News In Media – My Thoughts about them.

RPF Personal throws a 12 yrs. old boy out of running train:

Where is human rights commission  ? Because this is about some poor, 12 years old and does not provide and big media coverage, no one seems to be interested in this case. And this is not first time that Railway Protection Force had done this famous act of theirs.  He was thrown out because he did not pay bribe for traveling without ticket !

Ex- Railway minister Laly P. Yadav had demanded termination of RPF personal and launch a case. What about the boy – who’s leg has been amputated ? How he is going to survive and who will take care of him ? Mamta should come forward and do something but once again- rights of a poor man are different than rights of a rich man in my country. Very soon this news is going to fade away…and so will be life of this boy…

CHINA BORDER ISSUES: India is trying to playing it down as we did with Pakistan. Whole Sayeed issue is drama and I do not know how smartly we general public had been fooled and no one seems to know about it or taking care of it. India is again and again demanding ONE PERSON and that is H.Sayeed and this ‘action’ should be taken in PAK courts. This means more time pass and friends- ONE YEAR is going to happen and I assure you India do not want PAK to do anything.  India seems to be having no such impression for US or UN that it can have any edge over PAK…this is not only strange but this will also effect things which will shape in coming years. CHINA is also coming closer – how close that India will react is known to few people in Delhi. Unless then…India is going to tolerate and let China grab more territory and coming generations will see good Chinese trade and tourism through ROHTANG PASS in Manali and from Darjeeling as China will be present next to Kalimpong

80-year-old locked up in house: Life is strange and you never know what to expect and what to face on next step. I do not know what to do and think about this lady but it feels very strange and painful that society is so emotionless.

US rings nuke alarm bells , Al-Qaida seeking nuclear secrets from Pakistan: This is called LOVE/HATE relationship. one one hand they are giving billion of dollar aid [ While their own people are changing into jobless creatures ] to people who are NOT trustworthy at all. They are committing ARMS SUPPORT knowing very well where these arms will be used. Because fighting TALIBAN is not a issue this is well known to whole world. TALIBAN is not as strong and in number as is being portrayed and US known very well…but this whole ACT is done to get money and fight a battle which US FORCES should fight but they do not want to die in battle.

Now- Gen. Mush comes into scene..and he says that YES- we had used US AID against INDIA but as soon as he says that on camera…US declares that he HAD sent a team for inspection and to see where this aid is being used. Next day- we see U TURN from Gen. ISSUE IS CLOSED and once again India is looking like a raped in full public view !

I do not think there is  any Al- Qaeda because B. Laden was CIA man untill 9/11 and all of a sudden, we came to know about a name AL-QAEDA. Had there been any organization which had such capability like 9/11…I am sure USA could be down any day. This is as simple as that.

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38 comments on “News In Media – My Thoughts about them.
  1. Miri says:

    First India said Zaki something is responsible for the Mumbai attacks and suddenly after 2 months or so they gave another dossier saying Hafiz Sayed is responsible.

    If Hafiz sayed is some Hindu hating guy he wouldn’t be taking care of poor Hindus living in Pakistan, 200 Pakistani Hindus rallied against the Pakistani government after they put up a ban on JuD.

    Pervez Musharraf has declined that he gave any statement about him using the American aid against India.

    There is no way Al Qaeda/fake taliban could overtake Pakistani nukes or could take secrets. A Pakistani scientist has openly challenged the American scientists to come and break the codes of Pak nukes, the thing is they are so highly sophisticated that even a scientist would not be able to break it, how the hell are these semi literate and completely illiterate morons going to break the code and use the nukes?! It’s all a propaganda! The truth is they cannot stand a Muslim country being a nuclear power, since Pakistan has tested the Nuclear it has been called the “Muslim bomb”, why isn’t the Indian nuclear called the “Hindu bomb” or the Israeli nuclear a “Jew bomb”??

    Lastly the country which is worried about Pak’s nuclear the US has no record of some amount of Uranium missing at three of there sites. And I wonder so not so much hue and cry when an Indian scientist was found dead, he had also been missing thrice before? Why didn’t they think probably some separatist kidnapped him and took some secret?? If it was a Pakistani scientist it would have made it on to the front page of every newspaper in the world!

  2. hindblogger says:

    You have a point where you described about Islamic Bomb…but I am not sure about described nuclear security being available in PAK. Moreover- this is non of a business of any USA to dictate terms and rules of security but Miri…USA is providing billion of dollars. For what ?

    And what is impact of past aids ? Can you tell us if common man of PAK is being taken care of ?

    From day ONE I was suspicious about not only PAK but also INDIAN moves…both are not interested to do anything about 26/11. It was a time pass game and they have solved their issues by bringing it to one YEAR ..

    Do you think there is any problems with Delhi and Islamabad ?

    If yes- then why don’ t they withdraw their high commissions and close embassies ?

    Why trade is taking place through land, sea and air ?

    Why meetings are being held and before they happen- we hear that they are going to fail…bu still they are meting. For what ??

    I am sure you are getting my point.

