IPL- What is reality ? Only Modi knows.

What is reality behind IPL and Pakistan players drama ? Only Modi knows. No one can doubt capabilities and status of Pakistani players- so we are not talking about quality of player and quality of their game here. What else should be under consideration in sports- other than players talent and his reputation…only Modi knows.

Only Modi knows- if we are supposed to know [ Because Indian HM do not know ] how come a whole nation was left out. If this is co-incidence then it looks little insane. Because no sane person will trust this funny co-insidence.

This is clear-cut political stage, political drama where insult was the main agenda and target has been achieved by people behind it.

I do now know what wrong Shahrukh Khan, Amir and others have done.  I think every sane Indian cricket lover wants to see Pakistani players and famous thrill and drama of INDIA-PAKISTAN match. I do not feel that sports and game should be involved in politics and if we hate that much…why don’t India dare and attacks POK and capture it. No one can stop it from doing so ? Who will speak ? USA/UK ??

They had done this so many times with other nations in name of terror- they can not do any tooon- taaaan.

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