Can we learn from China – but it needs will power.

India is suffering from on emajot factor in this hi-tech world and this is equally worrying to all, be it middle, lower middle or elite class parents. This menace is PORN on internet.

Main phobis of parents these days is how to create vigil and how to handle their kids from exposure on tube. And if you talk to any kid above 11-12 years of age…they know, they have seen and they know websites URL’s of their choice of porn detsinations. I know my words will be read by techies and they will be little smiling that why don’t we use filters and softwares but what I have gone through in society is…that everyone do not know, can not handle software issues and we can not control cyber caffes.

I wish if I could post a video clip I made when visited a cyber caffe in Chandigarh. Alsmot 95% users are youngsters and hardly any serious use of internet except chat and porn. ┬áComing back to subject of my post…why can not we learn from China.

China has banned all websites URL’s and even threatned GOOGLE to control PORN as for China is concerned …otherwise…and LO !

Google agreed and now we have porn free China- they strictly managed to keep a strict eye on even websites of Chinese origin…posting PORN LINKS. ┬áRecently they prosecuted 91 such website owners and techies…

I think India should learn something and this free freedom should have some character atleast. We can certainly control this menace..all we need is will power to do so.

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