Jaswant slams BJP- Hindutava is not clear.

In a interview to Barkha Dutt – the famous NDTV journalist,Jaswant Singh who is important BJP leader admitted that BJP has to think again on it’s policies and principles. He honestly admits that BJP could not clerify what Hindutava is what excatly is party line about religion.

This is a major turn in BJP who was always seen in laps of RSS and thus became a Hindu party. Even BJP supported ‘ under the table’ what happends in Mangalore and other cities where local goons in name of religion – created havov by damaging properties and attacking people in Bars and hotels.  BJP supports anti- Valentine day movement  and silence over Kandhamal arson.

Instead of I start blaming and provide you stats of what wrongs BJP had done- I wish to draw your attention that what BJP has lost in this saffron game. It has now reduced a party of  past and certainly not a threat to congress in coming times. BJP looks like a anaemic woman – who is puffing hard because there is no energy left in body. People likesushma swaraj are sidelines and even Advani could not generate that respect and regard what Sushma enjoyes from educated class.

If  BJP wants to survive- leave alone becoming a threat for congress, it should be thinking on broader lines.  BJP is BHaRTIYA JANATA PARTY and it belons to every Bhartiya and perhaps it’s leadership forgets that Christians and Muslims also comes under the coverage of word BHARTIYA. I am afriad, if BJP did not get open, we won’t be having anyone challenging Congress in coming decades. Manmohan Singh is trying to make things transparent [ Plesae leave US and PAK out of it ] and if governance comes that clear and transparent in India- I do not see why we Indians should not vote again for Congress.

We do not like family system- we do not like gandhi parivar copyright but we do not have any option. Do we have ?

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