India- Selling women on stamp papers.

Once again famous democracy of my country seems to be under prosecution. We all should feel proud that we beongs to such a great nation where right under nose of Delhi and in full view, knowledge and acceptance of all…women are being sold on court papers [ Known as stamp paper in India ].

This story is beamed on tube by TV-media and this region is BUNDELKHAND of Uttar Pradesh. I do not want to curse any political party , either of state or in center but what shocks me is how mean human character could be.  Words are not enough to express how you feel that kids, girls and woman are being sold in your country. Why ?

Because this region of UP is under drought since 5 years and there is no agriculture possible. And I remember our Ex- President [ Who was frisked by US airline in Delhi ] who was first and last man in India to suggest that we should interlink rivers and bring water to needed areas. But if I am not wrong- congress opposed this and such was result of this life saving suggestion.

I do not know how many hearts will feel ashamed and I do not know how many NGO’s will be busy in calculations…money they are going to make from this apathy. Because no one has come forward so far…no one in India has expressed pain to see this…

And this is why I say- we should feel proud to be an Indian. living in world’s great democracy which allow sale and purchase of their human beings, because after casting their votes…they are free to die or to be sold out.

ANy yes- we are third world power, nuclear power, great IT country and bla bla bla………….

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One comment on “India- Selling women on stamp papers.
  1. Jass says:

    This is strange and very insulting. Although we know that women are burnt alive in India but we never knew that women are being sold openly and that too on govt. papers.

    I do not want to come to India any more. This is insulting and a nation which do not care it’s nationals, is doomed to be destroyed later or sooner.

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