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India, Bharat- Proudly Corrupt

India’s public officials and politicians continue to be perceived as “highly corrupt” by global experts and business surveys, says the latest Corruption Perception Index (CPI) released by the Transparency International. With “Integrity Score” of 3.4, the CPI 2009 has ranked

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News from India – My Views on them

This is small group but their timing and plans have shown better inteligence which police is not telling us. This is hi time for GOA- billion of dollar tourism and right at that time when hotel and resorts starts booking- such news and terror is to make a dent in Goa popularity. People behind this act knew very well- how well they can damage the business and how well they can terrorise certain community. Challenege is how it is being tackled – I think VOTE POLITICS will be played on here and nothing concrete is expected.

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Muslims in India after 1947


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News In Media – My Thoughts about them.

CHINA BORDER ISSUES: India is trying to playing it down as we did with Pakistan. Whole Sayeed issue is drama and I do not know how smartly we general public had been fooled and no one seems to know about it or taking care of it. India is again and again demanding ONE PERSON and that is H.Sayeed and this ‘action’ should be taken in PAK courts. This means more time pass and friends- ONE YEAR is going to happen and I assure you India do not want PAK to do anything. India seems to be having no such impression for US or UN that it can have any edge over PAK…this is not only strange but this will also effect things which will shape in coming years. CHINA is also coming closer – how close that India will react is known to few people in Delhi. Unless then…India is going to tolerate and let China grab more territory and coming generations will see good Chinese trade and tourism through ROHTANG PASS in Manali and from Darjeeling as China will be present next to Kalimpong !

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“Concrete Evidence”- Shame and Humilation of India.

I am not great analyzer of dirty creed of politicians. But I do think that politics is done on famous likes like- IF YOU WANT TO TELL A LIE- SAT IT LOUD ENOUGH-IT WILL BE BELIEVED. Politics is so shameless

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India- Selling women on stamp papers.

I do not know how many hearts will feel ashamed and I do not know how many NGO’s will be busy in calculations…money they are going to make from this apathy. Because no one has come forward so far…no one in India has expressed pain to see this…

And this is why I say- we should feel proud to be an Indian. living in world’s great democracy which allow sale and purchase of their human beings, because after casting their votes…they are free to die or to be sold out.

ANy yes- we are third world power, nuclear power, great IT country and bla bla bla………….

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Can we learn from China – but it needs will power.

I think India should learn something and this free freedom should have some character atleast. We can certainly control this menace..all we need is will power to do so.

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