Upcoming Women Photographer from India

Photography has changed within last few decades so much that it has transformed into brand new, technical and very challenging passion. Camera rolls are out of market and what digital SLR’s were known to us in last decade have transformed into DSLR’s having computerized controls and settings.

And above all this creativity in camera and technology with chips and circuits in a small box “ post production” is sacred mantra of photography these days.

It takes lot of effort, training and patience not becoming a good photographer alone, but also to learn and master art of post-production on desktops and laptops with softwares which actually makes those images as we see them in print or on screens.

India has honor to produce internationally acclaimed photographers. Considered as male domain due to ruggedness, extensive traveling and working for hrs in remote areas is first requirement – emerging of a young and confident woman on this horizon should be acknowledged and appreciated.

CheenaCheena Malhotra from Pune is rising to set new benchmarks in her passion of photography. A dedicated techie from IT – office and traffic, is much of her life. After having a brief discussion with her in wee hrs. at Pashan Lake- where she was busy in birding, we came to know difficulties, challenges abd roadblocks a woman photographer faces in India.

“It’s was not easy, never was- especially when my parents come to know about my passion and attitude towards photography. I belong to Jodhpur, where a traditional Indian world exists, where a girl is expected to get married instead of step into a career. Because careers takes time and by then marriageable stage for traditional Indian woman pass by. But I was lucky that finance to me was provided by father- who was sure, I will be doing good. Life in Maharashtra started with career in Infosys, almost three days back and the day I landed in Pune- I was in Pune University, shooting.”

According to Cheena Malhotra, Pune has lot to offer to a photographer or painter- it’s a heaven of landscapes, wildlife and natural subjects. Thus holidays, Weekends comes handy and very soon this young girl started visiting, traveling in radius of 100 kms of Pune. Many places were visited twice, thrice but satisfaction was not achieved- some are still on the list, this what makes her on her toes, the mantra is “ self satisfaction”. According to her, Photography and visiting distant places, knowing people- changed her vision about life. Now she feels more sensitive, concerned and intune with nature, with people, with life itself.

Her images from Konkan, Bhigwan were widely appreciated in International arena and she was mentioned and praised by international fraternity. When talking about difficulties, she mentions issue of security when a woman is alone , at secluded places. Thus it makes limitations of depending on known, trustworthy people, groups to be in. But her exposure to Himalayas, Hampi and Sahyadri mountains gives her strength and energy to focus and concentrate on her passion as much as possible.

Working against odds, sometimes make me worry and forces me to think defensively as safety and security of a woman working alone in wilderness is big challenge in India. Now working with Keste technologies in Pune, she is happy to join some groups of Photographers which according to her also gives her insight into what others are doing. When asked about future plans, her aspirations, dreams she expressed her desire to travel more, to visit distant places, landscapes and people…and to feel and understand life, which she is tiny part of it. Her work can be seen at her Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/CheenaMPhotography and her own website: http://www.cheenamalhotra.com

“I am a simple girl, who is in love with her passion – I don’t need much in life.” She said with a smile.

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