    • Miri says:

      I don’t think we need US aid, you are right about nothing reaching the common man but there is also another thing lot of aid that is promised never even comes, like many countries said they will give certain amount of money after the displacement of 2 million people due to war on terror, but majority of the aid promised never even came.

      There is a lot to the 26/11, many people suspect that Indian government was involved including Indians like Amaresh misra. Tehelka even reported that 45 mins before the attack after every few mins Indian police was getting report of presence of terrorists but they didn’t do anything, when Hemant Karkare and all the other policemen who were involved in investigating about ‘Hindu terrorists’ went to the site they kept calling for back up for one hour but no one came and eventually they got killed!

      Even I don’t understand why Pakistani and Indian officials are meeting, every joint statement is similar to the comments they make every other day, than why meet? =S

      Both Pakistan and India have pathetic leadership, same political parties are ruling again and again who are only interested in money and power. Both need new leadership one which refuses to bow to the west and thinks about the country first. Common man on both sides is tired of war and of being manipulated again and again by politicians.

  3. hindblogger says:


    Thanks for replying – your views are little distrurbing as if this is true then this will open a new pandora box. According to you, aid which is declared never comes to PAK- this means US politicians are eating it up or both Govt. ?

    Either way- this is somewhat dramatic. But USA was providing money to PAK since a decade and still money is coming in. If you go through PAK channels and papers- PAK stated many times [ while SWAT was active ] that it has limitied resources to handle SWAT…and this was indication for US to come to table and give some money. Some even says that whole SWAT drama and Talibans ruling through Shriyat and acceptance by Islamabad was nothing more than twsiting US arms. This twisting further goes on when PAK declares that it had given BLANK CHEQUE to China. That was nail in coffin and both PM’s with military bosses were found in Washington and within 2 days billion dollar aid was declared.

    I do not want to comment on Ge. Mush that where they spent that aid..and ow that was used but I will come to the end of your comment…
    Miri !

    I do not beleive in democracy. I always had felt that man can not live in harmony with this setup. Man understand baton and pressure only. If we keep religion out of this- then communism failed in Russia and but it shines like anything in China.

    Where democracy in India, Pak, US has failed. Same way- partial democracy like Israel where military service is compulsary had provided better results.

    I d not think that IND and PAK are having democracy- infact this is imperialsm and nothing else.

    Once again- thanks for sparing time. Your contribution to this place is always required and appreciated.

    • Miri says:

      Hindblogger recently two Pakistani army general have told an American news agency that out of the 6.6 billion dollars military aid promised only 500 million dollars reached the army, rest was diverted on other stuff. Pakistan is still waiting for $1.7 billion for which it has billed the United States under a Coalition Support Fund to reimburse allies for money spent on the war on terror.

      Many people don’t know the history of Sharia in swat. Swat has had Sharia law for like 200-300 years, afterwards the Pakistan government in the 80’s removed Sharia and bought courts in that area, the cases which otherwise used to be solved in 15-20 minutes started taking years, corrupt lawyers and people dragged the cases to make extra money. The people of swat got tired and started a peaceful movement in the 90’s for the enforcement of Sharia law. It got messy after these ‘fake’ taliban came.

      The reason why the government supported Sharia law was because many Pakistanis believed it’s an Islamic law and the government is only fighting these people because they don’t want an Islamic law in Pakistan. People turned against these fake Taliban is because even after enforcing Sharia law they kept kidnapping security forces for no apparent reason and beheading them, they destroyed girls schools, the pathans are conservative but they are very strict about education and they get there girls educated, many sent there girls to boarding schools in other cities after the fake taliban started destroying schools in swat. They kidnapped lot of young girls from houses saying there ‘mujahideen’ want to marry them, God knows what happened to those innocent girls. Large amount of liquor was also found in there hideouts. This is when people turned against them and started supporting the army in the fight against these militants.

      The international media always states that Pakistani people are against US policies and in the end state that most Pakistani are ‘conservative Muslims’ and hate US as an ally. But the truth is even youngsters who watch Hollywood movies, listen to western songs, dress up in western attire etc have turned against the US, I am 22 year old girl and have lot of friends who feel that Pakistan should declare US as an hostile state and stop selling our sovereignty for a few bucks.

      You are right in saying that man understand baton and pressure only. Even we believe that people of Pakistan need a ‘danda’. The US and British government call for democracy and free media but no media is as controlled as theirs.

  4. hindblogger says:

    Miri !

    You may be right – I can not force my views as ‘only truth ‘ as I have limited ways to understand it.
    But your lines appeals me and I pray, these words could be true.

    Something seems to be slightly off the place and that is aid- this is little under-cover thing and I am sure USA and PAK Govt. do not account money being give and spent. Anyway- there is one thing which is still hammering my mind.
    Why PAK is spending money on a terror expedition which is not HIS ? You mean to say that PAK army is struggling ?

    Yes- I know about Sharia rule there but also images and news of barbaric atmosphere out there was also a reason for whole world to get shoked.

    ———They kidnapped lot of young girls from houses saying there ‘mujahideen’ want to marry them, God knows what happened to those innocent girls.———-

    These people are not muslims or having any God/s. I do not think there is any religion on this earth which preaches this…still what happens in 1947 was a shame to humanity.

