Homosexuality, religion and politics.

Is there any religion which allows homosexuality ? Ido not think there is one. Then what is use of discussing this issue with religious bodies ? We all know what they will say and they are saying same thing. Sometimes, this BYTE culture of media goes too far that reality looks foggy.

No doubt this can be named as historic in a country like INDIA where SEX was and still is a big taboo. We have more crime and problems related to sex as compared to west. And main factor is being hypocrite. We do drama and pretend that homosexuality , same gender sex is not present in our societies. And truth is that it was and it is present in bigger ration than we know or imagine.

I think choice of sex is personal issue of a individual and state has/ should have nothing to do with it. ironicaly, same should be with religion also-but that is another story, because this is where you can DIVIDE AND RULE IN INDIA.

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5 comments on “Homosexuality, religion and politics.
  1. Jazz.D says:

    I agree with you that homsexuality is not a question to religious leaders and representatives because all religions are sensitive to this issue. I think this was an attempt to sensalize and TRP issue for media.

    With passage of time- things have changed in the way we human lives and there is no objection and should not be one to let people live as they want to live.

  2. hindblogger says:

    This is how media operates in our country. Exploitation and sensation is what journalism has reduced too but again..there are some channels who can boast of respect..although not that much TRP.

    NDTV for example.

  3. Jass says:

    This is not only in India, even in US and UK…this is vote bank issue.

  4. Dr.A.K.Tewari says:

    Sex and self control goes side by side to understand the sense of liberty in sex related issues . Ati servatt varjte …..

  5. Dr.A.K.Tewari says:

    The most primitive living organism Virus and Bactiria propagate through sexual reproduction. It clearly suggest that wild sexual insticnts are well imbibed in our DNA .When we could not eleminate the comparatively less imbibed and adsorbed instincnts then how one can say that their society is devoid of such sexual behavior .Better think about those wild behaviors which are a threat to our existence such as greed ,and breed .Christians are wildly greedy and Muslims are breeding like Insect and both are far away from non violence .Muslims are more affected with animal instinct than any other race of Homosepians present of the earth . I am passng the above remarks withought any hesitation due to the fact that I can explain these findings on the basis of life science ,my beloved field of specialization

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