Life in North India – Present and Future

I will start from Punjab and Chandigarh- people who are frequent to these areas will agree that stress of vehicles and population surge is killing weak infrastructure which a state under debt could manage so far.

Chandigarh is no more a city which is clean and free from flies. You can see traffic problems and besides a crowded city …real estate is getting bigger and bigger. Thanks to NRI and wealthy punjabis….rates of plots ,flats and banglows are no way less than Mumbai or Bangalore.

Same scene is of Punjab- area which is called DOABA- means area between two rivers…this is richest belt of Punjab as almost every second home has someone in Europe..mainly USA,UK and CANADA….sending back home money and money to build huge houses , farm houses and banglows. Punjabis which were known to fight against unjustice- now pay heavy tolls on roads which are no way called good or better…heavy traffic, animlas on road are regular feature if you make a trip in a wealthy areas.  A 250 Kms of journey- do not surprise to pay THREE TOLL TAXES….and shocking TOLL will be when you are going to Ludhiana from Jalandhar. A good 76 INR are being charged- but I do not know for what. There are no highways…there is nothing worth paying 76 INR  for toll…but people are paying…in silenece and no one asks…for what ???

Almost 10 years back- States Agriculture University declared land of DOABA, posinous. But now mosre alrming news had reached from NASA- that state is loosing ground water with a speed which is very much abnormal. One meter/Year…and agriculture land is poisnous….what we are heading into ??

ALmost everyday- some sting operation shows, how milk and milk products are being made and sold in Punjab and other areas…but we do not see any change isn law or any steps to stop or check this practice. What we  hear is silence and silence means….???

I do not think we should be happy or relax…this is time when people whould start, to have some say..otherwise we will be too late to realize that whole generation is infected and near to extinction. Please do not worry about Badals and Amrinders…they are rich and resoureceful enough to get organic food…and even can operate by LIVE VIDEO CONFERENCING…while sitting cool on some cool holidaying destination.

This is prime time when people should feel that someone has to speak, to stop and to watch….otherwise it is going to cost us not few lives…but much more than that…

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