Muslims in India after 1947

I always had observed that after 1947, Muslims in India had been treated like second citizens. Be it any field of life, behavior towards them is always under the normal. Classic example can be seen in North India. Many short dialects had been invented to describe ‘ A Muslim’ but no one objects, no one shows strength to say that this is not acceptable.

What makes the situation more murky is Muslim leadership , just like BJP which shows and feels that it is representing all hindus of this country, muslims hets carried away by speeches, whims and likes of religious leaders. And get carried away with criminal and fundamantilist forces ruling the roost- Uttar Pradesh can be seen for this.

Why Muslims are always treated like second citizens ?

Why a muslim has to prove his sincereity and dedication ?

Because some people clapped when pakistan wins a match ?

So many genocides of a community and no one cry foul in India ? [ And those who cried foul, took advantage of the situation and played petty politics over it ]

Today, muslims are seen in very less percentage in police.

Army is having most reduced numbers of muslims.

I think this is all planned and well maintained behavior by a state which is known as DEMOCRATIC REPUBLIC OF INDIA.


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7 comments on “Muslims in India after 1947
  1. E.U Beg says:

    I feel great full that you think this way- there are few who thinks about Muslims in India. And those who do, no doubt are doing politics over them.

    There had been constant and deliberate attempt to separate muslims and I do not know what positive outcome will come. Muslims in India enjoy better freedom right here in India as compared to anywhere else in world but they do feel suffocated as they have to prove their dedication and sincerity. No other community is being treated like this but muslims do feel like second citizens in India.

  2. hindblogger says:

    Thanks but a drama which is called DEMOCRACY is being run for the benifit of few.
    I do not think that average man of USA, PAKISTAN and INDIA is getting benifit of DEMOCRACY.

    DEMOCRACY has failed and infact is a tool in hands of few to manipulate the rest.

    Muslims are not being treated at par with others in India and what makes me worry is that there is no concrete leadership of muslims in India- I think Delhi managed to crush them as they did with Sikhs. Don’t you see Sikhs supporting CONGRESS which proudly did BLUESTAR.

    Sikhs supporting same people who burned them alive in 1984 in full public view.

  3. D. Dada says:

    I agree with you- India is not treating Muslims farely and we see less muslims being recruited in state and central posts.
    Army is one such area where muslims are found in very less percentage.
    Why so ? Only M. Singh ji can tell or madam can say .

  4. sandeep says:

    dear friends,
    its not about sikhs supporting congress or muslims treated as second citizens.i will first start with sikh thing. it was not whole hindu community ,which programmed 1984 pogrom .they were politicians..and politicians dont have any religion ,caste or creed .it was a politically motivated event .that what is the problem with us(Indians ..not Hindu ,muslims or sikhs) we never try to understand root cause of problem and every tom-dick and harry start jumping over his/her judgment and start spreading his/her own thoughts without giving a thought that how other readers will perceive it. we should feel proud of diversity of country where a a christen lady requested a Sikh man to seat on most powerful chair of country. i know our country have lots off issues but do you ever think what is a problem? we are problem of this country …we citizens of india ..we, who are always ready to ask what this land gave and never give a thought what we did for this country …and i sure the Mr who gave comments about blue-star would have even know the situation and reason of that event..please be accountable to your country ,to your soul..before writing anything which could hurt some one or spread a wrong thought ask your self do i know what i am writing …

    next Muslims :
    do you think this guys are second citizens of our country :
    Abdul Kalam · Qurratulain Hyder · M. J. Akbar · Irfan Habib · Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi · Azim Premji · Zakir Hussain · Syed Shahnawaz Hussain · Sania Mirza · Aamir Khan · Shabana Azmi · Shahrukh Khan · Saif Ali Khan · Salman Khan · Zakir Naik

    Composition Hindus Muslims
    % population 2001 80.5 13.4
    10-Yr Growth % 20.3 36.0
    Sex ratio* (avg. 933) 931 936
    Literacy rate (avg. 64.8) 65.1 59.1
    Work Participation Rate 40.4 31.3
    Rural sex ratio[104] 944 953
    Urban sex ratio[104] 894 907
    Child sex ratio (0–6 yrs) 925 950
    AFTER Looking at these figure can you say that muslims are treated as second citizens .

    Are Muslims disadvantaged to the same degree across India?

    No. Muslims in southern and western India tend to be better off than in the north. Historically, wealthier Muslims lived in western and southern states, while many of their counterparts in the north left for Pakistan during the 1947 partition of India. Also, Muslims in rural areas are less poor than in urban areas, where their poverty rate of 38 percent is higher than any other population’s, including low-caste Hindus. Although no Muslim caste system exists, three groups of Indian Muslims—ashraf, ajlaf, and arzal—essentially function as such. The ashrafs are upper-class Muslims thought to be of Arab ancestry, while the ajlafs tend to be considered Hindus who converted to Islam to escape India’s caste system. A third group, the arzals, correlates to the lowest caste of Hindus.

    its upto one group or society to grow ahead of others..for example in hindus : marwari guys are most opulent then others same time SC/ST hindus are poorest ..1950 gov of india gave reservation to SC/ST’s …marwaris and SC/ST guys start together after independence and now after 60 years Sc/St are still there but look at marwaris (most of them) are way ahead so can we conclude that SC/ST ‘s are treated as second citizens in country no instead of that gov provide them reservation ..and same is the case with muslims just look at the total muslim population..lower caste muslims have problems and reason of their problems and SC/St problem is same..they are so much hopeless that they dont wish to come out of their miseries.

    thank you .

  5. hindblogger says:

    You start with something else and elds up in confusion. If you want to express your views about SIKHS- please go ahead and say what you want to say. I specially invite you to express what you have to say on OPEN and DAREDEVIL display of mass killings on 1984 and nothing happened in name of justice after more than 25 years ?

    MUSLIMS – please go ahead and let us all know that Muslims are treated equally in India.

    Being biased does not help in any discussion because as you said —THEY DO NOT WANT TO COME OUT OF THEIR MISERIES…..may not be true and factual.

  6. Raj says:

    Muslims took Pakistan after killing 150000 Hindus then why they all did not migrate to Pakistan?
    What about the status of Hindus in Pakistan?
    Their population has reduced to 1%, always living in fear of being attacked, raped, looted in the hands of Muslims.

    Do no believe muslims as it is written in Koran that Muslims should lie with non muslims!

    These are liars!

    They will talk about Gujarat riots but will not talk about how they raped, butchered & burnt Hindu women at Godhra Train!

    Will Hindus of Pakistan can even dream of doing Godhra there! And you say Muslims are marginalised. Godhra itself proves that how much Charbi Muslims of India have!

    And not only Godhra there are many incidents in India which prove this. Even the Government reports prove that all riots are started by Muslims.

    Even Gujarat riot was started by muslims by doing Godhra!

  7. The Mindset says:

    it’s tha Hindus who are treated like second class citizens

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