“Concrete Evidence”- Shame and Humilation of India.

I am not great analyzer of dirty creed of politicians. But I do think that politics is done on famous likes like- IF YOU WANT TO TELL A LIE- SAT IT LOUD ENOUGH-IT WILL BE BELIEVED.

Politics is so shameless and character less word- that I think it does not suits on people like A.B.Vajpayee, and couple of more names I can remember.  India was not serious about any damn attacks, such a huge cry was forced cry because media beamed this whole show on tube and second most important factor was that elite were hit this tim.

I am very much sure- that had these attacks and firings and killings be done on any bus stand or railway station of India- we might have forgotten everything by now. Mumbai attack seems to be a big stage on which, so smartly and God knows how…Malegaon blasts and planned uproot of India in which Indian Army and religious people were involved…was put on back stage.

I do not know why India is providing so called ‘ concrete evidence’  knowing very well that all Delhi will get is TEASING. I think this is shemeless and mean that we common people of India knows very well that Pakistan will never do anything…and even if he do…what India is expecting ? Trial of Sayeed ? Is this enough for Mumbai attacks ?

A trial which is going to be held in Pakistan- how come we dream that this will be fair ?

Even if they hang him- will it serve the purpose ? Or India is plating it down- knowingly . India had not demnded handover those who were directly involved. FBI gave proof, USA had provided diplomatic support- and still we are no where. Our minister keep on singing DOSSIERS has been given but next day he is mocked at…because that is not ‘ concrete evidence’

This shameless game has gone so far that I think newspapers and TV should ban showing anything concerned with mumbai attacks. Because we know- this is not only eyewash this is insulting and humiliation of every Indian. Behind the curtains game is totally different and may be dramatic…

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