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India is not as clean as it shows

So, this is why no one takes India and Pakistan seriously.Both nations seems to be following same plan – plan of drama and keep people guessing. If not one takes Pakistan seriously- it manages to twist arms by using terror

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Instablity in India and Pakistan- who cares ?

India is fighting many wars within and I do not know what will be India doing if it had troubles at borders. More than 20 regions are infected with Maoists, threat of terror from across the border, Kashmir….is too much

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Shameless politics or we are cornered by USA ?

USA was never friend of INDIA and this all begans after 1947 and in later years when Kashmir isues starts. Wars happen between India and Pakistan and it is not history how 7th fleet was used as threat to India.

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Abdul Kalam and frisking issue – Hype about Indian Pride.

I do not know why whole nation is crying over it. Atleast if some people do not know about it then men in white certainly knows about it …this is Indian Pride and the way US and UK takes us.

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