Poor India- thought strikes would help ?

What does it matter to the state ? Congress most probably knows that next election are not easy thing to handle. There is huge corruption and dramatic things which people wont forget easily. CWG is such a case which goes in everyones mind when casting vote.

Strike or no atrike..Manmohan and Sonia duo will try it’s best to loot and please us. They know well that for good % years- they will be out of business…so loot.
Manmohan had already declared in press that SC should not intervene in policy matter. It was related to grain rot thing….what it means ? That they will make a policy where GRAIN are alowed to rot but they wont give it to poor Indians..and we all want to have such people sitting in Delhi and rule.

IS this democracy or monarchy ?
But we Indians deserve this .because we are divided in name of region, religion, castes…and this is why politicians plays such cheap games with us. They are not accountable.

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