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Sikhs on edge in Kashmir

There is no choice- Delhi is doing it’s famous drama. Sikhs have to come out or get killed. Just imagine – 2-3 mass shootings…and exodus will start. Govt. is not interested to solve anything out there…this is banana in their

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Bhopal Gas, Goa Minister, Pawar IPL – Great Indian Drama , Comman man on big ride.

This is dramatic and very theatrical to me.  On one side we all hear that bla bla President said THIS about India and THAT about India but what we are in real ? What is real India ?? Foolish laws

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News from India – My Views on them

This is small group but their timing and plans have shown better inteligence which police is not telling us. This is hi time for GOA- billion of dollar tourism and right at that time when hotel and resorts starts booking- such news and terror is to make a dent in Goa popularity. People behind this act knew very well- how well they can damage the business and how well they can terrorise certain community. Challenege is how it is being tackled – I think VOTE POLITICS will be played on here and nothing concrete is expected.

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