Game Obama plays.

Indian role in Afghanistan and Pakistan is important. Whole world knows now but Afghans love India. You find i thard to trust- just take a walk in Kabul. You will see Indian songs and movies around. India is now worrying Pakistan in same way Pakistan makes India worried in Punjab and Kashmir.

This is TIT FOR TAT. And India and Pakistan will carry on their proxy wars unless they do not solve it either on table or in gound of war. Offically they are not talking but under the table…they are in romance. Trade is ON, traffic is on and officials are meeting, politicians are meeting..only to declare what they were already saying. Then why they meet and what they discuss ? I think even CIA do not know this.

US citizens are being carried away- US could not find weapons in IRAQ, USA could not find al-qaeda in Afghansitan which did 9/11, and now Obama is fightig with TALIBAN…I say what is this whole stage show ?

Either people are dumb, like people of India and PAkistan or they are being fooled. Nobel to Obama was one of the greatest joke which could happen in these times…I think even Obama knows that that…it is too much for him to handle. He do not deserve nobel and he declared it.

Right now- when I am typing, USA is happy with GOOD TALIBAN and I am sure guys, there is going to be tough times ahead. USA has to take back his forces because if it increases troops- more body bags will go back and then people will start asking questions.
DRONE did not help much…Pakistan is not helping, India is under cover…who is in OPEN by the way. US soldier who is fighting with latest technology but still being blown up.

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10 comments on “Game Obama plays.
  1. Pragti chadda says:

    There is nothing new in Obama plans- he is little cooler than bush who was popular for his aggression. This is different that his aggression had created a living hel for america now.

    America is going to be busted in Afghanistan- he already had and this is why his drones are failing. I agree with hindblogger views that silence of Pakistan army is suspense and I am sure very soon we will see something on the battlefield.

    You beleive it or not- Pakistan is too much defensive and trapped in this love triangle.

  2. Miri says:

    Even in Pakistan Indian songs/movies are being played that doesn’t mean Pakistan would not mind India occupying them or majority of Pakistanis LOVE Indians. It’s not like that we hate you guys but we don’t even love you, it’s neutral. But when the ministers give crappy statement we do HATE THEM! =S

    The stuff in Punjab happened because of the Indian government faults not Pakistan, and it was Indian officials that were behind the Sikh massacre.

  3. hindblogger says:

    No country can tollerate the occupation- so do not compare appreciating something and occupying. No one- leave alone pakistan, even Nepal won’t like anyone occupy their territory.

    Miri- denial and ignorance is not bliss. Pakistan had an open support for Khalistan and whole world knew this…if you like battery of links- I can post here but denail is not a defense.

    1984- was done by Congress, you are right but for 10 years we do have ISI playing with sikhs and sponsoring arms and money in here.

    • Miri says:


      Khalistan movement was not started by ISI, it was started by the Sikhs only it was afterwards that ISI supported them.
      Besides it was Benazir Bhutto who told the Indian government about the Sikh’s plan and than the bloody massacre took place.

      Don’t forget what all your RAW did in East Pakistan which is now Bangladesh.

      • hindblogger says:

        Your above reply suggests that Khalistan was totally sposnsored by ISI an dPakistan Govt.
        Please read your words- Ms. Bhutto telling India…even if this is true…this is acceptance that she knew more than I. Gandhi knew.

        Although this is debatable – but ISI and Pakistan govt. started this game which is well learnt by India and now India is playing the same in Waziristan / Blouchistan region.

      • Miri says:

        They never started it, it was ‘started’ by the Sikhs in India.

        As I had said in earlier posts “India started proxy war with ‘east Pakistan’ it was than only Pakistan also started supporting elements in India.

        You can’t expect India to keep damaging Pakistan and the ISI to stay quiet and do nothing!

        Both ISI and RAW are same..nobody is a saint!

  4. Gurmukh Singh says:

    This should be seen as an attempt to improve US image. USA has established himself as global poilce which is ineffective.

    There is no doubt that all US mission have failed in public eyes. Although they mave have stolen oil from IRAQ but could not find what they claimed and I agree with you hindblogger that there is no al-qaeda and USA is fighting with aliban in Afghan land.

  5. Miri says:

    Hey something interesting I read, wanted to share!
    Afghan Taliban no longer reliant on Pakistan, US intelligence!

  6. hindblogger says:

    I am not fond of rupeenews but game is going to be more murky and bloody as what I was anticipating seems to happening with India.
    India and China may have face-off very soon. At least this is what looks by recent developments.

  7. thehindu says:

    US was smart and still trying to play OVER SMART. PAK was first love for USA and India was never friendly at all. But somehow- Delhi feels perhaps it can create a love and romance feel with US which was never going to happen and in last it comes to a tragic point where anything can happen. Something is going on which people do not know at all. Throor in China is not on a holiday and growing attempts to cooing China is just like a BLANK CHEQUE like Pakistan. Seems India is also pressurizing USA that it can not play with Delhi. So far USA has treated Delhi like a third grade country where Pakistan, as usual enjoys all love and care, of course heavy dollar bags….

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