Disturbed India-Careless Politics-Suffering Citizens

This was expected and nothing is happenning beyong expectations of a common man of India. When votes were required- common was being aproached, being called for and as soon as some people got license to sit on hot seats…destiny of common man has gone to suare ONE. Why I say so ? I will start from North.

Kashmir is a puppet in hands of both India and Pakistan and be it any govt. in Delhi and Islamabad…no one ever wanted to find ‘so called’ solution. But who is suffering? Zardari, Nawaz, Mush, manmohan, Advani are no suffering anything…people of Kashmir are suffering. Hindus had been thrown OUT and now Kashmir belongs to Muslims…no Govt. in Delhi had ever thought about it that they should do something about it. They are providing camps,camp support and of course money to kashmiri Hindus in Jammu but they wont do anything to setlle them backhome. This will never happen in India and if you visit JAMMU- kashmiri pandit knows this hard truth very well. Under no circumstances- we can say Kashmir is cool. Anytime there can be blasts or shootings.

Punjab-Uttarpradesh: Punjab is cool but waiting for explode.Thanks to all communcal divide we have up there. Everyone knows that it was moral support from MEN-IN-WHITE that allows a community to take Punjab under seige. This was famous vote bank politics and it played very well too.Vehicles of common man ws burnt- threat to his life- whole transportation system was stopped and curfew was imposed ! All this happened in a city where police was not allowed to do anything and if you review those video clips- even Army was not allowed to do anything. Dear Readers ! Punjab and pujabis are sitting on a live bomb- it can explode anytime.

UP has it’s own Senas and there is no shortage of mafia, private armed forces which belongs to politicians. This is again comical that people who have money and power can create their own armies too. And we all think and feel that we are living in some democratic republic !

MAHARASHTRA-KARNATAKA-ANDHARA-ORISSA-JHARKHAND Are known for Maoist influence. once again- Delhi never wanted to solve it and recent news from west Bengal is again supported by people who are sitting in power.  India has become a country where you can raise arms, stop trains and traffic and no one dares to touch you..you know why?  Because you have someone sitting ‘up there ‘ who shields you. We all know that and we have seen this whole drama many times. How words are twisted and turned and arguments and statements by think tanks are made in media to sublime all those comical- shameless acts.  When CPI-M was ruling the state – no one cares but when a poor, unarmed tribal raised his bow-arrow..whole world is watching once again GREAT INDIAN TAMASHA.

KERALA-TAMILNADU Kerala and Tamilnadu is again ruled by a creed which is not controlled by Delhi but it is vice versa. I donot know what else we have yet to know about LTTE and tamil politics but there is much more to this drama where LTTE ends came when elections were over in India. Such a good timing can not be con-incident !!

NORTH EAST: India never took them seriously and perhaps we are waiting for Chinese attack on Sikkim and Arnunachal Pradesh. Imagine…what India will do in that case ?? Running to USA and UN !!

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4 comments on “Disturbed India-Careless Politics-Suffering Citizens
  1. J.S says:

    So called terrorism in India is state sponsored because if state wanted to control it- they could have done it with ease. This is same way as state ends terrorism in Punjab- they just did it without any extra help or aid. They planned and they did. Same K.P.S Gill and same CM was in control but all they got was green signal from Delhi.

  2. aparna says:

    I find myself agreeing withn you that more than half of our country is burning but we don’t see politicians having any tension of it.
    I am also suspecious about naxals because I feel that naxals are not killing innocent people like we see in Punjab in 1980-90’s.

    I do not see naxals looting and raping people-n but what I see is voice of a common man. Common man who is fighting with spears, bow and arrows….

  3. sourav894 says:

    The strongest argument against democracy is a five minute discussion with the average voter.
    -Winston Churchill

    Democracy is perhaps the most used term in politics. Even though there is no specific, universally accepted definition of ‘democracy’, there are two principles that any definition of democracy includes: equality and freedom. We are not equals! 63 years have passed after independence and we don’t have a uniform civil code. Particular parts of the country have special status and the idea of equality is lost in the effort to preserve the so-called secular fabric of our country. George Orwell remarked decades ago that, “In the case of a word like Democracy, not only is there no agreed definition, but the attempt to make one is resisted from all sides.” The words ‘democracy’, ‘freedom’, and ‘equality’ simply refer to something desirable, something praiseworthy. These words are something similar to “nice”.

    Democracy in its raw form is government by the people. And yet our system has nothing to do with government by the people. There is a complex mechanism that produces just two main parties. These parties choose whom you can vote for. And these candidates reflect only a narrow cross-section of society. I personally know a man who can turn tables if he makes it into politics, but he dropped the idea just because there is no entry point for a common man into politics. Who is to blame?

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