USA Pollitical move- Burning of Holy Quran on Sept. 11

This is not a social issue- this is politically motivated move. Can’t we see that ?
Rev. has not nothing to do with spirituality or Jesus or his teaching. He just want to go down in history as armor shining soldier.

This is very much sure  that this move is ….. NOT REQUIRED,  NOT A LOGICAL STEP,and  is BACKED BY US GOVT. and above all should and would generate a sentiment against US and US citizens in whole world.
But what to do ? US needs just that because some people in parliaments needs a conflict and situation like this.

I am sure inside their chest every American knows that there were NO WEAPONS OF MASS DESTRUCTION in IRAQ and SADDAM was killed due to loot of petrol, control and personal issue of G. Bush !

People of America also may think that Afghanistan is , was graveyard of those who tried to occupy it. There is no Al-Qaeda out there- it is all in NY and WASHINGTON….my simple question is…

If there is Al Qaeda …they would have thrashed USA to ground by now. Because people who do not fear death are most dangerous people !

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One comment on “USA Pollitical move- Burning of Holy Quran on Sept. 11
  1. The Mindset says:

    Not a single link of proof!
    Thousands of US soldiers have died in Iraq, why
    And how many Oil companies have benefitted from this war
    At least refer WikiLeaks before writing anything

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