Power show by men in white- acceptable trend in India.

Congress MP from Nagarkurnool in Andhra Pradesh M Jagannath on Tuesday found himself in a spot after he allegedly slapped a bank manager in Mahabubnagar district, following which the bank union threatened to step up its protests.

Jagannath allegedly slapped Ravinder Reddy, manager of a local branch of Andhra Pradesh Grameen Vikas Bank, for not releasing the loan amount to SC/ST beneficiaries for the last six months at Uppununtala in the district, official sources said.

The MP alleged that the manager gave an improper reply when he called him up during a meeting of the mandal officials and public representatives to find out the reasons for not distributing the loans to the SC/ST beneficiaries.
Dissatisfied over the manager’s reply, Jagannath headed to the bank from the mandal committee meeting and in the argument that followed, Jagannath allegedly slapped Reddy. Footage aired by a news channel showed the ruling party lawmaker slapping the bank manager more than once.

RECENT : Mrs. Sonia Gandhi had ordered an inquiry but dear readers- maximum output of this inquiry will be a warning to all MP’s and they should not feel themselves above law. Dear readers- please do not expect any actof character from these men in white because there is acute shortage of this substance in WHITE COLOR.

Shame and character are not found in Indian politics anymore and I am sure if bank union could do something- we can see some action but again….Delhi do not want to let anything happen to it’s vote bank because minister in uestion comes from SC/ST catagory.

I am sure we all remember- how trains are being run in Bihar when Sh. Lalu yadav was railway minister- his brother in law slaps many times, many times forced train to stop where it was not sceduled. Many times we came to know about high headedness of these ministers who had taken pledge to ‘serve’ us…that they forced a plane to re-route or land or even wait for them. All these things were acceptable to govt. in delhi and that was CONGRESS.

How can we expect that any so called action will be taken on any Union minister who tried to influence a HC Judge. So and so this issue was CJI was forced to say that politicians should leave judiciary alone.

I think Smt. Sonia Gandhi will not like to talk about these things…these may ruin her day.

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One comment on “Power show by men in white- acceptable trend in India.
  1. hindblogger says:

    Politics of APOLOGY

    Minister in questions was summoned to DELHI and there was naturally pressure and with this pressure- there is apology we are watching on TV.

    Will law approve apology in such act to common man ?
    If not then why a minister gets away rendering a apology ?

    But who in India will raise VOICE ? Perhaps Naxals !!

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