India-How Congress handles Punjab and Maharashtra

British were great and I think we should be grateful to WW-II which gave freedom in our laps. I am sorry-if many of us thnks and wants to feel that it was our sacrifices , freedom struggle or what…this was post WW-II¬†circumstances which forced British to leave India. And still they manage to do what whole region is paying through blood and bodies of their own near and dears till date. This called theory¬†of DIVIDE AND RULE.

Congress did the same thing in Punjab, paid price by giving lives of 2 Prime ministers, but seems they are helpless and ran out of policies and think tanks. May be policies have been dried and think tanks are old because when whole world was telling them, accusing them for what they were doing in Punjab- they did not listen and only opened their eyes when there were intelligence inputs that Khalistan is going to be declared with support from ISI [ Covert > ISI > USA> UN ]

What happens afterwords- we all know and it is still wrriten on the walls- India which boasts a democratic republic is painted with gross human rights violation when we all see STATE SPONSORED GENOCIDE in 1984. Same formula congress used in Maharashtra and once again, I think we have a another repetition of what happens in Punjab…because RAJ THACKERY’s goons who were supported by congress to subdue SHIV SENA..are now politicians and sitting in assembly. And their recent service for India was that they expressed with muscle power their reservations about using HINDI in MAHARASHTRA. So and so that ENGLISH is allowed but HINDI is not allowed. This stance was advocated by their minsiters in LIVE TELECAST of discusssions and whole India was watching.

My point is where we are haeding to ? There is open revolt against BIHAR /UP people in MAHARASHTRA and now other states have started to raise similar tunes. Are we heading into civil war ? India on one hand is too busy handling international issues like CHINA and PAKISTAN and on otherhand – our own home is insecure and ready to be destroyed by our own people.

This is time when we needed something better from Delhi but with BJP having a religious agenda and Congress following British formula- I do not think we will be having some rosy days ahead.

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