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US snubs Pakistan; says no change in $7.5 billion aid bill

This was almost expected – because this was prestige issue for USA also.  And if USA has declined any amendment in this bill- it was too expected by Pakistan PM and this was why he ran to China. Now- as

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Game Obama plays.

Indian role in Afghanistan and Pakistan is important. Whole world knows now but Afghans love India. You find i thard to trust- just take a walk in Kabul. You will see Indian songs and movies around. India is now worrying

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Naxals and state

Naxals and State There had been lot of hue and cry over naxal movement and this is not new to us. What makes us shoked is how shamelessly Home minister of India demanded that activists of Human Right Violation should

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A Voice – Eighth Anniversary of the American Attack on Afghanistan.

Since then until now, eight years have passed during which the American invaders and their allies of crusaders have killed, wounded and driven from homes hundreds of thousands of Afghans including children, women and old men. This sanguinary spree of

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