    Do something- only hope is with people like you. Otherwise, I see lot of people insulting, abusing each others. These things does not take us to anywhere- common man, be it in India or Pak, wants to live in peace. Be it if any religion or faith.

    • Miri says:

      The war on terror was imposed on us after 9/11 at that time it wasn’t our war but now it is because the TTP are killing Pakistani civilians, Pakistani security forces, bombing mosques, hospitals etc. Do you hear the tapes they send?? They say ‘We don’t know the US, we don’t know India we only know Pakistanis and we will kill them’. The army has said 15-20% fighting are not even Pakistanis.

      Pakistan army has cleared lot of area but I don’t want to ignore the reality, it will take time to take it out from the roots. For starters America has to get out of Afghanistan, until than situation in Pakistan cannot improve.

      I don’t think that unnecessary killing should have taken place during 1947, we could have done it peacefully, but let’s not ignore many people on both sides even helped each other to migrate to Pakistan or migrate to India. My mother tells me that my grandmother helped her Hindu neighbors by keeping them hidden in there house for 3 days so that when the situation calms down they could migrate to India. This happened in Sialkot.

      The people of both countries have to interact in order to understand each other better. Good to hear your views as well thankfully you didn’t resort to swearing after hearing my views. =)

  5. hindblogger says:

    9/11 was a cloud under wich Bush dis what he planned to do and PAK happens to be a tool only.
    They were shocked by bodybags and this is where PAK comes in. Remember- Gen. Mush who was US man from first day [ He was having backing os CIA ] said that he will not allow US to operate from PAK soil. And later on we came to know that under cover- everything is going on. Drone attacks are small things.

    Do no tget carried away by what is being told- these are operations which even operatives do not know the motoves. But whatever- basics remains basics Miri…and basic is PAK army is not for Taliban fight. Taliban are no match to PAK army but you have seen ?
    Gen. Kiani is silent and watching whole show- why ?
    What worse he is waiting for ? What is extreme for him ?
    What is that saturation point when he feels that , ” YEH TO ZIADA HO GAYA-AB KUCH KARNA PAREGA “,

    I salute you for being a woman- only you people can think, dream such positivity in such a horrifying tale. This is why this earth seems to be stable because you ladies are there !!!

    [ Honestly speaking- I do not want to imagine what happens to thos muslims, hindus and sikhs who were…..] Leave it for some other discussion…some day..

    Goodnight !

    • Miri says:

      Gen Musharraf is not completely innocent but as many Pakistanis say ‘he is the best of the worst’, which is why majority of the Pakistani like him till now.

      The army already has way too much stuff on there hands there are foreign foreign forces in Pakistan they have to protect the nuclear, there is already war going on in northern areas. The last thing they would want right now is to even take care of the government, but I’m sure they have something in mind! Earlier they didn’t have so much problem in doing a military coup because the situation was totally different to what it is now! But I can bet people of Pakistan will be more than happy if the army takes over!

      The army has not been quiet, when Hilary Clinton called Pakistan a threat and said way too many exaggerated stuff about Pakistan none of the politicians even opened there mouth. It was Gen Kiyani who responded, after a few day the Air Cheif Marshall even gave out tough statements! After which Hilary Clinton acknowledged that it was the US that funded the taliban in Afghanistan for destroying the Soviet union and after the job was done they left Pakistan to take care of Afghanistan. Even now Gen.Kiyani has spoken against the Kerry Lugar bill.

      The army knows what is best, I am sure there is a lot of stuff even now which we might not be aware of!

      • hindblogger says:

        I liked this and agree to it too.

        The army knows what is best, I am sure there is a lot of stuff even now which we might not be aware of!

  6. hindblogger says:

    Yes- Gen. was better than Sharifs and Zardaris. One thing which I could not understand is—-The army already has way too much stuff on there hands——–

    I do not think that there is anything that much difficult for Pak army to handle. Moroever- who are these Talibans..if they are people fighting against US invasion- then Pak army is doing great wrong. And if these Talibans are against Pak- then should not be that tough for it to handle Talibans.

    Miri- you are understanding me ? Sat. phone or some latest guns…anything ..does not make these people rate anywhere near PAK army.

    I was just reading that Kiani objected Us aid formula and I smiled and felt as he had read our posts.

    Good for Gen. Kiani atleast he made his countrymen / women proud of him.

    • Miri says:

      Like I said earlier Taliban are ‘only’ the Afghan Taliban, they don’t give a damn as to what happens in other countries, they only care about Afghanistan. ISI is with them which is necessary for Pakistan because the presence of India/Israel has increased a lot in Afghanistan, eventually the US is going to get out and we have the border with Afghanistan we have to protect our interest as well!

      The ones in Pakistan the fake ‘Taliban’ are killing Pakistanis for no apparent reason, they want Sharia, when Sharia law is imposed they still continue the bloodshed! They publicly announce that they only know ‘Pakistanis’ and they will only kill them!

