA forgot to read history of Afghanistan and by the time it came to know that once again, this is going to be is pushing PAK in front to reduce bodybags..and I think this is a paid expedition. Otherwise- if PAK has to hande Taliban issue- I think army is capable to handle it within few hrs…or say couple of days max.

    • Miri says:


      I agree with you even Pakistan is involved in India but it was done ‘after’ the 1971 break up of Pakistan, which the foreign news has even acknowledged that India played a role in it. In fact even Rahul Gandhi said his family has always been in the forefront including ‘break up of Pakistan.’

      Both RAW and ISI are doing the exact same thing. If RAW says ISI recruited Dawood Ibrahim, than even ISI says RAW has recruited Brahmadagh Bughti. Nobody is a saint here!

      Pakistan is supporting the Afghan Taliban because the involvement of India/US has increased a lot in Afghanistan, Pakistan has to protect it’s interests as well. The Afghan Taliban have never done anything in Pakistan so why should we go around killing them?
      Read this –

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