BJP- Post Vajpayee decline story

BJP is not listening and every second day, we are listening news about more and more crack in BJP. Just few hrs. back there had been questions raised by M.S Naqwi and Shahnawaz about Hindutava of BJP and BJP role in VARUN GANDHI episode.

I had always felt that this vote bank politics and Mandir based gathering had spoiled BJP eyesight and BJP always tried to look through it’s now famous tag line Hindutava. No doubt RSS is there and BJP can not imagine, could not imagine it’s existence without RSS being in limelight.

Now- million dollar question is, what Sh. Rajnath will do now ? last statement came from BJP is that it will follow RSS[ Sangh ] definition of Hindutava. This means that M.A Naqwi and Shahnawaz were on ride and now they should visualize a exit for them.

My problem is not my sympathies with both muslim leaders who had a face saving for BJP’s so called secularism but what I am thinking is that it looks like a naive attempt on part of both- that they did not knew colors of their party. Why I am feeling bad is that BJP being broken in pieces further makes congress a party having a week or almost unseen opposition. With these new questions raised by these both politicians- a new chapter of BJP is going to start. Advani or Rajnath- whole responsibility is with both of them, how they handle this crisis and how they manage to make BJP somewhat solid party which now it’s enemies knows- it is not.

Advani has lost all it’s reputation of a good leader and even his enemies miss very badly…Atal Bihari Vajpayee. He was such a face which gace BJP it’s reputation which it is enjoying till date. In his regime-Ms. Sushma Swaraj was prominent speaker and I remember, how seriously we used tolisten when she happens to speak on screen. After A.B Vajpayee, people like Sushma were sidelined and now we do not see much of her.  Advani who weeps like newly wedded girl- will never be remembered as a good leader by his friends or foes.

It is infact a golden chance for BJP to either make a new image with a fresh start OR it is going on deep dive…sucked by it’s own gravity and ……this could be a fatal dive.

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2 comments on “BJP- Post Vajpayee decline story
  1. matheikal says:

    Yes, BJP has to start afresh – it’s high time.

  2. Farzana says:

    BJP has nothing more to deliver than religion card to indians and this is why BJP is sitting in laps of RSS .

    I do not know why people can not see that they remember RAM and RAM MANDIR only when elections came…they never speak about this after and before elections….

    So characterless politics of India !

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