Instablity in India and Pakistan- who cares ?

India is fighting many wars within and I do not know what will be India doing if it had troubles at borders. More than 20 regions are infected with Maoists, threat of terror from across the border, Kashmir….is too much for India to handle. Although India pretends and claim that it is going great, had survived recession. Pakistan is alrady on doors of not only civil war but also to be a tool in hands of USA/UK. They are going to handle IRAN now and perhpas PAK is supposed to either support them or keep mouth shut. Common man of both countries is confused and bleeded to death. Remember what is state of agriculture in India- and very soon people will be fighting for grains and water.
This is what happens with democracy- no accountability and no voice to common man. A citizen is only required for voting and vote process is influenced by terror, bribe, casteism, regionalism and God knows what else.
In India- you can see ballot is purchased, threatned, and even booth rigging…and we claim this is democracy. We claim that we are going to be super powers- nuclear powers. What is use of all this nucears, missiles and bla bla…I do not know and could not understand.

Common man of India and Pakistan is neither having any advatage of nuclear power, rising sensexes or any stand-off of talks or no talks….I do not think that democracy is going to help common man at all….I think baton is required for rules to be followed. And this day is not that far.

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5 comments on “Instablity in India and Pakistan- who cares ?
  1. Miri says:

    Rightly said.
    The government in both India and Pakistan have kept the common man busy by making them strive even for a single meal. This way the common man doesn’t care as to what the government does and what not, they are only concerned as to how they will be able to fill there families stomach. This is the only thing in there minds the whole day!

  2. hindblogger says:

    Wow..May God give you wisdom and health. I did n’t expected these lines in such way from you. [ Honestly speaking, sorry !! ]

    I think this is the game plan of whole show. And every act of it is filled up with blood of innocent and poor who happens to be us and our ancestors.

    • Miri says:

      You thought I was stupid?? =P
      Anyway rightly said it is always the common man that suffers while the warmongers are sitting safe inside there houses! We both have leaders who are puppets in the hands of US/UK.

  3. hindblogger says:

    No- your lines were too good and too much wesight carrying thing, u know. I could not escape myself getting impressed. And that too from across the border. I was ver sorry to read hate, abusive and crap being spoken and expressed in many forums. These things and this thinking does not take us to anywhere, it doesn;t solve any issue…just a show off our way of taking things, our brought up and how we see few things.

    Once again- keep the flame alive. Who knows, this can show way to someone, somdeay !

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