About Myself

Oh Yes- I feel pain and it goes big, louder in my head, in my chest and this blogging is just a treatment to take out and share my anguish, my heat, my pain, my anger with all of you who cares for not only INDIA but also for those who suffers due to whims  or say like  10% commission charge policies of some so called nation heads.

I do not want to disclose my identity because then my views will be seen in light of my nationality, religion, region and caste. I want to be read and known as an INDIAN only.

4 comments on “About Myself
  1. priyanka joshi says:

    ipl scame shame on sharad pawar ,sharukh khan

  2. K.Singh says:

    Thats true but see what govt. is doing- shamelessly covering up and sitting silent and watching the dirt game. Manmohan Singh can not come out from MADAM syndrome and I am sure we will see IPL issue being colled off as we see many others like…26/11 , Pragya Singh and Colonel attempt to topple Indian political system.

  3. Pushpinder.S says:

    Punjabi r suffering from floods and badals are counting money which they will demand from center and half of it will land in their pockets.
    but people have started protesting and this is good sign…

  4. Raj says:

    I have observed that you are more concerned about 13% Muslims of India. You can concentrate on the problems faced by 80% Hindus.

    Muslims were given Pakistan with area of percentage of land of united India more than their population percentage in United India.

    So this implies that:
    1) The land of Muslims who are in India has been already given to Pakistan.
    2) So either they should go and take their share of land from Pakistan or else fight Pakistan and get that land back to India.
    3) Till then they are just refugees who need to be transported to their share of land.

    Now, it is not required to think about the status of Muslims in India as they are just temporary refugees waiting to go to their share of land.

    This is not hate of Muslims but a rationality of their right of their share of land which has been given to Pakistan.

    How much Muslims needed Pakistan can be understood by their Killing 1500000 Hindus to get Pakistan.

    It is like when a property is divided between brothers than their respective families should stay in the property of their share instead of invading other brothers share.

    You can start a topic on this as most of the Hindus in India are not aware of this.

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