Give money- sponsor attacks on Taliban

Pakistan’s foreign minister has called for more international aid to combat Islamic extremists, saying in an interview published Monday that the Taliban could otherwise move into India and the Gulf.


Readers might be understanding that USA has become a good milking cow for Pakistan. Now more money is required to attack Taliban and if you read whole statment-  this means that if money is not provided, PAKISTAN is not capable to continue the ‘so called’ attacks on Taliban.

Such a good source of money- and such a good cause and if we see it from another dimension, it seems to be right too. Why Pakistan fight US war spending his own resources ?

I am sure PAKISTAN might be getting insurance money of it’s soldiers too !!

“He called for 2.5 billion dollars alone in emergency relief and reconstruction aid for the northwest, where troops have been locked in heavy combat with Taliban militants since late April.”

DO NOT blink your eyes to see 2.5 BN and words like heavy fight going on !

These words are required to extract money from most powerful nation of the world.

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3 comments on “Give money- sponsor attacks on Taliban
  1. Farhan says:

    I am shocked that if this is so open a blackmail- why can’t americans and pakistani people realize this ?
    Or we are so helpless that anyone can sell us- if this is true then I agree that democracy is failed.

  2. hindblogger says:

    People have short memory and in all those famous so called democracies we have…there is no accountability for politicians. They can sell you, without telling you…long live SWISS BANKS.
    Moreover PPP knows that as far as Mr 10% is sitting there- they will always be in trouble and right now they are. Only funny thing is ARMED CONFLICT WITH TALIBAN will run upto the day…USA is giving money. So ? Give money and finance the conflict. Moment you stopped money- whole show will end and USA will be thinking what he has gained.

  3. S.Venugopalan says:

    It is all about money and money only. Who care for Pakistan – who had already given blank cheque to China which was enough for Obama to come to his senses.

    Pakistan is doing good- milking the enemy !

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