US snubs Pakistan; says no change in $7.5 billion aid bill

This was almost expected – because this was prestige issue for USA also.  And if USA has declined any amendment in this bill- it was too expected by Pakistan PM and this was why he ran to China. Now- as soon as he landed there, China makes the things rolling on India side because they are having BLANK CHEQUE.

Only time will tell how equations hots up- but this is goping to be tough for everyone, including India t0 handle a suffocation where everyone has a role to play.

Warning: Now- Russia is watching !

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2 comments on “US snubs Pakistan; says no change in $7.5 billion aid bill
  1. Mohd. Abrar says:

    Pakistan, bankrupted by corruption and feudal landlords, is being offered US$7.5 billion over five years. Washington claims there are no strings attached. Except, of course, that the US wants to build a mammoth new embassy for 1,000 personnel in Islamabad, the second largest after its giant fortress-embassy in Baghdad. New diplomatic personnel are needed, claims Washington, to monitor the US$7.5 billion in aid. So a small army of US mercenaries is being brought in to protect US “interests”. New US military bases will open. Most of the billions in new aid will go right into the pockets of the pro-western ruling establishment, about 1% of the population. Washington has been also demanding veto power over promotions in Pakistan’s armed forces and intelligence agency, ISI. This crude attempt to take control of Pakistan’s proud, 617,000-man military and intelligence service has enraged its armed forces. It’s all part of Washington’s “Afpak” strategy to clamp tighter control over restive Pakistan and make use its armed forces and intelligence agents in Afghanistan. The other key US objective is seizing control of Pakistan’s nuclear arsenal, the cornerstone of its national defence against much more powerful India. Welcome, Pakistan, to the American Raj. However, 90% of Pakistanis oppose the US-led war in Afghanistan, and see Taliban and its allies as national resistance to western occupation. Alarmingly, violent attacks on Pakistan’s government are coming not only from once autonomous Pashtun tribes (wrongly called “Taliban”) in Northwest Frontier Province, but, increasingly, in the biggest province, Punjab. Recently, the US Ambassador in Islamabad, in a fit of imperial arrogance, actually called for air attacks on Pashtun leaders in Quetta, capital of Pakistan’s restive Baluchistan province. Washington does not even bother to ask the Islamabad government’s permission to launch air attacks inside Pakistan, only informing it afterwards.

  2. hindblogger says:

    This was always so- I have yet to find a decade which was GREENEER and can be cllaed GOOD for PAKISTAN. Comparatively, Gen. Mush was best option but again as others- he was also dancing on US tunes.

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