Abdul Kalam and frisking issue – Hype about Indian Pride.

I do not know why whole nation is crying over it. Atleast if some people do not know about it then men in white certainly knows about it …this is Indian Pride and the way US and UK takes us.

We do not have any respect or value in their eyes and this is not the first time. Many bad memories are with many other ministers also- just have a discussion on it.  Be it N. Rao or G. Fernandez….everyone will b ehaving something to say about the way they were treated in USA.

Just see the attitude of airline- how nicely they stood by their grounds and I am sure  we will not see any apology and even if we do…damage has been done in style, already. We Indians do not hold any value, leave alone EX- PRESIDENT. This is same ex- president which faced so much opposition and was not allowed to have second term although we need him so badly. But when same EX gave you a political milage tool….now everyone is pretending as he is guardian of pride of India.

Ladies and Gentelmen ! I am sure you might be remembering how red carpet welcomes are provided to people visiting from USA. How Prime Minister with his full team was present when Clintons, Bushes came….do you remember any such treatment when our PM or PRESIDENT visited there ? So if they showed us our status and value..please accept it and do not show famous INDIAN HYPOCRACY.

NO ??? Why so ? This means we are UNDER DOGS ??? AT YOUR SERVICE SIR ??? 

I am sure we can see how Indian arms are twisted and how a bleak confortable ground is created to start a dialogue with Pakistan…as per USA wishes. Just be ready to see Pakistan Flag in Kashmir..I think time is coming.

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