      The fighting is taking long because for years nothing was done against them, they came in as Afghan refugees and joined in with Pakistani traitors. The northern area is a mountainous area, they have hideouts in mountains etc and the hideouts are so small that no one would even suspect it. The army has to clear the area inch by inch. When the area is cleared the security is not that tight at the Pak -Afghan border due to which many keep infiltrating into Pakistan.

      One or two year back when a suicide attack took place at an arms factory in which I think 80 workers died, one suicide bomber was caught running and during investigation he said that he was told there are Israelis and Indians over there but when he saw those labors he realized they were Pakistanis which is why he started running. Do you know when autopsy was done on some terrorists during the swat operation large amount of ‘mind altering’ drugs was also found in there body. They are not just brainwashed they are even given drugs!

  7. hindblogger says:

    I can understand what you said in first two lines- but when you accept that ISI is with them…here is where problem is. In first pera- you said that PAK has to see it’s interest.
    Should same rule be applied to India in Kashmir ? or anywhere in PAK territory.
    I do not think that ISI presence have solved any issue- rather it has detreorated many things.
    Mountain terrain is not isue of inch by inch clearance – army has many resources but aliban are not having hardware to fight with it.
    It is OK- that you want to defend slow speed..but my question is not about clearance, I am thinking about motives.
    I am sure you know what resources a army has against outfit like Talibans. This is why you do not see that army suffers casualities. This is US which is being roasted.
    I can trust anything- but basic remains the basics. I can trust this incident also that poor people are being exploited in name of religion and Jehad….but this is how life is. I have seen interviews of PAK nationals on TV – where they also said the samething that they were told that Indian army is doing bla bla on Kashmiris…but they find them living with ease. I think you know that Kashmiri muslim is not involved in shootouts now…they need tourism and Gulmarg is once again a HOT DESTINATIONS not only in summers but also in winters.

    So- truth is somewhat different that what is projected for proaganda. You can surf blogs and sites which are related to kashmir. And I am sure, you will see that it is not as bad as being projected.

    Just a coincidence- these drugs were also recovered from bodies of 9 terrorist killed in 26/11 and methodology was same.

    • Miri says:


      My position is RAW is no saint, why is everyone only targeting ISI, it was India that first started the proxy war in 1971 by breaking Pakistan! ISI is doing the same thing with Kashmir, but Indians act as if they are the ‘victims’ every time! Anyone who even speaks against the role of Indians in Afghanistan is mostly ignored in the Indian media.

      About the Afghan Taliban, it’s not like Pakistan has complete control over them but they do have ties with some of them, as they trained them during the Soviet invasion. If only ‘advanced weapons’ are required to win a war than the US would have had complete control over Afghanistan within 1-2 years!

      Pakistani army has suffered due to the so called war on terror, over 2000 security men have been martyred till now.

      Regarding Kashmir you cannot blame everyone fighting against the Indian army in Kashmir as being sent from Pakistan or funded by Pakistanis, there are freedom fighters as well. Trust me Pakistan does not so much money that they would fund more than half of the Kahmiris to fight Indian army, or make them shout pro Pakistani and anti Indian slogans! The fake Taliban have even said to Kashmir freedom fighters to stop fighting the Indian army or they will kill the separatist leaders!

      Do you know over 9000 women have been raped in Kashmir? This is not a Pakistani source but a Kashmir news agency report.

      Kashmir is a ‘disputed’ territory, I think both India and Pakistan should leave it, it belongs to the Kashmiri’s!

      My take is BOTH India and Pakistan should stop interfering in each others business, only than can we progress! Stop pretending that we can be best friends because we cannot, but we can try to be good distant neighbors!

  8. hindblogger says:

    RAW Is not saint miri and I do not say that either. But this does not solve the issue too. 1971 blame does not go with India , so is of 1948 but what happens afterwards had not brought anything positive. Be it surrender of more than one lakh pakistani soldiers or be it Kashmir issue.

    In your reply- you said that they do have ties, but they do not control. Just see what could be the real situation…Pakistan army is fighting with those who it has trained and whom it knows [ Of course few as you said ] This is what whole world is crying about and this is what is making USA suspicious, besides India.

    Recent development is that army has declined those conditions and now ball is with USA what shot it plays. According to the conditions- they will be not only keeping an eye but also interfering in domestic affairs, checking where money is being spent and bla bla.

    India is having more clout in Kabul and this is making Pakistan nervous. India is putting more and more money in Afghanistan and of course secret services are always activated. I see coming days not being rosy for many nations because what India is fearing is re-direction of Taliban towards India-and this is why situation seems to be favoring India at present.

    If your these lines are a fact……Pakistani army has suffered due to the so called war on terror, over 2000 security men have been martyred till now…………

    Then I will take my words back that Pakistan army is capable enough to handle Taliban. I am sorry- this is too much for a army to handle from a group/ force which has limited hardware. We are talking about pitching Pakistan army against Taliban and if they inflicted this much of damage to army- then Indian worries are not wrong.
    Yes, you are right about Pak having not enough money to fund people for kashmir but again, your figures are little over that local youths are standing against military. It is not so Miri- and today, I will skip about my comment on rape of women. This thing I want to admit here- that such violation had taken place. But your figures are too much to handle- this is propaganda figures. Truth is not so.

