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Message from Indian PM – Get ready to be killed

Friends…get ready to be killed or we should asssue that we should get ready to see our nears and dears to be killed in balsts, firings and hold ups. Because if we see this statement word by word…here are my conclusions.
1. PM knows better than Home Minster as he never said these lines. Naturally PM is having some great inputs.
2. PM knows that Pakistan is doing all that…and Pakistan will do again.
3. Terrorists groups in Pakistan are capable enough to do it again and again.

CONCLUSION:All we had been watching and listening is CRAP- India was never serious and is still not serious because it does not matter if few get killed. It only gives men-in-white a reason to have fun with media…cameras and some to negotiate in crores fof arms etc. etc.
2. We are spineless- have no self respect and certainly have no balls…
3. We are underdogs and Obama plays with us more cruelly than Bush plaid with us.

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Shameless politics or we are cornered by USA ?

USA was never friend of INDIA and this all begans after 1947 and in later years when Kashmir isues starts. Wars happen between India and Pakistan and it is not history how 7th fleet was used as threat to India.

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How can we extract money from common man

This should be a lesson in politics becouse this is what is happening in India. This is shear actif shameless, character lessĀ  politics and nothing more than that. Congress party reduced PETROL and DIESEL RATES before elections. We all had

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India – Pakistan Love Affair, We are talking again.

As suspected by whole world- famous romance of India and Pindian drakistan is going to take another turn very soon. Thanks to Uncle Sam, he has send a handwritten letter by a US envoy which has reached India yesterday and

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