Budget of India -Common man depressed but who cares !

So smart and so smartly Congress twisted arms of common man-  same category which was lured by reducing  prices and reduced petrol / diesel charges…..and then congress managed to come back. But here was the game – petrol and diesel are up again and so is everything which concerns common man of India.

Vegetables and fruits are short – and what is available in market has been made so expensive that lower middle class can not think of  buying  any. They wait for Sun to go down and only then comes to the market hoping that rates will go down in late evening.

Budget was so hopeless for common man of India that sensex dips 880 points. I do not think that Manmohan Sigh had used all his callibre and mind while gicing some tips to his men. I think this is pure oppertunisn and every part is master to be one.

On the other hand whole nation saw LALU and MAMTA fihting over figures and then reports came that MAMTA will check all appointments in Railways….to make sure that there is no favouritism done. We all know DIDI that you will check LALU appointments and then you also will do the same thing…and then someone else will come…and he/she will continue this ritual of region based politics….and this play will go on. Yes- you will succeed in getting votes.

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