    India will never agree to say Kashmir is disputed territory – it is under Indian rule…will remain so unless India either looses it . This is so and I am sure this situation is clear to everyone. [ Except China- because India shelters Tibetans ]

    In your last para- you concluded very well but this dream is hard to see because faith is such a thing which can not made with negotiations on tables. I do think that no one should pretend that India and Pakistan can be friends- never. Hope they will remain as good neighbors.

    • Miri says:

      Hindblogger the ones in Pakistan as I said earlier 15-20% (Uzbek, egyptians, turks etc) are foreigners, they are all on a payroll of RAW/CIA/MOSSAD, recently caught TTP commanders have even acknowledged that and that they recieve150 000 rupees per month to fight Pakistani forces!

      Pakistan never trained these fake people, Pakistan only trained the Afghanis and they have got nothing against Pakistan, which is why Pakistan’s ISI supports them! ISI is not mad enough to help Afghan Taliban if they were involved in killing Pakistanis! Army knows the difference between the real taliban and the ones on the payroll!

      You should even know the reason as to how 2000 security men were killed, everytime army was about to clear the area, the terrorists would call for ceasefire and the government would order the army to stop the operation. This way the terrorists would regather and once again attack the army men. It is only NOW that the government has said wipe them off completely and no negotiations. Thankfully the operation is going successful up till now with the grace of Allah swt, hope we get rid of them asap Insha’Allah. Hope the US even gets out of Afghanistan asap!

      I don’t get it – why is India scared of fake Taliban in Pakistan when it is there own men??

      Regarding Kashmir, the figures I gave you were from a Kashmir news agency! The statistics are from year 1988-2009!

      India has also been involved in killing innocent Kashmiris by posing as Kashmiri freedom fighters and later blaming it on Pakistan to get attention and to make it look bad!

      In year 2000: Chattisinghpora, Occuped Kashmir – On the eve of the then US President Bill Clinton’s visit to India, 35 Kashmiri Sikhs were massacred in cold blood by Indian security forces posing as Kashmiri freedom fighters. The usual ‘Lashkar-e-Tayba militants’ were rounded up and executed in fake-encounters, the ‘Pakistani National’ was produced, ensuring Clinton’s entire visit focused on what India calls ‘Pakistan-backed terrorism’. It was only much later when the damage was done that the truth of the massacre came out, implicating Indian soldiers and intelligence agencies in this heinous crime.The Indian security forces went a step ahead in their brutality back then. Indian police opened fire on unarmed Kashmiris protesting the murders of five innocent Muslims right after the staged Sikh massacre, killing another eight innocent people and bringing the total toll of this massacre closer to fifty.

      You don’t agree with me but once again I would say Kashmir is a disputed territory. It ONLY belongs to the people of Kashmir!

      God bless!

  9. hindblogger says:

    Hmm….I found your lines little offbeat. Miri- I can understand that ..but see you are saying what ..

    1. 15-20% of foreigners in Pakistan…fighting with army ? [ Ok- lets accept they are on payroll ] but this is to much of a force which is on payroll and that too it is present on Pakistan territory. Something somehere- this is dramatic. I do not think that this is ground reality. Do not trust everything what is being told to us by media- not everything is as true as it seems.

    2. I remember those sikh killings and may be you are right about your claim- but such things are happening from both sides. Even if someone FARTS- India and Pakistan do not waste time in accusing the other. I found it little jokers act now. Even dead bodies have not reached in ambulance when some statement comes with accusation and I am sure this will go on.

    3. Good Taliban and bad taliban…for me anyone who is raising a gun is terrorist. What ISI was doing under cover- INDIA is doing openly. India supporting Afghanistan and few hrs. back I came to know that more and more role is opening up for India. Naturally- India is going to be seen at both ends of Pakistan territory.

    So ? Situation comes same as China sees it. India supports Tibet- China supports Kashmir. Now, India supports Afghanistan and if success in Balouchistan is done- I think India and Afghans will be more than happy…and besides I think USA because then USA will put all his hi-tech gadgets along with full fledged army in middle of these countries. This area will be US military base.

    Good or bad ? This is what two countries have to see and most importantly Zardaris….they are too busy in calculating money.
    Coming days will tell us- what will be impact of Pakistan refusal of US conditions and what further is being done by India on Afghanistan front.

    • Miri says:


      1.The percentage I gave you of foreigners was given by the army spokesman during the swat operation briefing! You know some people are given 3-4- Lakhs to do suicide bombing? BTW I hate our media, they never give proper news!

      2. Good/Real Taliban are freedom fighters. Before partition the people who used fight the British forces were even labeled as ‘terrorists’.

      3. India is stupid to be increasing presence in Afghanistan, coz now the Taliban will see them as ‘invaders’ as well and at a time when they have increased the attacks. You might be aware of Taliban saying Indian embassy was the target in yesterday’s Kabul blast. They are going to end up the same way they did when they joined the Soviet union during the Afghanistan war!
      Now we have even seen Gen. Stanley McChrystal stating that presence of India is Afghanistan is not good for the US. Even US Under Secretary of State William Burns said to India to Shut down Indian Consulates in Afghanistan, reduce presence in Kabul and stop sending mercenaries across the Durand Line.

