Pakistan terrorism games – Beyond control of ISI

As usual in such conditions when whole world is blaming a nation- you do no thave much option than go into denial mode. Problem with Pakistan is that it is in this mode since many years. USA was silent and watching, guiding PAK and using PAK for it’ s own vital interests but now tables are turned.

Same clean chits are being provided to INDIA although there is possibility of Indian involvement in Afghansitan and Blaouchistan. Same chits were with PAKISTAN when INDIA used to cry foul foul in mid eighties but US never warned PAK then…to stop active support to Khalistan movement.  If India is burning, USA and PAK were happy because Kashmir and Punjab means- you are hitting head of India and it could result in a big kill. This was why INDIRA GANDHI sent tanks in Golden Temple because her own tiger was not biting her back. It was beond her control- a simple man who used and manipulated clean chits and support os state to DIVIDE AND RULE Akalis in Punjab- founds himself in a seat where people were prostrating before him and he thought himself incarnation of GOD.

Thus comes ISI in scene and Punjab was burning. This was going on for almost a decade and situation went out of control- from the hands of people who were making bread from blood. Who suffered ? It was and is common man of the state who is watching NOIDAS and GURGAONS as hot hubs. While state govt. ministers making money and still this process is going on. ISI could not learnt from lesson…and tought it can handle TALIBANS and AFGHANS. Taking advantage of religion , forgetting that religion played important role in binding together- thus giving a focus to leadership [s] and leaderrships are famous for swinging.

Swing happens and now PAK is killing people, his own people in his own land. Sameway, India killed it’s own people in it’s own land. Everything is same only cause is different. ISI still has time, I think.  Otherwise, it may be loosing not only integrity of nation but also loosing it’s existence as a nation. I think India wants to divide PAK and thus making it dependent and OPEN for future controls. There are chances that PAK is going to bleed for a long time.

Because if we think that WAZIRISTAN issue is solved by PAK forces fighting and defeating Talibans out there, it may not be that easy in future. Because fighting and clearing is something else and holding the place, making law and order in place, enforcing law of the land is something else. How PAK do it holding key of peace or blood in future. If Pakistan failed in handling this area- this region is going to hit back. Once again, you can not change mindset of people, the way they want to live. ISI failed to see this and I am sure this is PAYBACK time.

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One comment on “Pakistan terrorism games – Beyond control of ISI
  1. Miri says:

    Pakistan is handling the Taliban which it had trained who are Mullah Omar’s men. Those don’t believe in fighting in other countries or killing innocent people anywhere.

    You missed one more point of giving clean chit to India when it was involved in east Pakistan now Bangladesh.

    The army is doing great I agree to bring law into those areas is the job of the government now and I hope we get rid of the present one asap.

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