Naxals and state

Naxals and State There had been lot of hue and cry over naxal movement and this is not new to us. What makes us shoked is how shamelessly Home minister of India demanded that activists of Human Right Violation should cry foul foul foul over killing of police inspector by naxals. Now- every killing, be it in any style is worth condemn. Why not monister responded when naxals were shot ? I do not see naxals acting, having policies like Khalistan. And perhaps this is why naxals make the dent because common man finds himself related to issues raised by naxals. I do not see naxals killing innocent people, tourturing tourists or abducing kids. Will Hon. H.M of India will do anything about kidnap and ransom industry in Bihar ? May be he could say something now- but I am sure Congress was not able to muetter a word – had Lalu been there supporting their party. I found that state is against common people, state is against poor people who are not fighting a idialogical fight like in 70’s decade. What I am warning to those who are undermining naxals and their voice is…the day middle class came in support of naxals- what will happen ? I think that will be the day when foundation of new India will be raised- that will be the day when whole media will cry China China, red flag red flag…but whatever be the color of flag atleast we will be having some relief from these buggers who had made politics a dirty business. I found myself totally in support of naxals and their standoff versus police. I think Hon. H.M has got the message that police is now on receiving end and he has to do something to raise moral of police. IAF Chief stated that they should not be used in internal issues as they are trained for more lethal conflicts but within 12 hrs of these words by chief….here comes the so called threat that IAF will be used against naxals. Once again, Mr. H.M forgetting that it is very hard to supress common man’s voice if  it comes out. We all should be waiting for the day when middle class joins naxals. Waiting for that day- I could not feel escaping from expressing sorrow of death of that police inspector who was beheaded by naxals and I condemn his killing but also wants to make a point that ministers and media should highlight this H.Violation slogan on some other moments also…and we all know such moments are happening in plenty.

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2 comments on “Naxals and state
  1. Pragti chadda says:

    Naxals are better than Khalistan force, better than MNS and Bajrang Dal. I wish they could start their oprrations in metros of our country.

    I am sure corrouption will eveporate and common citizen of our country will be having some respect. I do not think naxals are doing anything against poor man of India.

  2. hindblogger says:

    I just saw footage of LAL GARH operations and you will shock that what media and Govt. is saying terrorists- they are carrying bow and arrows…to fight with SLR’s and Machine Guns.

    I think we need to know more than we are being told by Govt.

    PM says he is putting on more para military- but this force will fight with whom ? Tribals of jungles ?

    What about those who are eating commissions, geting clean free after killing people in daylight, running billion dollar scams, selling adulterated milk, ghee and other products….I mean…I have some questions but no is interested to tackle them.

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