      4. India instead of targeting Pakistan, should target the Naxals/ Maoists who have now spread in over 17-20 states. Even PM. MS has said that the fight against Naxals s failing. Instead of trying to break Pakistan, they should clear the mess being spread in India at an alarming rate or they might end up having another 1947!

      5. Afghan will be happy?? It is the Afghan ‘government’ that will be happy, the majority of Afghans support Pakistan. Even India is at target from two fronts, one Pakistan and one China. Within India, the northeast is already a mess!

      6. After the army has mentioned concerns over the US aid, every American has started coming on Pak channels and saying ‘It will be great for Pakistan, we will be closer, we are Pak’s friend, yada yada’ . Now some US officials have even announced they will be visiting Pakistan in coming days!

      One great news I read today, Swat is officially open for tourists! …Even though many wouldn’t come now, but atleast the area is cleared! =D

  10. hindblogger says:

    No do not hate the media- it is all about TRP’s and readerships. I am happy that SWAT is open for tourism- hope people will get some releif although I am little pessimistic. [ I am sorry ]

    I always differ with this- thee is no good or bad Taliban. Although I do agree that Taliban are Afghans but not every Taliban is Afghan these days.

    No No- No one is stupid Miri, people are caculative and they have plans …do not worry. You and me may see when there will be some attack on Indians and in this way…India will increase more power in the region and perhaps this is why Pakistan is worrying. There will be much more to it…need time to see what happens.

    Your 4th point is good and I agree but this is how international and domestic politics is all about.

    Let’s see- only time will tell how India and Afghans plays their games. China should be there- I am expecting China to move now.

    We are going to see some HOT DRAMA if there is any escalation anywhere. Everyone is on the edge and reason to get involve in arm conflict and this time if is going to be big show.

    Lugar bill is being declined because there is accountability and Pakistan politicians and army do not want to keep and let US watch them and supervise them. Ball is in court of Obama- let’s see what he do with the bill and how money for a open proxy war comes.

    • Miri says:


      I know it will take a lot of time before the people of swat can live a ‘fully’ normal life.

      By stating India is stupid I meant that ‘Dhoobti kashti ko pakarna’, whenever a force is failing in a country India joins them. We even saw that during the Soviet invasion and even now. Do you think after the US leaves, the taliban will let Indians occupy them? Right now the Afghans are ‘more’ concentrated on the US/NATO forces, but small targets have even been made on Indians, this will escalate.

      China has already stated to the US ‘End the Afghan war’. Let’s see what happens now.

      Lastly a Pakistan businessmen (non political) came on TV and said that he can get more money into Pakistan than what the US is giving so ignore the KL bill. He is even planning to buy some foreign bank.

      • hindblogger says:

        As I said earlier- I wish people of swat could come out from difficulties they had gone through and May God help them in gaining what they have lost.

      • Wajid.K says:

        America and Britain never wanted peace with India and Pakistan. This is why america used ISI for proxy war against India and this is how arms deals were secured. America supported Pakistan in every bad act of military ruler, ofoucrse under the table because in print it was saying..we do not talk with military regimes.

        But now tables are different- India is playing same role along with america in Pakistan. This is saturation point because of Taliban links are present in scientist community- reasearch works- that day is not far when Taliban will be having nuclear arsenals. This is going to happen whatever america or India do.

      • Miri says:

        @ Wajid

        The US has never helped us in ‘difficult’ times. There was a deal between the US-Pakistan that if Pakistan would be attacked US will help it but during the 1965 war the US never did that.

        Please don’t ignore your role in the breaking of Pakistan during 1971. And RAW terrorist activities are even active in all the your neighboring countries.

        Leaving aside the controversy about India’s nuclear test being a ‘dud’. I think you should know some stuff about the security of Indian nuclear program, an Indian nuclear scientist was found ‘dead’ and he had even disappeared twice before but the Indian media completely covered his death up.

        Secondly Dr A Gopalakrishnan former chairman Of India’s Atomic Energy Regulatory Board (AERB), in his report about Indian nuclear facilities made to IAEA said:
        1. Indian nuclear facilities have had 130 instances of safety related concerns including 95 that require urgent action.
        2. India is likely to face serious nuclear accident in not too distant future.
        3. The degree of automation cross checks on safety in old nuclear plants are very minimal and one can not assert at all that an accident like the one which occurred in Japan will not happen in India.
        4. It is very shameful for India to have such dangerous loose management and faulty security managements for its sensitive facilities.

  11. hindblogger says:

    You words had brought some relief and I hope that Pakistan will be raising it’s economy and people will be happy.
    As for as India is concerned- honestly speaking, I am pessimistic. I do not think that time has come when we will be having value of life and ressurection from corruption.

    Still- India manages to sail through and had created a name and reputation in IT and other fields.

