Cry of India- Same old story.

India is crying and crying very bitter and you know who is happy- people who are in power because they can manage with ease now. Their healthiest enemy is sick, and on death bed and we do not see any life coming into it in near future…yes, we need riots and bloodshed for this.

I was talking about BJP and how poor, like kids, we saw their fight on tube. L.K Advani ji, who never had a positive aura, who was directly involved in Babri Masjid demilition, covering up Modi and God know how many other cover up we will come to know besides Kandhar IC-814 issue….this whole leades to such a situation that we now have two clear parties within BJP.

Why I do not like BJP- besides I vote for them once…was their ideoogy..and their forced claim of HINDUTAVA. These election had shown clear cut message on the wall that BJP does not represent HINDU’s at all. No sane person will like their kids to grow in India where BJP has it’s moral policing and sick mentalities . Our kids- whatever religion or faith we are coming from…needs to grow in present not in ashram centuries.

I do not know why they do not BAN all alcohol factories, cigarette factories, why they allow jeans and skirts to be used in atleast states they rule ?

This is sheer hypocricy and people of India had shown them their worth. Having said all this- I am not sure about congress plans they are free to do what they want to do. We still do not know how Amar Singh & Co. voted for them…money ? or something else ? What ?

Now- please do not try to think that Amar Singh has some change of heart and he decided to vote and support for Sonia- who even did not invite him to a dinner. Besides everything above…India is struggling with various issues and yes…China is close besides Pakistan making mockery of us. I do not think we are a brave creed- we were always defenders and seems to me that we will remain defenders. Aggression seems to be absent from our DNA.

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