The Great Time Pass Theory of USA-IND-PAK

We all know that INDIA-PAK-USA have played and still playing time pass gasmes. India ar first place wanted H.Sayyed-PAK even did not listen to it rather mocked at India. Then India started saying that PAK should prosecute H.Sayyed…and all of a sudden we came to know about Headley. Now 6 months have passed in headley which we all know is not going anywhere. I do not know when we all will realize that there islot of difference in value of life of a US citizen and we Indians. Can’t we see how B. Obama was yelling on high notes when it comes to compensation by BP…and they are silent on BHOPAL GAS TRAGEDY…. Ultimately Congress will shell out some crores to settle down the issue and we will never know who played what behind the curtains.

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