Canadian Timber in India- Real Picture, Real Strory

January 2010 has seen some great developments in North India when Canadian delegation landed up in Chandigarh for discussing opening of depots in Chandigarh of world famous timber from Canada.

Canada is world’s largest timber exporter and their high grade quality of Douglas Fir, Hemlock , Cedar and Maple is exported to Middle East, Japan and Britain. Although utility grades are cheaper than already wood starving Indian market- Chandigarh was a good attempt to explore world class wood.

Seems- personal interest of Manpreet Badal- an educated and modern mind politician could not help state of Punjab for having any fruitful outcome and it looks major issues are assurance of supply. Largest portion of timber is being taken away by China and it is easy for them to beat the rate as compare of chances of India which will suffer due to red tape, taxes and shipment rates.

Another factor which is effecting India is how to handle PHYTO issues. Canadians do not mind sending their produce in open ships- but how India kills those bacteria before shipment reaches Indian coasts is something which will create havoc in Delhi. China had created an island for this issue and it handles it out of Chinese territory.

Gill Timbers [ ] is largest importer of Douglas Fir and Hemlock from Canada and North America and according to Ivon Gill- India do have a huge market but there is no support from state of center govt.

According to Gill Timbers- they manage to sustain timber quality so far as they import only 3 grades out of nine available in Canadian timber world. Utility Grade is good for manufacturers which comes close to 700-750 INR / CFT but higher grades are expensive and only affordable by farmhouses, villas and five star construction.

According to Ivon Gill- Gill Timbers is having it’s website, hosting images for architects and educated class of end users to see magnificent use of Canadian timber. Doors, windows, frames, light furniture applications,  flooring, panels, kitchen cabinets.

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11 comments on “Canadian Timber in India- Real Picture, Real Strory
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  2. Sangita Saini says:

    Indian govt. should step up and support import of timber- because this will ease out stress on our jungles.

    I have heard a lot about Gill timbers and have used their both products. Being an architect- I know this is still cheap in India but what I like about them is having affordable quality for all segments.
    We usually use high grade timber but they also have mediocre range which is affordable by all.
    I am happy that atleast someone is having quality Canadian Timber in Punjab, otherwise we see lot of russian pine being sold in name of douglas fir.

  3. Satnam Singh says:

    I have used Douglas Fir and Hemlock and found this wood very good in grain and capacity to hold nail. But I have faced criticism from carpenters who do not know how to handle wood.
    They create lot of fuss on small checks which is common feature of wood and even happens in exotic woods.

  4. Ajmer Singh says:

    Punjabis are famous for frauds too- I have seen DOUGALS FIR was made by treating with RED OXIDE and some other solutions and people claim that they have bring this wood from Canada.
    In real- CANADIAN WOOD is not as cheap as some people claim.

    Now DOUGLAS FIR in Punjab has become popular and people are cheating by selling RUSSIAN species from KANDLA PORT.

    THere is no rule about this and there is huge diff. in price between DOUGLAS FIR from Canada and RUSSIA.

  5. Porus Chahal says:

    Thats true- Douglas Fir has become popular and now Kandla is worried about million of dollars it has invested in Miranti wood.

    Wholesellers in Punjab are cashing IN – and trying hard to cheat people. I too have heard that there are plants in Kandla and Delhi where wood is being treated to give color of dougls fur.

    • chaman malhotra says:

      I am a builder from Dehradun- after Kandla, which is mixing wood- I selected gill timbers who were having good supply in india. Guys are good- rates were good and I was dealing with educated and very honest souls. Happy to meet them !

  6. S. Ansari says:

    We are traders and wanted to work with Gill Timbers as they have very good reputation in international business.
    We have been provided very good grade of Douglas Fir and Hemlock logs which our clients liked very much…good business and now we are ordering Oak. They are good…and we wish them best.

  7. Ahasan says:

    This is true that wood business in North is controlled by Kandla people. But no one can beat canadian woods- we are into negitiations with gill timbers for regular supply of not only douglas fir from coastal areas of canada but also interested to buy a sample container of oak and walnut.
    We like the way they do business and we r sure that their methodology will be benchmark in india – how to do business with transparency. intersted people may have a look at their website and new forum

  8. Angrej Singh says:

    There is no doubt that gill timbers are pioneer to introduce canadian lumber in india but what i am watching in punjab is that many nri’s are claiming to be owners of sawmills and they are duping people of lakhs. most important thing in this business is fraud…people in rajpura and gandhidham are selling cheap russian woods in name of canadian….

  9. Kulbhushan Thakare says:

    I went to see their new outlet in Sangamner and was happy to see a transparent business attitude of the lady there.

    It was shocking to see someone being so honest and dedicated to their family name. I went to buy teak but end up buying planks of 1.5 x 11.25 which we used in making doors and benches. I wish I could show what we got …..looking forward to showcase my find to fellow architects.

  10. Ratan Lal says:

    No one do transparent business in canadian and american woods as gill timbers do. We are going to have their franchise in maharashtra. they have setup a new business page where one can see latest offer

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