Virginity test in India- BJP policing.

We are so proud to be called ourselves INDIANS. Yes- we are Indians and perhaps this is our speciality that on one side we boast of a nation which can play crucial role on world forum and at the same time- we are showing our true colors to whole world.

Virginity tests of girls who were poor and were sponsored by Govt. of Shivraj Chauhan , for marriage and then comes the golden rule of the state..I am sure SHIVRAJ CHAUHAN will not run virginity test when girls from his own family will get married.

State wanted to be sure that girls on whom it is spending some money- are virgins and medical examination of the girls were done- this fact was accepted by concerned doctors also.

Next day – whole media starts beaming news of this great BJP policing and all of a sudden we see BJP going in denial mode.  What looks strange is that even there are denials that there were no medical examination conducted on girls- we do not see any reaction from Delhi…because everyone is busy with S. Manmohan Singh being welcomed in Paris !

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One comment on “Virginity test in India- BJP policing.
  1. Lalita S says:

    What can you expect from BJP or it’s sponsored groups like Ram Sena, Ravan Sena, Bajrang Dal, Shiv Sena….

    All these people are not doing anything except behaving like religious goons…I do not see where on earth this is written in holy books of any religion that you kill burn and loot in name of God.
    I am sure Virginity test will be done in BJP ministers familes too- I am waiting for that day….also for the result of those tests !!

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