    Today-Pakistan needs citizens like that business man…more and more because ifrastructure needs investments and people are waiting for it. You know and I know that this KL bill will not give anything to common man.

    • Miri says:


      Many international analysts have said that the economic crisis never touched Pakistan, the economy is ‘only’ suffering due to the security issues. Pakistan has so many natural resources with the grace of Allah swt –

      1. World’s fifth largest Gold and copper (400 million tonnes copper) reserve is in Pakistan. It’s worth over 65 billion dollar.
      2. Pakistan’s untapped coal reservoirs rank fifth largest in the world and are worked out equivalent to 400 billion barrels of oil, which exceeds the combined oil reserves of Saudi Arabia and Iran. At current prices, these deposits are estimated at over $25 trillion.Only a considerable percentage of existing coal reserves can yield 20,000 megawatts of power for 40 years and extricate the country from crushing and prolonged load-shedding in short-term, according to a study.
      3. Pakistan and Afghanistan have 30% of the world’s precious stones.
      4. Every ‘single’ day new oil and gas reserves are being discovered.
      5. Pakistan has steel, marble, sports equipment industries. The football’s used in world cup’s are imported from Sialkot Pakistan.
      6. On top of all this Pakistan has all the four seasons, which is a blessing for the agriculture sector.

      We still remain a third world country after all this due to poor leadership, *sigh* I hope we get rid of these selfish leaders asap!

      I have some doubts about India even after so many people talking about India having a strong economy, because there are sources which say 78% of India’s GDP is debt. There are even reports from World bank stating the poor in India are increasing and reports from Al Jazeera stating the gap between the rich and the poor is increasing! =S

      BTW have you heard about the book ‘Confessions of an Economic hit man’ written by John Perkins. It is about how the USA sends men to various developing countries who make the poor nations take huge amounts of loans which they are not able to repay and than use it to put political pressure on them. They basically destroy there economy, which is why they sort of rule over all nations.

      Perkins describes the role of an EHM as follows:
      Economic hit men (EHMs) are highly paid professionals who cheat countries around the globe out of trillions of dollars. They funnel money from the World Bank, the U.S agency for international development (USAID), and other foreign “aid” organizations into the coffers of huge corporations and the pockets of a few wealthy families who control the planet’s natural resources. Their tools included fraudulent financial reports, rigged elections, payoffs, extortion, sex, and murder. They play a game as old as empire, but one that has taken on new and terrifying dimensions during this time of globalization.

      The epilogue to the 2006 edition provides a rebuttal to the current move by the G8 nations to forgive Third World debt. Perkins charges that the proposed conditions for this debt forgiveness require countries to sell their health, education, electric, water and other public services to corporations. Those countries would also have to discontinue subsidies and trade restrictions that support local business, but accept the continued subsidization of certain G8 businesses by the US and other G8 countries, and the erection of trade barriers on imports that threaten G8 industries.

      • hindblogger says:

        Well- I do not know about international economist but what PAK websites and interviews we are watching throug BBC and CNN, it is not as rosy as we think. [ Samething can be said about India too…]

        But your posts shows hope- as you mentioned that after South Africs world’s Gold and other minerals are in Pakistan. Well- this was little soothing to imagine. [ Why Islamabad is not concentrating on it ? ]

        Estimate of coal and oil were impressive, Miri – why Islamabad is not doing anything ? Why they are looking at USA for money, why they are not doing anything for oil ?

        May be – both countries are having that much percentage of stones- but I do not see there is any economy boom coming due to it. Largest market is UK- and I do not see that Pakistan i selling anything.

        CONCLUSION: Figures and impressive Miri- and survey and reports, articles and news are fine. What is on ground ???

        Common- every day new reserve are being discovered ? I think you did not typed these words- seems you have copied and pasted. Just see what you are asying- had this been anywhere near truth…Miri, pakistan won;t be concentrating on otherthings- rather marketing OIL only. Biggest buyers are across the line, USA …..This is whole propaganda dear. Just little googeling and you can know the truth …if you do not …tell me I will find something for you. But your point 4 seems to be copy-paste. [ Sorry ]

        Yes- Pakistan may be having good sports industry. And I wish that it grow more..because people should have some solid backbones to feel proud that they are having good time in PAK.

        Poor Leadership is not only your problem- India is also fighting with this menace and I am sure very soon something will be happening here too. Proudly – we are among world’s top five nations who are corroupt.

        India under debt- may be. Who knows what is truth but right now- we are having good investments, sensex is going good, USD is going down and I think we are having good time. BAD TIMES are for people who are suffering due to floods. I am not concerned about GDP %- but I see India putting up more and more in infrastructures. India is going good- Yes, poor is becoming poor…this is not only in India- this is everywhere in the world. USA/UK is also having same issues…just now watch BBC…Manchester protest gets violent..because people were demonstating ..for what ? Asking for Democracy !

        You do not have to read books Miri- if your nation is going good…this is being displayed on faces of your people. It is clear from the way we live. We do not have to rely on amercian economist dear- You can ‘feel’ how your country is doing.

