India is not as clean as it shows

So, this is why no one takes India and Pakistan seriously.Both nations seems to be following same plan – plan of drama and keep people guessing.
If not one takes Pakistan seriously- it manages to twist arms by using terror factor and India manages to twist arms by using economy and other diplomatic factors.

USA seems to be badly cought in between two nations who are milking it very nicely- pretending to be friends. If Pakistan needs money from US to continue US war againt terror- India is also doing almost diplomatic dramas. Recent devleopments shows that USA wants to stand India againt China. India so far seems to be playing same PAK card..and this is what comes out of INDIA and PAKISTAN drama.

1. 26/11 and India starts saying that PAKISTAN is behind it. So and so that within hrs. Nation and it’s handlers were identified by effecient Indian intelligence and we have names like H. Sayeed.

2. For full one year- war of words was going on about dossiers, about inquiry and about being non-serious attitude.

3. Then comes Headley and Rana gameplan- all of a sudden H. Sayeed name was dropped from media and since then we are hearing trials and inquiry details of Headley and Rana.

4. As this was not enough- Indian H.M declares that he is not sure if Indian LeT is involved in 26/11.
Whole day, Indian channel was beaming byte of conversation intercepted by Indians on 26/11- using many typical Hindi words.

So ? do you think this is enough ? Hold on..

5. Doors are open for talks and Both HM’s are looking forwrd towrds that door.

6. USA says that India is to govern Indian oceans which we all knows is being dominated by China now. USA pushing India to counter China in seas sould be seen as instigation because it makes China more strong in Asia which USA and UK guys do not want to see at all.

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