How can we extract money from common man

This should be a lesson in politics becouse this is what is happening in India. This is shear actif shameless, character less  politics and nothing more than that.

Congress party reduced PETROL and DIESEL RATES before elections. We all had feel good feeling and things were begnning to look bright because with such rates- besides recession, life was tollerable for middle class BUT…now elections had happened and a impotant and week party is sitting on benches of opposition…and this was jerk which everyone was afriad of.

Not only 1/2..full 4 INR has been put in increase in PTEROL and DIESEL and with this, every little consumable thing has gone double. Vegetables and fruits are small issues, everything which uses transport is now double. And this whole jerk is give to middle class because THEY pay tax ‘ on source’ .

Middle class- which trusted Manmohan Singh…who does not breath without will and aproval of ‘madam’ and is always in service of Gandhi parivar. Who always feel that RAHUL BABA should be PM and if not…atleast cabinet birth should be accepetable to him.

What can we expect from these people- India is doomed and I am pessimistic that tomorrow we will be having reason to smile.

NOTE:  Tomorrow is BUDGET DAY for India.

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