Cricket team of India ?

From the moment I came to know that what we all know, feel and believe in India is CRICKET TEAM OF INDIA is actually is a team of a club BCCI- I stopped taking interest in watching them playon TV.

This is little twisty in my little understanding- that what whole nation thinks and responds to is in fact a hoax and the team whic is called TEAM OF INDIA is infact a club team which is proudly known as richest cricket club of the world.

Now- see the drama behind the multi billion dollar game- whole media, thousand of companies and movie world is either based or conected with this game or say event.  Players you watch on screen are richest among other games counterpart and suppot lavish life style.

Players you watch on screen do not represent whole country and neither there is any channel for an OPEN selection as other sports have. Players are included into BCCI CONTRACT by their performance in various tournaments and even if they have not performed anywhere- they still can be included in the team. One such example is NOEL about which player like Sachin was forced to say ” Noel- Who ?”

Even if they loose- they gets lakhs of rupees.  Had it been Indian team, I am sure scene would have been very very different.  I will express myself about IPL in another write-up but this is strange that whole nation is taken on a emotion ride and no body thinks that time they are wasting in watching these people to whom they relate as INDIAN CRICKET TEAM is not NATIONAL TEAM OF INDIA at all.

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One comment on “Cricket team of India ?
  1. S.Venugopalan says:

    This was little shocking for me as I happen to love all start but when I read your article- I cross check this from google and I am very sorry now.

    I think we all are living in some fake, illusion world where some people are making billions by cheating us.

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