Terror in the state- Do we need law or it’s enforcement ?

Anyone in India can plan a siege these days. You can stop traffic, you can stop trains, you can force people to shut their shops and even you can burn some of the above I mentioned.

This is very funny that on one account we boast of growth, sensex and of course all bla bla about technolgy and on other front we are perhaps world’s most uncivilized people. Or we are hypocrite and do not want to see the truth eye to eye. If you go in town and villages of India- you can see that law is clearly subdued and no one actualy cares for it. be it driving on small/big/highways or small day to day life chores…law is taken very lightly and no one bothers actually.

How many times you saw someone traveling with you, throwing waste, spitting and even urinating in open and that too in fullpublic view.  I have seen this is NORTH and in CENTRAL INDIA too that public lavotaries are either not available and if there is one- you can not use it due to pathetic upkeep. Ladies and girls are forced to sit in open for natural calls-leave alone men who stands against any wall/tree and in some cases even use tyres of a bus/truck to have a cover and they relieve.  India which is more and more concentrating on factors which may not be of common man’s interest because DELHI is least interested in thinking about common man…it is more interested in RELIANCE and TATA and even in MICROSOFT, WIPRO and INFOSYS.

We see lot of drama in name of law and one such example is child labour. Child labour is heavily used to draw money from Govt. but where is enforcement ? You can observe kids sweeping floors in trains, working in Dhabas and even working was helping hands in homes of elite. I do not want to touch sensitive issue of child prositution which is a open factor near all railway stations of India. Kids are used by beggers and in this sex trade, police and shemale community is also hand in hand. You can observe these activities…where trains are washed or standing in bays…away from public eye..your eyes will widen to see the exploit.

Law is made in such a way that you can break it with ease. One such example is seen in Indian Trains. If you are aought without ticket traveling- there is wrriten on walls that you will be charged INR: 500 or jail of 6 months. Now- my point is how come Govt. calculates 6 month of a life of a Indian with INR 500 ? And this also provides an escape to everyone to break law -keeping some money in pcoket !

Just imagine what will be the scene if there is strict law of 6 months of imprisonement if caught traveling without ticket. You also have to make a line about those ticket collectors who make millions by corruption because it is they who take money and allow this paractice to happen.

I am sure Law is different for different people of different class and of course creed. India is still living a British dream with British longsightness of DIVIDE AND RULE and see how correct they were in judging us.

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