India-Pakistan and USA

Congress regime was always having special love for USA.  And it has nothing to do with Sonia Gandhi. Congress was always having a special corner for Pakistan and that corner still exists. Yes- one thing which I see, I obeserved is …silence of ‘terrosim’ in Kashmir across the LOC. Many of us would love to beleive that Pakistan has gone under pressure and camps in POK are shut down but I dont see this way and I dont think if there is silence- it has anything to do with USA.

I think- there is no harm in giving credit to Congree that somehow- we are having peace on borders in Kashmir. I dont blame Pakistan for anything what media in India claims. I see they are just like we Indians…helpless ! We Indians, we the people of India has least say in the system which is called democracy. Importance and value of a citizen is upto the moment/day of voting. After that we are dead meat and all negotiations, plans and super-plans are subject of discussion in drawing rooms of ministers/MLS/MPs.

They are not accountable- they are above the law- and we, poor indian are suppoed to suffer and pay for their bank account. In same fashion, Pakistan is further in chaos. Illiteracy and regionalism….and that is pained with religious fundamentalism….is too volatile a situation that it can be at civil war at any given time. I think- this is why army calls most shots. I dont think that democracy has given PAK or IND…the edge It should have/ could have gained…but only time will tell….how life or say peaceful life will survive .

America is one of the best shopkeaper- best selsman, we will ever see. Sometimes, I doubt that all this inceases in fuel and other things…which effects USD….could be planned execution of some schema…to help USA. I may be dreaming……i can be utterly wrong.

But what Hilary Clinton was doing in kolkutta ? I dont see- and understand she was talking to Mamta about any business…investments…or any damn thing. I think- that was side-break. USA was infact having something serious with Delhi- but to keep all of us guessing…this whole Kolkatta drama was set.

What possible reason could she have ? Specially after Zaradri visit ? Now Zaradri visit was again not a normal visit. He declares that its private visit- and he ropes in his son also. But again, there was 40member delegation with him. What it was all about ? What he was doing with 1:1 meeting ?

So- things are not rosy my friends…..there is somehting going on behind the curtains…which we are not known- told to ….but keeps the eyes opnen….breakthrough will come !

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