        Concluding- Surveys and Articles are fine…they are there to provide quotes and this is why they are done….if YOU think common man of your country is happy. Youth is not feeling jobless and is happy…what else we want. Rest is whole propaganda and it is always being done for vested interests.

  12. Wajid.K says:

    good but this is not possible because media is not only state sponsored it also requires sensationalisation. Many news and articles had been proved hoax and one such I read in these forums is sex workers in Kashmir being provided by govt. of India.

    • Miri says:


      The only thing I copy and pasted was the point about the coal. Regarding the gas and oil it was told by a Pakistan economist who is also an adviser to the Pakistan government and UK company has been given license to do more drilling. This was told so that if people are interested in investment they can do it.
      A $5 Billion oil refinery is also being built in Pakistan by an Abu Dhabi firm jointly with the Pakistan government. Pakistan has five refineries producing 11.2 million tons of oil products a year.

      The government is so corrupt it have even sold some natural resources, like the gold reserve was sold in ‘pennies’ when compared to what it’s actual worth is. This year there contract was ending but this CORRUPT government renewed the contract.

      As I said earlier the leadership is so corrupt, I dunno why don’t they think about the country. If they bring in investment and build industries it will be good for them as well as the nation.

      @ Wajid K

      The prostitute article, I don’t know if it’s true or not but just FYI the article is written by a British lady who is married to an Indian and resides in Delhi.

  13. hindblogger says:

    Miri- how can you expect something positive happening – your politicians are ready to sell not only country but every head…and Gen Kiani is silent, watching and letting it happen.

    I am sorry- can you tell me if Gen. Mush has done something on those figures you told us.

    Can you tell us how best Gen. marketed, explored and utilized those resources ?

    If not- then all these figures and false and lies. Because he was only person who was really working for his country- although in last he too bowed infront of Bush and Obama.

    • Miri says:

      I have already mentioned in earlier comments about the problem army is facing currently.

      I don’t have to lie Hindblogger, you can even search on international sites Pakistan is the 5th mineral rich country of the world.

      According to Gulf News people who invested in Pakistan after 9/11 became millionaires within 2-3-years.
      Problem started after the Lal masjid attacks in 2006.

      Now work is also in progress for setting up a (Thar) coal power plant in Sindh.

  14. hindblogger says:

    Oye Miri Ji – I agree but what is use of those stats madam….Pakistan could have gained some suppport, some lifeline, some backbone for development but no one did that.

    I mean no one- and I may be wrong Miri…this includes N. Shariffs, Mush and now Commission agents.

    No one tapped these reources- if yes, where is what money and if not – why not ???

    • Miri says:


      You asked what progress happened during the Musharraf era hence the stats!

      Musharraf is no saint, like we Pakistanis say ‘he is best of the worst’.

      Nobody tapped on the resources because that would even help the people and they are ‘brought’ into power so that they don’t do anything for the country! There Swiss bank accounts will be filled without doing anything! And even when someone did the money still went to his personal bank account.

      Do you know how much Benazir took during her first rule 4 Billion and during the second rule 5 billion, after this her government was removed! Even Nawaz sharif has billions!
      This was revealed by Benazir’s niece in a newspaper article!

      Hind even India will be having lot of resources and the GDP could be much more than what it is today, so who is tapping on those resources?? the answer is selfish Politicians!

      Politicians on both sides are corrupt!

  15. hindblogger says:

    This is what I was saying- instead of hate and involving religion in dirty politics- this is time when youth should stand up. But who and how is what remains to be seen.

  16. hindblogger says:

    Yes- no doubt miri- but what should be done ?
    It is better to raise a voice than tollerate. Because if Pakistan and India will be landing up in trouble tomorrow- that is not because of DELHI and ISLAMABAD but because people were terrified and they were divided in name of religion, caste and creed.

    • Miri says:

      I think people don’t raise there voice because they believe nothing happened during the past 6 decades what will happen now.

      You know lot of good people of various professions come on Pakistani channels and when they are asked why don’t they come into politics they reply ‘nobody would let us come forward, you need money to come into politics and we don’t have millions so we don’t waste our time.’

      I heard something really good, a Pakistani singer Shehzad roy said whenever we saw someone begging/street kids we used to say “aww poor kid, they don’t have anything etc etc” and than we go about doing our daily tasks and forget these people. He said my mother told me, “people have made feeling pity and commenting on poor people a past time, when they don’t have anything to do they sit and feel pity for them but they don’t do anything about them, If you can’t do anything about them you should not even waste your time talking about them.’ After hearing this the singer has started a charity organization that educates street kids and child labors, one program is called ‘educate yourself and get paid’, a child labor takes few hours off his job and comes to study for which he is paid the same amount he gets at his job. 1500 kids are enrolled in this program, now the singer is even upgrading government schools and improving there standards.

      The thing is people don’t mind sitting and criticizing each and everything but have issues standing up and doing something about them. What they don’t understand is God helps those who help themselves!

  17. hindblogger says:

    Goodone- I found myself agreeing to you and situation is same-to-same in India. But we do not have such steps by any individual….is this happening in Pakistan.

    If yes- you are bounded to be blessed.

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